sanskar waiting outside the room worriedly.
the door opened and sanskar started firing his questions.
sanskar- what happened to swara? why she fainted? is she still unconscious? when will she gain consciousness? can i meet her?please say something.
doctor aka girl’s mother- if you allow
sanskar- ohh i am so sorry. please tell me how is she.
doctor- she is fine now but unconscious. and she fainted because of 2 reasons. due to some kind of shock and weakness her bp was low but don’t worry i have injected her and the other reason is because of you. you should take full care of her in……..
sanskar only registered the line that she fainted because due to shock and other reason because of you. he assumed things in his own way and without listening completely ran inside the room leaving all confused.they all too came behind him inside.

sanskar sat beside swara and holded her hand.
sanskar -[tears flowing from his eyes]- swara i talked about aadarsh bhai after so long that’s why you were shocked naa. i am so sorry. i promise i will not talk about him from now. please open your eyes. i won’t keep myself away from you. i will share all my pain with you. open your eyes and talk to me once. i will sort out everything. please.
sanskar forgot about the surroundings and kept on blabbering to swara to open her eyes and talk to him.
doctor kept hand on his shoulder and sanskar looked at her.
doctor- she is completely fine
sanskar- [teary eyes] then why is she not opening her eyes.
doctor- i said that her bp was low so i have injected her. due to the medicines effect she will gain senses after sometime. be calm.
sanskar nodded and looked at swara.

doctor- and one more thing you need to take more care of her now onwards as she is expecting.
sanskar- [did not understand what the doctor meant] what is she expecting doctor.
doctor- [smiling] i mean to say you are going to become a father.
sanskar- i am going to become father that’s ok but what is she expecting. [in his griefs sanskar is not understanding/realising what doctor is saying.]
doctor- [frowned] obviously babies.
sanskar- [without thinking and realising] ohh
everyone in the room was hell confused at sanskar’s behaviour. sanskar was sitting holding swara’s hand and was staring her.after 2 minutes or so he jumped from his place and looked at the doctor.
sanskar- [shocked face] what did you say a while ago.
doctor- [understood that sanskar realised it now and thought to tease him a bit] [serious tone] she fainted due to shock and her bp is low.
sanskar- [impatiently] no no after that
doctor- [thinking] she is unconscious due to injection’s effect[smiled seeing sanskar’s changing expression] and will gain consciousness after an hour.
sanskar-[annoyed] no maam after that.
doctor- after that i didn’t said anything.
sanskar- [happily] no you said that swara is expecting and i am going to become father.
doctor- [with uncertain expression] really did i said that.
sanskar- [sad as doctor denied but still hopeful] no you said that swara is expecting babies.
doctor- no i think you are mistaken.
the girl and her father smiled at her mother/his wife teasingness.
sanskar -[in mind] i heard she said that swara is expecting but now she is denying. ohh god my head will blast today. what is all this happening.
sanskar kept his palm on his face and arched his neck back to relieve himself.
doctor seeing his tensed condition- sorry for teasing you and congratulations.[sanskar snapped to look at doctor] she is expecting and you are going to be a father.
sanskar’s happiness has no boundries.but he wanted to be confirm.
sanskar- really

doctor- [smiling] really. i guess she is one or one and half months pregnant.
sanskar in happiness twirled doctor multiple times and held her from shoulder and thanked her.
sanskar- thank you, thank you so much maam. i am going to be father. swara is going to be mother. wow such a great news.
he sat beside swara and holding her hand- swara we are going to be parents. swara come in senses quickly. i can’t wait to give this news to you.
sanskar-[to doctor] don’t you have any medicine to bring her to consciousness now. i can’t wait for 1 hour.
doctor- i can understand your excitement but you need to wait. and one more thing tomorrow get her all tests done. she is one and half months pregnant.
sanskar- ok and thank you so much for the news.

doctor- you hand is bleeding. come will do your dressing.
sanskar [looking at swara and caressing her face and hair]- i am fine. and dressing i will do it after sometime. if you don’t mind, i want to stay with swara for sometime.
doctor nodded and they left the room.
sanskar- swara we are going to be parents. i can’t believe it. i am waiting for you to open your eyes and seeing your reaction on knowing this. someone will call me papa.[keeping hands on swara’s belly] baby this is your papa. i am the first one talking to you. can you listen me. i am so happy to know that you are coming into our life. papa loves you a lot. i am waiting for you.
sanskar kissed on swara’s belly and then on her forehead. he was holding her hand and staring her continously.
after sometime sanskar heard guitar playing sound. he came out of room giving a kiss to swara. the same girl was playing guitar. he came near her and seeing him she stopped and stood up.

sanskar recalled that she is the same girl he saved and got a bit angry.
sanskar- you are the same girl who was crossing the road carelessly right.
the girl nodded smilingly.
girl’s parents came there hearing sanskar’s voice.
sanskar- [hands across his chest]why are you smiling. you have not done a great job. you were about to get hit by a car. do you even realise that if anything happened to you what would have your parents done.
sanskar- [seeing her smiling continuously] i am scolding you and you are smiling.
girl- i love you
sanskar- [shocked] whatt…
girl- what what i said i love you [sanskar widens his eyes] don’t be so shocked. accha will you be my brother.[girl’s parents smiled while sanskar again shocked]
sanskar-[composing himself] you are asking a stranger to be your brother. are you kidding.
girl- no i’m not. i am damn serious and you are not any stranger but the one who risked his life to save mine’s like a perfect brother.

sanskar was shocked and surprised to hear her answer.
sanskar- i saw you in danger that’s why i helped you. anyone else would have done the same.
girl- you are elder to me and you know this world better than me and you also know that no one risks their own life to save some random person as you did. [with attitude] and i am clearly saying you that i am not going to thank you for this. just accept to be my brother.
sanskar- [amused by her answer and her attitude] and i don’t agree to be your brother then?
girl- [teary eyed] then go to hell
she turned other side.
sanskar- oh so new found unknown sister got angry.
girl- [happily turning to him] it means you agreed.
sanskar- i hope i called you sister now.
girl- yeyyy. mom dad he agreed.[the girl side hugged sanskar while sanskar was a bit shocked again by her sudden move but then patted on her head.] thank you.
sanskar- now can i have the honour to know your name.
girl- ya ya why not. i am rashika malhotra and they are my mom dad-nikita malhotra and risabh malhotra. as you know mom is doctor and dad is business man and i am a lovely girl. i am in class 9 and now in my family you are my brother.[she said all this with so much of excitement and all others were smiling at her.] i have told everything. now you tell me about yourself.
sanskar- hmm so my name is sanskar and inside, she is my wife swara and i have one more sister uttara and sumi maa, this is my complete family and now you are my younger sister now and yaa how can i forget the soon to be coming member will add in my family.
risabh- [came forward and shook hands] nice to meet you. and thanks for saving my daughter. thanks is very small word for what you have done.
sanskar- no it’s completely alright sir.
nikita- i think you all can talk later. sanskar your dressing. it’s necessary otherwise it will get infected. so shall i.
sanskar nodded and nikita cleaned and bandaged his hand.
sanskar- thank you.
nikita- not needed. it is my duty.
rashika- ok now tell me what should i call you brother, bro, bhaiyaa, veerji..
sanskar- bhai you call me bhai. uttara also calls me bhai only.
rashika- cool bhai you know you are the first one to scold me.

sanskar- [amazed] why haven’t you got scoldings from anyone else.
rashika- no no one dares to scold me and dad does not allow anyone to me. you are the first one and dad also could not say anything to you.
sanskar looked at rishabh
risabh- yes because i love my daughter so much but you were right and so i didn’t stop you.
sanskar- [smiled] [to rashika] from next time cross the roads properly. be careful and….
rashika- now don’t start again.
sanskar- that’s for your safety. [seeing rashika annoyed face] so you were playing guitar.
rashika- yaa i am learning from cutie maam
sanskar- cutie maam
rashika- [giggling] your wife aka our music teacher.
sanskar- so you call swara cuite maam.
rashika- yaa she is so cute and so lively. i love her a lot.
sanskar smiled.
nikita- you both talk we will join you later.

rashika- ok mom.
sanskar- i think you have not learnt completely that’s why the tune was not coming perfect.
rashika- yaa but don’t worry i will learn it soon.
sanskar- shall i play for you.
rashika- do you know
sanskar- yes i and swara love to play guitar.
sanskar started playing swara’s favourite tune.
in the room.

swara gained consciousness and she slowly opened her eyes. the unfamiliar environment confused her. then she heard guitar sound and her favourite tune. a smile formed on her lips and first picture came in her mind was sanskar. but soon reality struck her and she remembered the accident and immediately got up taking sanskar’s name.
swara- [getting down the bed and panick] sanskar where is he and where am i. [tears rolled down her cheeks and she came out of room]
swara was still weak and felt somewhat dizzy but sanskar’s and the car approaching him, this scene worried her and she was restless. she came out and saw someone playing guitar.
swara- [faint voice] sanskar
here rashika and sanskar were facingthere back towards swara and could not hear her voice.
swara gained strength and walked towards sanskar taking his name.
she almost reached sanskar and again took his name and this time sanskar heard it and stopped playing guitar and looked back.
sanskar was happy to see swara and came upto her.
sanskar- [holding swara] swara are you alright.why you came here.

swara-[teary eyed] sanskar you are alright. nothing happened to you[cupped his face] you know how i felt seeing that car about to hit you. you did not get hurt anywhere.[she looked sanskar from top to bottom and saw bandage on his hand] this bandage.
sanskar- swara just some scratches. leave all this i want to tell you something.
swara- haan[swara again felt dizzy and holded her head]
sanskar- [worried] swara are you alright
sanskar picked up swara and moved in the room. rashika went to call her mother and told her about swara gaining senses and again feeling dizzy.
in the room
sanskar gently placed swara on bed and adjusted pillow to comfort her.
sanskar- swara water[passing a glass full of water]
swara drank it.

sanskar- feeling better.
swara- haan.[scolding] why you ran on the road. are you mad. if something happened to you then.
sanskar- woh i saw a car approaching a girl and so to save her.
swara- [concerned] how is she.
sanskar- she is fine. she was standing there beside me in hall.
swara-[remembering] ummm yaa i saw. she was [thinking] rashika.
sanskar- yes rashika your student.[seing swara’s confused face] we are in her home. you fainted so i brought you here as her mother is a doctor.
sanskar- [happily] i want to tell you something.
swara- [remembered sanskar telling about aadarsh outside school] yaa you were telling about aadarsh bhai.
sanskar happy expression changed into sad and angry.
sanskar- i don’t want to talk about that. i want o tell..[interrupted]
swara- sanskar please you have my vow. tell me what were you telling in the school. and please this time don’t keep things in your heart.
sanskar- swara[closing his eyes to control himself] what is the need to give your vow for small things. i would have told you this later
swara- sanskar please.
sanskar- ok in office[sanskar tells the complete office incident]
sanskar- i don’t understand when we are not interferring in their life, we came far from them then also why is he back of us. i will never forgive him for what he has done.

swara- [cupped his face and with tears in her eyes] sanskar don’t think about him. we didn’t knew that he will stoop so low. you don’t be sad. everything will be alright. we will again start afresh. you don’t loose hope. i am with you.
sanskar smiled seeing her love and kissed on her forehead.
sanskar- swara i was sad but now i am the happiest person in the world. i came to meet you because you are the medicine of all my pain and see today also you took away all the pain by this wonderful news.
swara- [confused] which news
sanskar- [cupped her face] swara i am going to be a father. you are one and half months pregnant.
swara just stared in his eyes for sometime and then pinched him.
sanskar- ouch. why you pinched me.

swara-[in shock] it means this is real. means[happily and tears of happiness flowing from her eyes] sanskar i am going to be mother.
swara- [keeping hands on her stomach] our baby is inside me. [hugged sanskar] sanskar i am pregnant. our first child.
sanskar- [hugging back tightly] why are you crying.
swara- i am not crying. i am happy that’s why tears are coming in my eyes. thank you.
sanskar- no swara thankyou for being in my life.[sanskar again pecked her forehead]
nikita and rashika fake coughed from behind.
swasan broke the hug and sanskar stood up.
done with this part.

precap- swara’s mood swings, swayyam birthand end of flashback in the next one or two episodes.

Radha Krishna (eternal love) 25 (silver jubilee spl)

The epi starts with the ppl in a rush running here n there bumping into one another, stealing d money and rushing to n fro in their houses in a haste to hide the money. Krishna follows all of them n notices them turning into the same object they’ve hid money into.. In sum minutes all ppl were turned into pots, boxes, safes, utensils, clothes n what not..!

Krishna looks around n sees there’s no one in the whole village except him n balram. Krishna asks dau to b there only n runs to the forest stealthily. He notices there the same butterfly flying here n there! He smirks n shouts loudly.. Oh god! I’ve so much of gold, bt now to whom ill give it?? There’s no one there! Hmm if anyone return my Vrindavan to me I’ll probably do so… Noooo noooo I can’t do this, I should hide the wealth somewhere.. Or….

Lobhasur is listening all of it sitting on a flower 🌺🌸. Krishna has trapped him in dreams of gold, in the meanwhile balram comes n traps d butterfly in a mayavi bottle.. Lobhasur comes to true form n shouts Krishna take me out of bottle otherwise all ur Vrindavan praja will permanently become objects. Krishna asks balram to put d Bottle in Yamuna. Lobbhasur shouts and says noooo I’ll chng Vrindavan ppl to normal form but take me out first. Balram opens d bottle and lobhasur turns into butterfly. The butterfly flies all over n everything gets normal. Krishna asks lobhasur to go n apologize to his father. Lobhasur flies away…..

Krishna retrieves d gold n gives it to the soldiers. D soldier leaves Nanda n goes.
Everyone go in their homes except Krishna and his friends..
Radha comes to Krishna and thanks him for saving her.. Bt the convo gets more fighting twist.
Radha-Thanks Kanha.. Today u saved me and whole Vrindavan

Krishna – yes radha.. Bt whatever happens remember that you never have to b greedy…
Ra-pls forgive me for that..
Kr-Yes yes, for sure, if u give me a pot of butter daily..
R-Now u r getting kinda greedy Krishna,.
K-I’m not getting greedy. U don’t frgt that u called Nattu wrestler from other village to fyt wid me
R-W..a..t..! Whatever, u deserve it.
R-Yes yes n u r now changing the topic. U should say sorry.
K-I won’t….
R-either return my thanks or say sorry.
K-Now u r changing the topic.
R-No no u r changing the topic…

K-U r changing the topic..
R-See friends he’s not even returning my thanks , he’s not even saying sorry and he’s changing d topic..
K-Oh hey u r changing the topic.
R-Noooo u r a cheater
K- you’re a cheater
Vishakha says that always keep fighting lets do something… Lalita says let them fyt, lets go otherwise we’ll get mad 😠. Vishakha pushes Lalita n she falls on Radha n Radha falls on Krishna ‼

Lalita says sorry Radha actually this Vishakha pushed me.. But radha was not in any mood to listen to anybody’s clarification. Her eyes were locked inside the prettiest lotus eyes of Krishna , something she had never seen b4.. She could see the whole universe in those eyes.. Vishakha says enough now Radha get up at least now, will u sleep here only, it’s night now..!🌃! Lalita says she’s impossible… Sudama says kanha where’re you.? Get up plz now.. Balram bends down n shouts in Krishna’s ears… Krishna looks at Radha. What’re you doing upon me? Radha says even I’m thinking the same..
K-so u’ll bring butter tmrw?

R-Noooo not even dream about that..
K-this is unfair..!
R-not at all.. U r d real Lobhasur.. Or I should say makhansur? Go away n don’t dream of butter…
K-U r very bad 👎

R-then dream of butter but sleep ryt now..
K- so u’ll give me butter?
R-not at all!
R-You’re the real cheater n will always b!
K-Yes yes I’m cheater n u r lyk my sis so u r also cheater 😉😉‼

R-I M NOT AT ALL UR SISTER….. All the village girls may b ur sis I’m not ur sis….
K-I treat everyone equally if they’re my sis u r as well…..
R-okay okay nobody is ur sis all r friends, happy????
K-😃😉😃😉 Say something else with friends,….
R-stop dreaming now!
K-If u wont let me sleep I’ll kip dreaming…..

Precap:-Radha is praying to a peacock feather and Krishna’s flute‼

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My Childhood Love (Chapter 32 33 and 34 combined)

Later, Meher and others were sitting on stairs as usual, Anmol passes by and Meher empties her bottle on his pants. Everyone laugh. Anmol looks at his pants than at Meher. He goes towards her and looks at her angrily.
Anmol: what is this?
Meher: revenge…u were throwing paper on us in class.
Anmol: u will pay for this.

He goes angrily. Meher laughs and does a high five with everyone.
Abeer: what’s the next plan?
Meher: I will think about it.

They talk and sometime later the break is over and together they all go to their class. Abeer and Meher were having fun, Anmol stares at them the whole time. He leans forward and the chair also bends with him and he falls along with the chair and his pants get torn. Meher turns back and laugh.
Meher: Abeer look back

Abeer looks back and laughs.
Abeer: when did u do this?
Meher: before he came.

Anmol in his mind: I will have to do something of her.

Later when it was time to go home, Abeer was waiting for Meher outside the college. Anmol stops Meher holding her hand and sits down on his knees. He proposes her.
Meher: I have a boyfriend.

She goes freeing her hand to the exit gate and Abeer calls her name. She smiles at him and sits behind him on bike and holds him tight from his waist as he rides.
Meher: I m more into u than studies.
Abeer: ohh, me too

She kisses on his cheek, he blushes. He drops her to his house and she stops him from kissing her.
Meher: they will tease me.
Abeer: did u care?

Meher nods no and turns to go but he pulls her back and kisses her temple, she smiles cutely.

Meher: naughty boy

She shies and goes. Anmol watches them. Next day, in college, in the break time, Meher was with Abeer only talking to him. He goes saying he will come back and he asks a boy to come to him. He does and Anmol gives him a packet, he asks him to give it to Meher. He does and the moments he opens the packet, she starts coughing and runs to washroom. Anmol follows her and she reaches the washroom and coughs in the basin.
Anmol: r u ok?
Meher: u…

Before she could complete he gags her mouth and takes her from there.
Anmol drags her from the washroom to his car and no one saw him. He pushes her on backseat and takes her to his garage and ties her to a chair.

Anmol sings: khudko kia samajhti hai? Kitna akkarti hai, college me nayi nayi aai ek larki hai (he then normally says) oops sorry, (he corrects the last line) college me naye naye ek handsome larke se

He says raising his collars addressing himself as the handsome boy.

Anmol: wese baby, u r beautiful n hot, what to do, I can’t leave u.

He says to unconscious Meher tracing his finger on her face and laughs.

Abeer comes back to the place he left Meher and on not finding her, he gets worried as she doesn’t go anywhere without him. He checks the girl’s washroom by hiding and checks everywhere but doesn’t finds her. He punches his palm lightly. He calls on her number and it’s unreachable. He again searches for her and gets her bag in the classroom.

Abeer: bag yahan chhor k kahan gai? (He checks inside her bag and her phone was also there) holy crap, how to find her.

He gets a message by an unknown number, “I took ur gf, just one night and she’s all mine, just for one night, just a one night stand, then I will give her back to u.”

Abeer: ye kon hai?

He says to himself and the image of Anmol reflects in his mind.
Abeer: kahin Anmol to nh?? Ab hai bhi to kahan dhundu isko? His bag is also here.

Just then he sees Anmol coming in class and he calls on the number from which he received the message and it rings in Anmol’s phone in his hand. Abeer tilts his head giving him a I-know-it-is-you look and disconnects the call. Anmol packs his bag and he follows him to his house.

Abeer follows Anmol to his house. Anmol goes inside and Abeer too goes inside slowly and finds him everywhere and then goes to garage. Meher was conscious by now trying to free herself and falls along with the chair.
Anmol: lag gai?
She looks at him angrily. He sits down and holds her hand.
Anmol: a lonely helpless girl, with no one around kidnapped. Tutututut

She gets more angry and tries getting up, he straightens the chair on which she was tied. He comes closer to her, Abeer gets angry.
Anmol sings: jhilmil taaron si aankhein Teri

He traces his hand on her face and she gets really angry by now.
Meher: what’s your problem?

Abeer comes and slaps him hard.
Abeer: saale, kia kehraha tha? One night stand? Arey ek minute bhi nh rehne dunga tujhko iske sath

He beats him and unties Meher.
Abeer: come baby

He picks her in bridal style and goes glaring at Anmol. He goes out of his house and makes her sit on the bike.
Abeer: r u ok?
Meher: yes, thank God u came else he..
Abeer: till I m with u, nothing can happen.

He kisses her forehead and sits on the bike, she holds him tightly as they ride back to college.
Abeer: u want to go home??
Meher: no m ok

They get down the bike and he holds her making sure she doesn’t falls as the unconsciousness effect was still on her. He takes her to class and makes her drink water.
Meher: I wonder what he wants from me
Abeer: I will not let him do what he wants

They have a hug.

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Fiends I m back next episode tonight

Dada bring Payal to home after puja because Payal has to go for school

Lucky scoldes Payal day by day ur irritating me so much can’t u say tat u going to temple wat shd v think
Payal says papa I went to pray for ma sake stop it Payal don’t irritate me again because of u I have to go late to office ur bus also went k now go and ready I will drop u and go to office..
She went! !!

Here ragini waiting downwards nikhil comes and hold by his waist nikhil u always late said by ragini.wat to do princess traffic jam so late sorry, k can v move said by ragini, wait wait as I make u wait I will hold u in my arms and I will bring u up..no no nikhil think once It’s 100 steps once u hold me u shouldn’t leave me in middle. No ragini if u want i can die but I want leave u in middle…”I m holding ur hand to live with u not to leave” forever I. M urs,,,👭 ur everything to me,,k now stop this and hold me he hold her in his arms in each steps he says ragini ur everything to me hope our love stay for ever s nikhil I feel secured in ur arms..I love u nikhil, me too ragini then both do little pooja little romance and say bye to temple and goes to thier respective home..

Night Payal room

Tomorrow is my birthday know o God I called everyone but I forgot to call my mother, I don’t know ma remember or wat let me remind her once again if she forget in her busy work k where is phone oh it is here she take d phone mummy no is 98…….45 instead of 65 she type 45 i dont know by miss or Payal love towards mother it’s connected to ragini no..( everything is God will I can’t change) phone says 👹👹The no ur trying to reach is currently busy pls hold d line—- or call after sometimes again she calls it says same..////

Payal: y ma not receiving my cal may be she is busy k I will cal later then she keep phone and went

Here ragini speaking to nikhil in d phone screen showing waiting waiting but also she speaking later she says bye and cut d call and c unknown no who called me in dis late night let me call 📞she redails

Lucky later comes and took his phone to call his boss to say about project work he calls him and speaks later he get beap waiting waiting from unknown no..?she cuts d call ?later he also cuts d call and c who is calling me dis time let me call he redails and says hello
Ragini :hello who r u y u calling me continously
Lucky : hello excuse me u only call me first and u only asking who r u how dare to ask me
Hello sir first u c 👉🏿👉🏿u only called me I. M mad to call u who r u man

Then he see dailed list many dailed call list then he realised oh may be Payal by miss she called to dis no omg

Oh madam ji I. M very sorry actually my daughter by miss she dail ur no she often play in my mobile so by miss she called u if u don’t mind please forgive her I promise next time it won’t happen
Ragini : its k sir no problem sometime it happens nothing I won’t feel bad because they r children know they don’t know anything u don’t worry I won’t feel anything
Lak:thanks madam bye and once again sorry gn
Rags: it’s k gn too then she cuts d cal..

Lucky: O God y dis Payal doing like dis she attack with mother booth I don’t know when she will overcome from dis today she just called to unknown no next what she going to do I don’t know….???

Rag: o God dis children’s r so naughty something they will do but it cute to c…o God I forget something tomorrow one girl what’s her name name o Payal I have to go for her birthday know, s s I have to go but wat can I gift to her , wat she like may be doll only doll I can’t gift something spl ya good idea I will give her chocolate cake s it’s best idea I will give cake to her she feel happy k wat shd I wear for tomorrow function🤔 selwar no selwar, ya I will wear saree but how to maintain saree anyways it’s like practice I will wear saree for d first time hope Payal feel happy…😀😀😀

Precap : Payal met with accident!!! Ragini and nikhil engagement fixed


swayyam convinced for maheshwari’s coming next day and swasan sighed in relief.
swara- swayyam now change your dress and sleep.
swayyam- [involved in watching sinchan] hmmm…
swara- sanskar please you change him. i will remove my mehndi till then.
sanskar- hmm.[he is also watching sinchan with his champ]
swara- [unbelievable look] sanskar from when have you become so childish. you are watching cartoon as if you are a child.
sanskar- ohh hello when you watch it with champ then. now i am watching then i am acting childish. huh!
sanskar- champ let’s change. we will watch it later.
swayyam and sanskar changed while swara removed her mehndi and did other works. she went in washroom to change.

in mm
dp- aadarsh i want to talk to you
aadarsh- papa can we please talk in morning. i will answer all your questions, but please in morning.
dp- ok.
in hotel-swasan room
when swara came out she saw swayyam sleeping over sanskar while sanskar patting his back with closed eyes. she smiled.
she came and sat beside sanskar and caressed his hair. sanskar opened his eyes and smiled at her.
swara- sanskar you are ok naa.
sanskar- hmmm.
swara- he slept so quickly
sanskar- must be tired. after all he did so much masti today.
he slowly placed swayyam on bed and covered him with blanket. he got up from bed and came and stood near window looking outside.
swara came behind him and leaned on his shoulder holding his arm.

swara- sanskar you can share what you are feeling. i am sorry for inviting them. i thought about uttara. i didn’t knew all this will happen. i am so sorry.[tear skipped swara’s eyes.]
sanskar- sshhhh swara [wiped her tears and cupped her face] you don’t need to be sorry. in fact it’s good that you called them.
swara looked at him confused.
sanskar- don’t be confused [hugging her sideways] when you said that you called them, i was angry but then i thought why should i be angry even. what happened 4 years ago was our past. you know when they came and i saw them then flashes of past came across my mind but i didn’t feel any pain. you know why?
swara looked at him raising her head from his chest

sanskar- because to be frank they don’t matter to me.what matters is you and swayyam. my life starts with you both and will end at you both. i don’t want anyone else. yaa they were my family and that thing always pinch me that my family didn’t trust me, but more than that this realisation every second that you trust me and my champ in my life takes away all my sorrows. they will always be connected to me as i have blood relation with them, they have grown me up but any relation it may be without trust it’s a complete failure.
sanskar- you know i have realised that i wasted my 6 months thinking about their distrust. [playfully] i could have romanced you and teased you in those 6 months. but i wasted that time but now you know i won’t waste even a single minute.
he tightened his grip on swara’s waist while swara widens her eyes in shock. sanskar caressed her cheeks sensuously and swara came in senses and blushed. she hit his chest with her hands and tried to move.
swara- sanskar leave me. you just need a chance. shameless
sanskar- [huskily] only for you
swara- sanskar swayyam is sleeping. he will wake up.
sanskar- i have given him correct name, your bodyguard. since i got the news that you are expecting, from that day i have struggled to romance with you. i have to find chances to romance with my own wife.
swara- haaan toh. don’t say anything to my baby.
sanskar- i know i can’t dare to speak about him otherwise i am gone. you know sometimes i feel jealous of champ when he snuggles in you and sleep. i also feel like to have that place.

swara- haww jealous of your son. very bad.
sanskar- so what could i do. but i love my champ so much. today when he stood for me, i felt so proud and overwhelmed by his love i can’t say. but when i saw his tears for me it really stabbed my heart. i want to give all the happiness to my champ. i will support him in every condition. i don’t want him to suffer as i did. thanks to you who was there for me always.i love you.[he hugged her]
swara- [hugging him back] i love you too.
sanskar- swara i don’t know what i feel for them[maheshwari’s] or do i even feel or not but for now i want somethimg from you.
swara- what
sanskar- you
swara- [hesitantly and shy] sanskar ..swayyam…. is sleeping…….. on the bed. how can we…..
sanskar- swara we have a sofa in this room too.
swara- but sanskar… what if …he …wakes.. up.
sanskar- he won’t please.
swara just tightened her grip and sanskar understood that she agreed. he picked up swara and placed her on sofa while swara was looking away avoiding his gaze.
sanskar sat beside her and held her chin to make her look into his eyes. their eyes met and only love could be seen in their eyes.

sanskar leaned over her in sitting position. and kissed on her forehead, eyes, cheeks, nose tip, chin and stared at her lips and then her eyes. swara closed her eyes in acceptance and sanskar placed his lips on her. they kissed tenderly yet passionately and parted away to catch their breath.
sanskar opened his shirt buttons and threw his shirt on the floor and looked at his bare chest and lowered her eyelashes being shy. sanskar came over her and again kissed her on lips and bite her lower lips and she gasped. her one hand ruffling his hairs and the other caressing his back. he sucked her for long to soothe her pain and finally parted.
sanskar- [in swara’s ears] swara why are you so shy everytime. we have a son also then too.
swara- [with closed eyes and blushing crimson red] sanskar because everytime i feel new with your every touch. i feel myself as the most special girl in this world when you are with me. sanskar love me as you wish. i am all yours.
sanskar just stared her overwhelmed. finding no movement swara opened her eyes and saw sanskar staring her.

swara- what happened sanskar
sanskar- why do you love me so much
swara- i don’t know. i just love you and that’s what i know.
sanskar- i love you too.
he kissed on her forehead and caressed her cheeks with the back of his hand and pecked her lips and started giving lingering kisses on her nape. swara was moaning slowly. soon there clothes were on floor and they were in a different world. sanskar kissed every inch of her body. he was soft and gentle. he wanted to pour out all his love for her and show her that how special she is. he romanced her for long and then finally looked at her and caressing her hair.
sanskar- swara may i?
swara- [breathing heavily] sanskar…i already told ..you…i am all..yours. love..me..as …you wish.
sanskar kissed on her forehead and then interwined his fingers with hers and kissed on her lips and entered in her simultaneously.they were making love and swara kept her one hand on her mouth to stop her loud moans as not to wake up swayyam and meanwhile sanskar explored her. they finally climaxed and rested there for sometime.

after sometime
swara- [shaking sanskar] sanskar sanskar
sanskar- [sleepy]hmm..
swara- get up and dress yourself
sanskar- why
swara- sanskar we have lots of work to do and in morning if swayyam wakes up before us then. get up and get into the bed and rest properly.
sanskar- [looking at swara] swara your embrace is the best place to rest. condition might be anything but i can live if i get the warmth from you.
swara was lost in his eyes but then composed herself.
swara- sanskar for now please try to understand. what if swayyam [avoiding eye contact in shyness] sees..us…like ….this. so let’s ..dress…up and..get..into…the b.ed.
sanskar obeyed her and both went on bed after wearing their clothes.
both layed on opposite sides of swayyam. swayyam in sleep turned and snuggled in swara and swara wrapped her arms around him and kissed his forehead.
sanskar saw this and said.
sanskar- [childishly] see i also want this treatment from you.
swara- don’t be jealous of my son.

sanskar -[coming close and keeping his hand on her waist while maintaining space in between not to suffocate swayyam] i am not jealous. you know i love to watch you two sleep like this. i don’t know how he identifies that you are beside him. i mean whenever you sleep beside him he snuggles in you even if he is in sleep.
swara- a person identifies their parents, their love and their child’s presence without even looking at them. that’s why my baby identifies that i am beside him.
swara- moreover you too feel my and swayyam’s presence when we am around you, right.
sanskar- yes because you and champ are my everything.
sanskar kissed swayyam and swara on their forehead and slept keeping his one hand wrapped around swayyam and swara.swara smiled on his gesture.
swara saw them and remembered their beautiful days when swayyam was born, sanskar’s care towards swara during her pregnency and sanskar protective and caring towards swayyam. thinking all these she too slept.
——————————————-here author is showing flashback and not in anyone’s pov respectively.——————————————
aadarsh tried to take away sanskar’s job and sanskar heard his conversation with his boss and he himself resigns and frustrated was coming out of office when tanmay stopped him. sanskar told everything to tanmay and left to meet swara. he was waiting outside swara’s school and swara came out and met him. sanskar started saying about aadarsh and office drama when he saw a car approaching a girl who was crossing road carelessly and ran to save her. sanskar pushed the girl and swara seeing car about to hit sanskar was shocked and shouted his name and fainted.

swara fainted. the school students, teachers and parents standing outside the school saw her fainting and surrounded her to know what happened.
while on the other side. sanskar pushed the girl and the car almost approached sanskar but the girl while falling on the side of road pulled sanskar’s hand and both got saved. the girl and sanskar got slightly hurt on their hands. a man approached them.
man- [panick] [to the girl] beta are you fine. did you get hurt. ohh god it’s bleeding from your hands.
girl- dad i am fine.[yes the man is the girl’s father]
the man helped the girl to stand up while sanskar himself stood up and started scolding the girl.

sanskar- [angry] are you out of your mind. can’t you see and cross the road. what if you met with accident. if you don’t know to cross the road then don’t walk on the roads. if i wouldn’t have come on time, do you even realise what would have happened.
before the girl or her father could say anything something else caught sanskar’s attention.
a passerby- [to a student passingby] hey what happened there. why there is so much crowd.
student- woh the music teacher of our school fainted.

as soon as music teacher word hit sanskar’s ear he turned around to look at the crowd.
sanskar- [tensedly] swara
sanskar immediately ran across the road and entered in the crowd while the girl and her father followed him.
sanskar saw swara on the ground unconscious. he rushed to her and put her head on his lap and patted her cheeks.
sanskar- [while patting her cheeks] swara swara please open your eyes. swara.
sanskar panicked. the girl whom sanskar saved forwarded her water bottle opening it.
girl- sprinkle water. may be she gain’s consciousness.
sanskar- [took the bottle] thanks
sanskar sprinkled water on swara’s face and she slightly opened her eyes. sanskar kept the bottle aside and cupped her face.

sanskar- swara swara are you ok. swara
swara- [murmur with half opened eyes and everything appearing black] sanskar.
sanskar- haan haan swara i am here only. [seeing swara closing her eyes] swara don’t close your eyes. swara
swara once again murmured sanskar’s name and fainted.
sanskar- swara don’t close your eyes. talk to me dammit. i am here only.[tears rolled down his cheeks].
sanskar- hospital haan
girl’s father- hospital is half an hour way. my wife is a doctor and my house is nearby. if you don’t mind come with us.
sanskar agreed seeing swara’s condition. he picked her up and followed the girl and her father and placed her in the car and himself sat in keeping swara’s head on his lap and tried waking her up.

they reached the girl’s home and girl’s mother saw them. the girl told her mother to check swara and they took her in a room and sanskar placed her on bed.
girl’s mother- [to sanskar]you wait outside i will check her.
sanskar unwillingly came out and was pacing outside the door. he was just thinking of swara and nothing else. he did not bother to even talk to the two other people [girl and her father] standing there.
done with this part.

precap- flashback continues.

Swasan- Strangers or Lovers.? (prologue)

————– PROLOGUE —————

“Life is not as easy as it looks…. it has lots of ups nd downs in it…. i cant assure u that i will never let nd bad moment cme in ur life bt i can assure that i will be there by ur side in every tough moment of urs” a man said sitting on his knees to a girl…..

The eyes of girl was filled up wid tears on seeing the decoration nd moreover her dream man sitting on the knees nd proposing him in best way possible…. there is no option for to reject him…..

” will u be the part of my life….??? Will u marry me…??” The guy asked further….

Girls in tears nodded into yes….
Girl(in happy tears)- yess i will marry u…. i love u kabir….

Kabir gets up nd hugged her…
Kabir- Naina always be there with me…. i love u….

“CUT” the voice cme nd both parted away…..

“Sanskar and Tiya perfect job…. i loved ur dedication… if u will keep doing like this then or movie will be completed before time….” director said praising them….

Then sanskar cme towards the corner nd called smeone… nd asked the person to meet him at 8 pm in xyz place…..

On the other side….

Swara was seen walking out in the mall taking sme stuff… wen she collided wid smeone….

The person helped her to pick up the fallen articles….

Person.- Ms. Swara u here…???
Swara- is it banned for me to cme here??? Mr. Singhaniya….

Mr.singhaniya- naa…nothing like that bt i guess god showed grace on me… i was coming to meet u…..

Swara-really bt for wat…????

Mr.singhaniya- see swara you are sooo beautiful…. a perfect model nd i m sure if allowed u will be gr8 actress toooo…..
So widout wasting tym i will ask u that i wanted to sign u in my movie…. will u like to be a part of my movie…??

Swara (aftrr thinking much)- a person will br foolish to say no to ur movie mr.singhaniya…. i m in jst sent the script to my place nd the co stars list….. i will give my final answer to u soon..

Sying this she left nd then a call came to her….
She attended nd left to meet someone…..


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Till then take care….

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3 alag alag alag prem kahani (part-12) with aryan and aradhya

Hey guys moni is here again. I am so happy for all your response guys. And sorry for the last time guys i was in hurry so i updated short one. Today i will update long episode. So we will start now.


Swara tells ragini the whole incident regarding her kidnap to ragini. Aara also listens by hiding.


Ragini & swara hugs each other & cries. By the stress swara faints. Ragini gets shock & says her to wake up but she will not then she will call aaru. Aaru comes in & calls doctor.

Doctor comes & checks swara & says nothing to worry she was just tired. Make her eat something. Ragini sits beside her holding her hand.

Aaru comes out of that room & cries a lot sitting down.

“Sorry di. I have hurted u lot. I never tried to listen your words. Sorry di very sorry. ”

Aryan sees her & feels very bad for her. He comes to her & touches her shoulder.

She gets angry seeing him & pushes his hand away.

Aaru: Don’t. …. don’t dare to touch me. Just get lost.

Aryan : Aradhya what’s wrong with you. Y are u talking to me like that? We are a team right.

Aaru: Team???? Team my foot. After all i have listened what happened to my di do u think still i will be still with u. Never.

Aryan : What do u mean aradhya? Are you believing that all? Its a lie. My brother cannot do this.

Aaru: then what u are saying is my di is telling lie. How can u say that aryan? I can’t believe that u have became so selfish. Means u have my di’s condition right. Then how can u say that?

Aryan : i doesn’t mean that yar i mean i am sure there is some misunderstanding. Trust me yar if we are together we can solve it.

Aaru: No need now i can’t trouble my di more. And i don’t want to know anything more. Because i believe my di & culprit is ur brother.

Aryan: aaru just stop it. He holds her tight & pins her to wall. They have a serious eye lock.

Aaru: Y are shouting aryan? By your shouting truth will not change.

Aryan: Listen aaru i am listening to u for only the reason i love u. I love u a lot. But u can’t say anything against my bhai.

Aaru: I know u love me. And i also love u u know that. That is y i thought to pair up with u as a team & thinks to find truth. And i got it too.

Aryan : Enough aradhya. I promise i am sure i will prove my bro is innocent. Again they have an eye lock.

Then ragini comes & says stop it.

Aara are shocked by seeing & tensed whether she listened to them.

Ragini: Aryan leave her hand.

Aryan leaves her & aaru goes to ragini & they both hug each other.

Ragini : u didn’t do right by hurting by aaru aryan. U will regret for this.

Aryan: I am sorry bhabi but …..

Ragini stops him by signing.

Ragini: U two don’t need to fight for me. Truth will be out right at this moment. Come with me.

Aaru: But di swara di….

Ragini: She is taking rest . You both follow me.

All three goes to sanskaar’s office. He is in some meeting but by seeing ragini he feels happy & comes out to meet her.

Ragini gets teary eyed by seeing him but she remembers what swara said & she controls.

Sanskaar : Ragini u here. Please come.

Ragini : sanskaar i have to talk to u.

Sanskaar : Sure infact i only thought to talk to u. Come. Aara slso comes there. Sanskaar is confused by seeing what’s happening.

He takes them to conference room.

Ragini: Sanskaar i don’t need to know anything but just answer me for one question thats it.

Sanskaar : sure ragini anything for u.

Ragini: do u remember when swara came back to home.

Sanskaar : Ha ragini. I remember.

Ragini: So before that day where were u?

Sanskaar was shocked & tensed.

Sanskaar : y are u asking all this ragini are u doubting me?

Ragini: Just answer my question sanskaar.

Sanskaar : Fine i was in office.

Ragini: R u sure?

Sanskaar : ofcourse y i will lie.

Ragini then calls receptionist & tells her to bring the cctv footage of that day. She brings & all sees it. But sanskaar didn’t not came to office.

Ragini , aaru & aryan all looked shocked.

Ragini gets angry on him & slaps him hard. Sanskaar got teary eyed.

Ragini :y sanskaar y? Y r u doing this? I trusted u right. Then y are u saying lie.

Sanskaar is silent.

Aaru: Jiju i treated u same like brother. Then y have played with our feelings. Look at di she loved u a lot. And u have broken her heart.

He was still silent.

Aryan : bhai please don’t be silent. Say something y are u saying lie.

Ragini: i will say what truth is. Sanskaar is the one who kidnapped my swara. She is saying truth. He had killed my parents.

Sanskaar : no ragini its not true.

Ragini: Then u say whst is the truth.

He will remain silent.

Ragini: I know u will not say the truth. Ok leave all that on that day did u went to sea port area or not.

Sanskaar is tensed & says yes he went.

Ragini : Did you here that aryan. Now will u believe my swara is right. Your brother is a murderer. He is culprit.

Sanskaar : But ragini….

Ragini: Enough don’t u dare to call my name from your bl**dy mouth. I loved u sanskaar y did u do this all my swara. U knoe what is her condition right now. She is in deep trauma. Its is sll because of u. I HATE U SANSKAAR I HATE U.

She leaves from there by taking aaru. Aryan also comes to him & says “u didn’t did right bhai. Sorry i cannot support u.”

Sanskaar is in deep shock & cries a loud by calling ragini’s name.

Sanskaar : Ragini……. please believe me ragini. I didn’t do anything wrong. Please…..

He falls down & cries.

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Tashan E Ishq (Tashan vs Love) Episode 80 (last episode)

English translation of this part is given after this line (—–)]

One year later….
Twinkle is writing diary…
Aaj ek saal ho gaya hamari shadi ko…Bohut kuch badal gaya hai…Me aur Kunj yahaan Mumbai shift ho gaye hain…Shadi ke thode din baad hi main Mumbai me job kerne lag gayi…Aur Yuvi, padhai complete ker ke vapas chala gaya, Amritsar…Aur ab vahin job kerta hain…Mummy papa bhi khush hain ki ek beta toh hain saath me…
Aur kuch badla hain life me? Hain toh sahi…Thodi Kunj ki aadatein, muje aagayi hain… Aur meri thodi aadatein, Kunj ko…Jaise diary likhne ki uski aadat…Abh me bhi likhti hun…Ab ek dusre ko thoda aur ache se pehchan ne lag gaye hain…Nazron se bhi baatein hoti hain…Aur ladaiyaan…Vo to har roz hoti hain…Per ye hain ki, hume ab ek dusre ko bohut ache se sambhal na aagaya hain…Aisa Kunj kehta hain…Per shayad muje ye lagta hain ki usse muje sambhal na aata hain….

Kunj se milne se pehle me sochti thi ki, me ek simple, normal, easy to handle type ladki hun…Kunj ke aane ke baad muje samaj aa gayi ki, muje handle kerna bohut mushkil hain…Meri egos,attitude aur arrogance ke saath jeena, har kisi ki bus ki baat nahi hain…Meri naa me bhi ,kabhi kabhi haan hoti hain…Aur usse samaj ke, shanti se deal kerna bohut maturity ka kaam hain…Jo sirf Kunj ker sakta hain….Jis tareeqe se vo muje control kerta hain, shayad hi kisine kiya ho…Control kerna ek galat shabd hoga…Muje ache se mould kerke, zindagi ke saanche me dalna usse hi aata hain…Meri achi,buri har aadat ko samajna…Achi cheeson ko appreciate kerna…aur jahan me galat jaa rehi hun toh, yun haath pakadke saath chalana aur sahi rastey le aana….Bus Kunj hi ker sakta hain…
Kabhi kabhi toh muje sharam aati hain ki, ek time aisa bhi tha, jab me Kunj ke pyaar pe doubt kiya tha…Aur usse muje yakeen dilana pada tha…Vo dairy….Uss diary ne muje saari baatein samjadi…Ki kiss had tak vo mujse pyaar kerta hain…

Aaj ek saal baad peeche mudke dekhti hain toh khushi hoti hain…Kahi pada tha maine…
Itni shiddat se maine tume pane ki khoshish ki hain…
Ki har zarre ne muje tumse milane ki saazish ki hain….
Kehtey hain, agar kisi cheez ko dil se chaho toh, puri kaynaat usse tumse milane ki khoshish me lag jaati hain…

Har kisi ke tarah, mere liye bhi ye sirf ek movie ka dialogue tha…Per Kunj se pyaar kerne ke baad muje samaj aayi ki ye sach me hota hain…
Hum donon ek dusre se itna pyaar kerte the, ki shayad humse judi har kadi, har insaan ne hume ek dusre se milane ki khoshish ki hain…Yahaan tak ki Kunj ki diary bhi…
Alisha, jisne muje Kunj se alag kerna chaha…Vahi mere ghar aake, mere parents ko suna rehi thi ki Papa ne unke bare me kya kuch kahan…Aur ussi tashan me, main Amritsar ke liye nikal gayi…Verna shayad me yahaan aaj iss flat me Kunj ki biwi banke baithi nahi hoti…
Aur uske baad… RT uncle, jinhone Cherry ka rishta leke aake, Papa ke mann me jo south Indian girls ke liye galat soch thi, usse change kerane ka pehla kadam bhadaya…
Hamare laxman ka kya kehun…Har mod pe, jahan humari gadi rukhne laga, vahan khud ka bhulke humare liye khada ho gaya…Jab Kunj, tashan me tha, to me Amritsar me reh rehi hun ye chupa ke rekha…Aur jab me tashan me ghar chodne ke baat keri toh…Kya kuch nahi kiya bechara Yuvi ne…Kidnapping drama, phir Alisha wala Drama aur ek time pe toh apne career ki parwah na kertey huye aa gaya…
Aur Mummy (Usha)…Unka toh level hi kuch aur hain…Kuch batane se pehle hi, vo samaj gayi thi ki me hi Kunj ko ache se sambhal sakti hun…Uska life tikh ker sakti hun…Jab ki unhe pata bhi nahi tha ki me hi vo ladki hun, jinse unka beta marke pyaar kerta hain…Shayad issi liye unhe maa kehtey hain…Bache ka acha bura vo khud hi samaj gayi….
Aur fir Papa (Manohar)…Jab unhe apni galti ka ehsaas hua to, har vo khoshish ki hume mila ne ki….Amma Achan se bhi itney achey se rishta rekha…,vo bhi uss time pe, jab me haan bhi nahi keri thi…
Aur amma achan…Itna sab kuch ho jaane ke baad bhi, unhe meri khushi zyada important thi ki har purani baat bhulke hume milaya….

Alisha ki bhi humarey rishtey me alag hi jagah hain…Uski engagement aur ghar aana bhi hamare rishtey ko masbooth kerne ke liye tha, aisa muje lagta hain… Aur ussi ke chalte hum aaj saath hain …
Sach me… humse judi har bandey ne kisi na kisi tareeqe se hume ek kerne ki khoshish ki hain….
One year later….
Twinkle is writing diary…
It’s been a year, we are married…I have started working here in Mumbai soon after marriage..We are settled in Mumbai…Yuvi has completed his studies and went back to Amritsar. He has taken up a job there…Mummy Papa both are happy that Yuvi is staying with them.
Has something changed in our relationship? I would say yes…I have taken some habits of Kunj and same way he has taken some of mine.Like writing diary…Other than this….Hmmm…I guess we have started understanding each other more better… We can read each other’s mind through glances…Sometimes words are not required to express what he feels at that moment…And fights…I think the number of fights has increased…But now we know how to handle each other’s mood swings and anger issues…That’s what Kunj says…But I feel he handles my anger issues very well…

I believed that I am a normal,simple and easy to handle type girl…Kunj made me realize that I was too difficult to be handled…Not everyone can withstand my ego,attitude and arrogance…Sometimes when I say no that means I want that to happen…And Kunj understands me very well…He clearly knows that what I meant through it…He senses the feeling and emotions hidden in those arrogant ‘No’s..He has that maturity to handle my temper issues and make me calm…He has an ability to control me…I think, ‘Control’ will be wrong word to use…He moulds me and my nature in that way, that the life starts flowing smooth… He knows me in and out…He appreciates me when I am going good…The moment he realize that I am going on a wrong path, he simply comes and holds my hand and take me to the right direction…Yes…He is the perfect man for me…
I do remember, there was a time when I had doubted his love…And he had to prove his love for me…That diary…It cleared everything…I came to know that he loves me to that extent, which is beyond my expectation or imagination..

Now when I look back, I feel so happy to be with him…I have heard this somewhere…
“When you want something, the entire universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”
I too had believed that it is just a saying and that doesn’t mean anything….But after falling in love with Kunj, I realized that it is true…
May be we loved each other to that extent that the every single person and things associated with us conspired to make us together…Even Kunj’s dairy…
Alisha has tried her level best to separate us in every possible manner…It was she, who made me rethink when I too had lost hope in our love…I was ready to compromise with the destiny..It was Alisha’s talks and tonts, which made me rethink…The way she instigated me by talking what Papa had told about my upbringing hurt my ego…Which led to everything…Otherwise today, I wouldn’t be sitting here as Kunj’s wife in this flat…

After that RT uncle… by bringing the proposal of Cherry, made Papa realize that he had a wrong concept about South Indian girls….RT uncle was the first one to go against his decision and make him understand that he can also be wrong…
Our Laxman…What to say about him…I think Yuvi was more concerned about our relationship than us…Whenever he felt like we are going off track and that can affect our relationship, he made every possible way to save our love…When I decided to leave Amritsar, the kidnapping drama and Alisha drama…He was always there assisting Kunj in convincing me…He even took a toll over his career for us…
Mummy…She is on another level itself…Even before knowing that we were in a relationship, she wanted me to be her daughter in law and tried her level best to bring me and Kunj close…She had a belief that I am the perfect girl for Kunj and can handle him well…I am still surprised how she came to know this… May be that’s how moms are…They can sense what is good for their kids…
And Papa (Manohar)…He made every possible way to make us together after realizing his mistake… Even before I said yes to Kunj, he made a good relation with Amma Achan and convinced them for our marriage…

And my parents…. After all the humiliations they faced, they gave priority to my dream and forgot and forgived everything…They blessed us…
I must say Alisha played a major role in our love life…Her engagement and her visit to Amritsar strengthened our relationship…
I truly believe that entire universe conspires in achieving it…At least my experience makes me believe in it…

Twinkle closes the diary with a broad smile on her face…She goes to the other room for some work. Kunj is still working on laptop..Kunj finishes his work and has started writing his diary…
Ek saal ho gaye hamari shadi ko…Ye ek saal ne bohut kuch sikhaya hain…Shadi ek packahge hoti hain jisme thodi khushi, thoda gum,thodi narazgiyan aur thodi ladayiyan hoti hain…Shadi sirf khushiyon wali mithai ki thaal nahi hoti…ye ladayiyan aur narazgiyan bhi, zindagi me flavor daltey hain…Asli mazaa toh, Inn sab ke baad usse manane me aata hain….
(One year of marriage…This one year has taught me a lot…It is a package of happiness, sorrows, arguments and cute little fights…It is not only about the good times you spent together…It is the arguments and cute little fights that make life more beautiful..The making up after these fights add more colors to life…)
A strong relationship is about two persons giving strength to each other whenever the other person is going weak..That’s what we did in our relationship…When I gave up, Twinkle came to Amritsar and fought for our love…And when I felt she is giving up, I strived hard to save our relationship….
Kunj closes the diary and takes the camera.
Kunj clicks a photo of Twinkle, keeping the anniversary cake on table…
Twinkle: Aur kitne photos loge, chupke se? Ab iss pic ke bhi piche event or date likhoge…Hain na? Ab kyu ker rehe ho? Ab to me hamesha ke liye tumhare saath hun… Aao…Cake kat the hain…
(You still take my photos? Now you will write down the event and date on it…Right? Now we are together forever…Why do you still continue it? Come…Let’s cut the cake…)
Kunj has a beautiful smile on face…Kunj and Twinkle cut the cake..Kunj takes a cake piece and make Twinkle eat it…
Kunj (kissing Twinkle on forehead): Jab hum donon bohut bhoode ho jaayenge, aur shayad yaadein bhi saath chodne lag jaaye,uss time isse kholke, dekhne me mazaaa aayenga…Zindagi ka har panna jo hum jee chuke hain, usse vapas ek aur baar jeelenge, in photos ke zariye… Happy Annniversary, my love…
(You never know what will happen, when we are in our 60s or 70s…May be our brain will stop working and won’t be able to remember anything…At that time, we both can sit together and have a look at these pictures and relive the moments which we had spent together…Happy Anniversary my love…)
Twinkle (hugging Kunj): Happy Anniversary…Kunj…

Hi Friends,
So here ends my ff Tashan vs Love with 80 episodes, 309 pages and 120039 words.…Hope you all enjoyed it and I could make you smile through this journey….
The reason to end this ff is that I have conveyed the story I wanted to tell… This was the story which I wanted to convey to you guys…I was sure that I wouldn’t reach 100 episodes because I had the last episode of my ff in mind when I started writing the first episode…

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The Enticing Little Incident (Twinj) Part 33

In case anyone missed out the previous part, here’s the link below

Part 32

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

In the morning – Sarna House;

Kunj is seen sleeping peacefully in his room until his phone beeps which to some extend wakes him up but he still chooses to sleep. There’s another beep heard in the next minute and it continues for another 2 minutes. Kunj is frustrated cause his sleep is disturbed. “Oh my god! Can anyone ever in this world let me sleep peacefully for a while” he grumbles sleepily. He spreads his arms to reach out for his phone.

“Tw: I’ve reached!
Tw: where the hell are you? You told me to message and now you don’t reply -.-
Tw: you better reply you piece of shit
Tw: I’m warning you, the consequences won’t be favoring you if you don’t reply back at the earliest.”

Kunj reads it all and gets up from his bed and says,

Ku: oh teri! How could I forget it? Ab yeh twinkle to meri jaan hi le legi gi (Now twinkle will kill me)

He instantly opens the chat and gives her a reply,

“Ku: Good morning love! So sorry man, I didn’t realize the time and was engrossed in my sleep! Sorry sorry sorry! Btw, I miss you already 😢Glad that you reached safely :)”

To which he receives a reply right away;

“Tw: yeah right! I’m an idiot here waiting for your text -.-”

“Ku: acha sorry na!”

“Tw: okay okay! maaf kiya! and yes, good morning to you too, my love!”

Kunj began blushing as he saw the word “love” in twinkle’s text.

“Tw: okay now, bye! Mumma is calling me so I gtg”

“Ku: okay sure! Hoping to see your text soon. Love you!”

“Tw: will try my best to be back soon. Love you too!”

The chat had brought a huge smile on kunj’s face! “This feeling is great! I finally have someone in my life who is all mine and I have all the rights on her. This is just the best feeling ever! I’m so lucky to get her in my life!” kunj thought to himself.

He quickly stood up and freshened up and went for work in office. The day passed by and Twinkle and Kunj texted each other talking randomly about their day and so on!

Even Mahi is back home and was helping Usha throughout the time as they had just returned back from Thailand!

It was 9 in the night and kunj was in his room, on his bed with his phone in hand which showed twinkle’s picture.

“I can’t believe I’ll have to spend my days without seeing your face! It’s just the toughest part of my day. However great the day is, at the end of the day I’ll still feel uneasy cause I won’t be able to see your pretty, sparkling and joyful face. I never thought it could be so tough for me. I never imagined something like this could ever happen. All I need is you, just you! You complete me. I wish we stayed in the same area so we could meet everyday but seems like that’s not possible. I miss you so much, you have no idea about” kunj said while seeing twinkle’s picture in his phone.

Suddenly, the phone rang. Kunj happiness had no bounds. He quickly picked up the call and said;

Ku: do you have any idea since when I’ve been waiting for your call?
Tw: sorry Kunj! Actually I was just so busy helping mom out arranging things back to it’s place at home and also in workplace cause you know we’ve just returned
Ku: acha no problem now! I’m happy that you called.
Tw: so how was your day?
Ku: awful!
Tw: why what happened?
Ku: cause I didn’t see you

Twinkle turned to a light shade of pink due to blushing.

Ku: you look so cute while blushing
Tw: how did you know I was blushing?
Ku: I know you! So now stop blushing or else I’m taking the next flight to Mumbai and coming to you right away.
Tw: acha ji!
Ku: hunji!

Silence took place. It wasn’t an awkward one. The two knew that the other person is still there loving his/her presence and he/she was all that was required.

Ku: you know what?
Tw: what?
Ku: I miss that kiss

Twinkle again turns pink due to blushing.

Ku: now stop blushing already! We did it together so there is nothing to be ashamed or shy for!
Tw: hmmm
Ku: now reply well at least!
Tw: what?
Ku: nothing!

Again silence takes over.

Ku: but those lips were fab. They were just so soft, smooth and s*xy. Oh I wish I could taste them again
Tw: shut up already
Ku: what? I seriously do miss them. The next time when I’ll kiss you .. I won’t eat or drink anything after that so that I’ll still have the taste of your lips.
Tw: oh my god Kunj! You are crazy.
Ku: of course I’m cause I’m in love with you!
Tw: aw, I love you too! Btw, I need to go now, sorry!
Ku: really? so early?
Tw: can’t help it.
Ku: okay then!
Tw: bye! Goodnight and love yo!
Ku: bye … goodnight and I love you too!

They hang up the call and both doze off to sleep.

This routine continued for the rest of the days. They texted each other during the day and during the night, they would be on calls for long time.


After 30 days, Sarna house

It was a normal lazy sunday. Kunj was sitting relaxed in the living room. Usha and Mahi were in the kitchen and Manohar was in his room. They hear the doorbell. Usha asks kunj to open the door.

Kunj walks towards and door and opens it to find out Taneja’s standing out with a very pleasing smile on their face.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

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jab thak hai jaan……….(episode 23)

Hello every one…………sorry for the delayed posting …actually i had my exams so could not post………………really i apologise from all u all……sorry……………………………
So no more boring going straight to wards episode….
Jab thak hai jaan………………..
Till now
Anika comes and resides in oberoi mansion, and shivay gets happier…riddima returns with some planning…anika tries to sort of the problem……….
Episode starts

Its night
Anika gives everything to shivay and says some instructions to shivay…and shivay ask her how did she knew that he will come…..
Anika looks up to see shivay….she gives a simple smile and leaves……shviay holds anika s hands…
Shivay: anika …..cant u reply to my questions……
Anika takes his hands and says i have work……..
She sees ansh coming inside….
Anika:: ansh ajj thu papa ke saath soiyega……and i dont want any complaint….
Ansh looks at him(shivay)..he reminces of slap..he goes and hugs anika and nods no…..shivay sees this with sad face…..
Anika separates him from her and says no more excuses u are gonna sleep with ur papa…
Anika: i thought u will sleep in pool room ……she trickily makes him accept….she leave…….
Shviay looks ansh standing……he forwards his hands to lift him….
Ansh with his car tiger….frownes his forehead to see his father….he makes funny faces and says…i will go my self………he turns his car and moves…..
Shivay sees him with smile…(in mind) ek tham anika jaisea…………..he smiles remincing of their meeting,……
After a while…
Shviay goes to dadi s room and have good chat…..
By then…ansh goes to shivays room peeps inside…..he sees arushi there……
Ansh: chuadail aunty…………….
Ansh comes out silently and leaves the car…………he starts wandering all through the hall… he sees pinky room…he smiles looking at her….he peeps into their room…..and goes and hides beneath the bed……
Pinky s room
Pinky brushes her hair…and she taunts about anika coming…shakthi ask her to sleep…..she comes and lies in the bed….
Shakthi sits with his lap top and night lamp is on…………ansh comes out….and sees pinky sleeping with sleeping band around the eyes… he sees shakthi working seriously in laptop

He reminces of her scolding him all the while……………He goes to the dressing table…and takes some cream ….and…and a make up brush…….
He goes towards her……..she turns to wards him and sleep …….he takes the brush and makes it flow in to ears…pinky starts smiling and gets disturbed…..she sleeps again….ansh again takes the brush and puts the cream into her cheek…..she doesn’t respond…..again into ears….
Pinky ask shakthi to keep quiet as he is a father of married mann…..
Shakthi who was busy with laptop…looks shocking with pinkys words and says….pinky u gone mad……just sleep………..

Ansh keeps the brush this time in her lips…..as the cream goes pinky moves the lips and cream goes in…..she licks the cream..and accidently bits the brush………ansh tries to take the brush out of her mouth….but pinky held this tight………………over which cream to falls on her face ……and box falls in floor………..
Sound comes and ansh goes and hides……
Shakthi turn with the noise….and sees pinky……………………
Shakthi: shouts pinkyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy(whole mansion wakes up)
..every one come there ….and see pinky
Pinky with cream which is of red colour split all over the ears and face…and her biting her brush…………………..
Shock being transformed into a huge laughter…tej who starts tthis….ask pinky….
Tej: pinky ..itna buki hei kay…..thu cream ke saath brush bi kajavogi …..
Pinky takes out the brush….and says shakthi ji u did this know…..
Shathi: no ..i am working on laptop…i dint ….i know u try mad stuff…but this is not fare…pinky….is ur health is ok…..
Arushi: aunty apki demak teak hai na……
Pinky see her like burning……….
Shivay who was all the while quite…ask about her health….pinky blames it to be done by some one…..every one have the arguement….and shivay suddenly says…..its done by booth……
Oberoi family see him strange……with question mark in his face…………….
Shivay: ya its done by booth and booth is below the bed……very hungry……..and with in fiew minutes its gona eat kids……
Hearing this ansh comes out running and says booth..booth…………..he starts urging shivay to take him in his hands..and holds him quite tightly……..
Pinky: so u did this to me…..i wont leave….she comes down ……of the bed….
Rudra who comes down by then………and was in half sleep sees pinky ………..rudra shouts mama.. ..booth……….and starts running…………..every one see Rudra ….tej starts laughing again……………

Its night………………….in bedtime

Ansh ask shivay to come soon ….
Shivay: kya hua
Ansh: varna wo chudail aunty ajayegi….
Shviay: kaun chaudail
Ansh: wo….(by then arrushi comes to wards the pool…) ….mama ne kaha ki wo chudail hai…aur muje kaa jayegi…
As he says he lleans himself against shivays chest …and holds his toy…..shivay sees him….with a smile…he ask about his mama and chudail…
Ansh: wo (arushi) apiki gum hai kiya……mama ne kaha…ki wo chudail aunty apke saath gum ki thara chipki hui ha……aur mama bola ki woe k din us chudail ki class lega…………..
He sleeps eventually….

Its late night……

Anika enter the om
She goes into shivays room to check ansh…she sees ansh sleeping over shivay….shivay ‘s hands holding him close…she smiles and leaves….
She gets refreshened her self…and comes to kitchen….she searches in refrigerator….and takes the milk…………
“u sit here i will make this for u”
Anika: no i can………
Shviay holds her and makes her stand side….he starts heating the milk….
Anika: u didnt sleep yet…
Shivay: u didnt come yet…..
They see each other………….
He gives her the milk…..she takes it with a smile…she ask him to sleep….
Shivay: i need to speak…actually we need to speak….
Anika: no mr oberoi…..we dont have any thing to speak………..
Shivay : no we have a lot….we need to sort out….i know u are here for Ishana….but but……

He drags her towards him…they stay close…and entangled with each other….shivay holding her around her waist….and looking at her.eyes….as she keep on breaking the contact…..she tries to relive herself from him…
Shivay takes the hair in face..and says: koshis math kar,…mein thume nahi chodne vale hoon….u didnt answer me…..
By then they hear some noise….and anika gets tensed…..shviay drags her behind a pillar…..rudra comes down with water jug…………..(and speak to himself)
Anika gets relief seeing Rudra and about to call…….shivay closes her mouth and signs her to be quite….they see each other..with inhaling eachother s breath…anika could sense a strings of electric shock which passes into her nervous now and then…..she sees Rudra leaving …..shivay takes out his hands from her lips…..they both see each other…………….she see his hold getting stronger now…and

He comes closer…she starts taking her breath…more faster and with more anxieties….he comes closer…she see him….and turns the other side……………where…shivay k*****s her in cheek……she see him with a shock. And shy………..
And starts avoiding the eye contact……………………
Rudra leaves to his room…..shivay leaves her……anika is about to leave….where shivay says: mera jawab muje milgaya………….he smile………
Anika sees him with breath taking face……………………………
Shvivay leaves the place…………..
After a while…………

Anika is seen standing with the milk in her hands……she sees moon and reminces of shivay ……..she see some one leaving with the hood……….anika tries to follow him…..but he leaves the om clever ly………anika comes back and sees the bracelet down….she takes it………………..
Anika( to her self) this is belongs to…………….i need to check………….
Its morning……
Ansh shouts in wash room…with a towel …he runs all over…………..
Anika: ok …i will get ur tiger ….god….this much stubbones…….
he jumbs from the bath tub….and making more mess……..
anika come out and goes to shviay room….she waited to knock…but she just opened the door with in a intimation……………
anika sees shivay and says sorry…………………………
she see shivay holding arushi around her..and arushi holding him close and tightly…………….shvivay leaves arushi slowly and ask anika for her presese…….
arushi taunts her….and says about intimation before entering to others room…………….

anika sees shviay….and says…wo ansh ki car…and toy……
shvivay see the condition of the room…where dress and books are messed up in the floor…and anika to sees this …and arushi standing close to shivay…………….holding his shoulder……with a much more grip…………shviay tries to relive from this…….she takes the toy and about to leave…..
arushi: anika………….,,,anika turns to see
arushi: jab agle bhar ayenge na….door ko knock karna math bulna……………………..
anika sees shivay…………………they both reminces of shivay her not to knock the same door here after…as this room belongs to her……………………………….
anika leaves with plain face…………..shivay sees arushi……………arushi smile innocentlty…………………….

pre cap
Ishana and anika see riddhima hugging some one……………………………….arushi claims anika as a single mother…and taunts ansh about his fathers name………………….
Om defends anika…….shivay sees anika crying…………………………………………….

Hello every one….sorry for the late reply……and yesterday i completed my exams…………………………..
@ readers : thanks for the response at the fictional character ansh…………as u love him…he to loves u a lot………………………thank you………
@ readers: no need to ask sorry….as none of ur comments hurts us…..u guys are the only energy that we get ……so ur suggestions extract the better from us …..so dont ask sorry…….and there is no negative comments at all……as every thing is positive………………..
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@ i wont drag…as it gona complete in 4 or 5 episodes….its not that every leading lady should forgive and accept the hero…just like that……its about feelings..so it took time…………so will not drag any more…………………so dont get sad…………..
@ reader
So thanks for commenting and plz do encourage us with ur comments…………………………
Thank you

Saathiya Ek Nayi Kahaani Season 3 (Part- 99)



Ahem: Okay i will dance gopi!!…
Gopi: Now you came under a mountain…
Ahem: Shall we start…
Poo in her mind: Oh gosh…Ahem is so handsome it doesnt look that he is the father of two girls..😍😍😍😍
Gopi starts dance practice…
Poo in her mind: Hmm…he doesnt matches with gopi…he matches with only Poooo…
Gopi: Yah 5,6,7,8…
Vanessa: Excellent gopi…1,2…
Poo: Stop stop stop…
Gopi: Is everything okay poo??…
Poo laughs: Gopi…darling you dont no how to dance??…let me show you??…Music pls…


Poo starts dancing with ahem…😚😚😍😍
All looks shocked!!…😱😱
Kokila,Rashi n hetal laughs vigourously…
Gopi in her mind: Haaaaa!!…😰😰😱
Vanessa: Actually poo loves to dance!!…
Rashi laughs: Yah we an see that!!..
Ahem: Yah its okay…i understood…
Poo: Oh ahem…why you’re so insecure..let me show you the right way…
Ahem gets stunned…
Poo touches ahem cheeks…😍😍
Poo: How….oohhh!!..
Ahem: Poo…😒😒
Poo: Yaahhh!!…😮
Gopi gets angry…
Gopi drags poo n makes her away from ahem…😡😡😠
Poo: Oucchh!!…😲😲
Gopi: Yah yah poo…i understood…you are a such great dancer…😬🙂😬
Poo: I know..
Gopi: Now its our turn right…
Poo: Hmm…
Vanessa: Aaaa…Music pls..


Gopi starts dancing…
Rashi too dances…
Ahem acts as playing dhol…
Everyone enjoys..
Aaliya enters with Harsh n Yuvik…
Aaliya: Wow…Gopi aunty n Rashi aunty!!..
Yuvik n Harsh: Superb moms…😎😎
Everyone cheers..
Vanessa: Okay now other one..
Gopi n ahem agrees..


Rohit n Niharika comes to ice cream…
Niharika orders: Two Chocochips ice cream pls…
They sits on chair…
Nihu: I am so tired…😧😧
Rohit: Ofcourse it was a massive traffic jam…
Nihu: I didnt got the chance to book it…
Aanya n Abhay enters…
Abhay: Two Mango delight ice cream pls…

They sits…
Aanya: Nihu di….
Nihu: Sissy…come n sit here…hi Abhay..
Abhay: Hello nihu di hello bro…
Rohit: Hi both of you…
Aanya: Did both of you went somewhere??…
Nihu tiredly: Yah…Actually you know that Iphone 7 plus in the market…
Aanya: What r you saying??…Did you bought it then show me…
Nihu: No…
Aanya: Oh it was costly…
Nihu: Cost doesnt matter…but due to this stupid traffic we didnt reach there..
Aanya: Awww!!…
Nihu: Actually i went on Rohit’s car..
Aanya: Sad both of you…

Nihu: hmm…
Aanya looks at the menu board n reads something…
Aanya in her mind: Whats this…(reads)…Special announcement…one of the luckiest customer will be the winner of this competion…whom will win??…They will own an Iphone 7 plus…😍😍
Aanya: Wow…
Nihu: What happened!!..
Waiter comes with icecream…
Aanya: Excuse me…is the offer till there…
Rohit: Which offer??…
Waiter: Yes mam n sir!!…who will win in this contest…they will win iphone 7 plus…
Nihu gets glad: Wowww!!…
Waiter: Actually our shop is celebrating its 15th anniversary…thats why this offer!!…
Abhay: Whats the contest??…
Waiter: You guys have to eat a special flavour ice cream!!…
Nihu: Do u all agree??…
Rohit: Okay..
Aanya: Okay cool!..

Abhay: Yes we agree..
Waiter: Okay then be ready with water bottles…
Waiter leaves…

Nihu asks Rohit: Why did he said water bottle…
Rohit: I dont know…
Waiter comes…
Manager: Hello mam…we really appreciate your confidence…
Waiter: Mam its the ice cream..
Nihu: Pls remove the cloth i am excited!!…
Everyone cheers…
Manager: Mam pls have it…
Waiter removes the cloth…

Manager: Mam..pls have it..
Nihu: It looks little bit unique…
Manager: Pls have it mam…
Rohit,Abhay n Aanya looks weirdly…
Nihu eats it…
Nihu screams: Aaaaahhhh!!…😱😱
Aanya: What happened!!..

Nihu shouts: What nonsense…What the hell is this!!…😠😠😠
Aanya: Whats all this??..
Manager: Mam…Its our speciality!!…Chilli peppered Ice cream!!…🍧🍧😇😇😇
All gets shocked!!!…😱😱😱😱
Nihu shouts: Are u Serious??…
Rohit: Whaatt r you saying??…How can she it this??
Aanya: Exactly..
Nihu: No..no..i will…i had took challenge then i will compete…
Aanya: Okay so i too need an iphone…Abhay…hmm…
Abhay: Impossible…you want me to eat this…
Aanya: No baby..

Abhay: Hush…😊😊
Aanya: Both of we will share n eat this ice cream…😁😁
Abhay gets shocked!!…😲😲😖😖
Nihu: Rohit…you have to help me…
Rohit: Yah dont worry i love chillies….i can eat this…😄
They both shares two icecreams…


Manager: And the winner r these guyzzz who hate the spiciest chilli pepper ice cream…Now we will present them an iphone 7 plus which is new in the market…🖒🖒🖒👑👑
Nihu: Pls give me some water….😫😫😫
Rohit: Though i have habit in chillies but still its too spicy…😫
Abhay shouts: Where r the iphones!!…😡😡
Manager: Boys go n bring the iphone…
Boys: Sir our all iphones are been stolen….😨😨

Manager: Whaaattt??…😨😨😱😱
RoNi n AbhAnya together shouts: Nooooooooo!!!!……😱😱😱😱😱😱😱


Gopi brings Bread for everyone…
Nihu: Mamma…
Gopi: Eat the bread it will suck your spicyness You guys r so stupid!!…
Rashi: Exactly…how can u go so for an iphone!!…
Gopi: LOL!!…😂😂
Rashi n Gopi laughs vigourously…😂😂😂😂
Rohit: It was all my fault…i can also order it from online…
Nihu: Whaaattt??😱😱….Then why didnt you ordered…
Rohit: Bcoz we was getting it in free!!…🤐🤐
Gopi: Nooo…Free things are not so much durable…😮😮

Aanya: But mom iphone 7 plus is made of total aluminium…😯
Gopi: Oh shut up!! Aanya😣😏..listen to me…i mean to say dont go far for any free product…if you are buying something and you are getting the free one then its okay…but dont trust this kind of offers…it will just increase your excitement!!…
Nihu n Aanya: Yes mamma…
Gopi: And dont worry for the iphone i will buy it for you both…
Nihu n Aanya: Thanks a lot mommy!!..😙😙
They hugs Gopi…😘😘

Kokila n hetal: What happened…why so much water glasses n bread…☺☺
Gopi elaborates the entire story…
Kokila n Hetal shouts: LOL😂😂
Everyone laughs vigourously…😂😂😂😂😂😂
RoNi n AbhAnya too laughs…😁😂😁😂

SCREEN FREEZES on Niharika n Aanya’s Faces…

PRECAP-CELEBRATIONS!!🎉🎉🎊🎊…All are dancing,enjoying n having fun…100 episode celebration…Dont miss it!!…😘😉😘

You’re Still The One (SwaSan/ RagLak/ SwaLak/ RagSan TS) by Anisha – episode 2

**5 days later**

Sipping coffee and leaning on the balcony railing, I recalled her. We used to do that during our study time.

“I Miss You, not in some cheesy way,
Let’s hold hands and be together forever kind of way,
I just miss you, plain and simple,
I miss your presence in my life,
I miss you always being there for me,
I miss my best friend”

When you are with me, time just flies away. When you are not here, even seconds seem like days. Where are you? Will we ever meet??..

It was dusk, I took my cardigan and went off for a walk. I needed warmth and the burning stove wasn’t enough. I needed a drink. Walking down the lanes, I entered the bar. I took a number drinks and walked back. I stumbled as I walked. May be I drank more.. Who cares?!

“It is the hour to be drunken! to escape being the martyred slaves of time, be ceaselessly drunk. On wine, on poetry, or on virtue, as you wish. Cheers!” I recited and walked back.

Reciting those words again and again, my feet stopped involuntarily as someone called her name, in a British accent. I turned just to find a lady with a perfect figure. I stumbled but reached near her, with every second my heart pounded like a pump that would come out any moment. I put my hand on her shoulder and I stumbled back on watching the person in front of me. Yes it was her!!..

Somewhere I felt happy but then again thinking it to be some hangover I rubbed my eyes. I kept on rubbing.

“It’s really me” she said. Her eyes showed pain with tear stains. In the process to wipe them off, stumbled and darkness engulfed me.

When I woke up in the morning, my head hurt. I took support of the table and got up only to see her coming to me and helping me out. I rubbed my eyes again as she offered me lemon juice.

“Still shocked?” she asked and cupped my face “Is it okay?”

“You are really here?”

“I think you drank too much”

“Indeed. It was so cold, yesterday”

“But not as much as you got drunk” she sighed.

“I’m happy to get you back, my friend” I hugged her from no where. The thing mattered the most was I got her back but we cared more about useless things rather hugging like we used to do then!!..

“I missed you” her voice cracked and I could sense my shirt wet.

“You’re crying?” we parted.

“I missed you so much”

“If you did, you would have returned. You promised to keep contact but disappeared like the perpetual wind” I hugged her again.

Sometimes only a hug does magic. I know that miles and distance don’t matter in friendship. I don’t care whether it is Monday, Wednesday or Sunday, every moment is boring and gloomy when my friend is away. I missed her. Did she forget me away? Did she forget me that she never tried to contact?

“I always order two cups of coffee when I go out. Even the sight of an extra cup lying across the table makes me smile… because it reminds me of the time when you were there” she said “Our selfies are not just pictures that we took together. They are they priceless memories that keep me sane when you’re not here. I missed you”

“Awe! So cute” Nikhil came. He was no more the lean slacky guy, he had abs now.

He hugged Swara and she hugged him back. It did prick my heart but this is no new!!.. Thousands have pricked my heart these two years and I’m getting used to it.

“Mommy” someone hugged Swara from her back and she turned to reach out a small baby.

“Baby” Swara and Nikhil kissed the small child and she kissed them back. Perfect family!!..

I was being a middle men between them. The little girl stood beside me and pulled my cheeks.

“So chubby!!” I widened my eyes in shock and she shied like a teenage girl.

“How old are you?”

“Four” she shied again. Unique!!..

Swara was never this shy. I guess, Nikhil had this problem. After I freshened up we all settled down for breakfast. Swara was the same influencing person, she made me stay there till dinner and leave from there the next day.

I went to the hotel I was staying to pack my clothes with the little girl, Tina. After packing she accompanied me for shopping and then I made her eat ice-cream. We had a quality time together and this little girl was so smart!!.. Like mother like daughter!!.. Both are beauties!!..

She pulled me down before wiping the ice crimps from my face and I bent down as she ordered.

“You know you are handsome!” I guess she remarked or I already knew!!..

“I know, Sweety” I kissed her cheeks and she kissed me back.

“But you don’t know that I love you 😉” she husked in my ears. I looked at her in shock, Swara was definitely going to have a tough time with this girl.

“I love you too, baby”

“I am not that kind of baby” her face dulled.

“Then which kind of baby you’re?”

“I love you and will you marry me?” she kissed my cheeks again and I cleared my throat to gain attention. Smarty pants!!..

We moved out without speaking anything. The next morning, Swara, Nikhil and Tina dropped me at the airport and she came back to me again.

“I love you” she kissed my cheek in front of her parents “Mommy, you know Sanky promised he would marry me”

Swara and Nikhil looked up at me in shock and then laughed aloud.

“You’re daughter is more than you too!”

“We know!” both chorused and I left for India again.

The unspoken word never does harm. I never said ‘I love you’ to her. It was not that, that was difficult but sometimes keeping quiet does no harm!!..

What hurts is knowing that I love you, but what’s worse is when you ask me who it is… Life goes on and we have to know what is fate and what is imagination.

I started to die the day my heart started to beat for you….because you were with somebody else..and that you’re not mine. But you’ll be always there in my heart…..

“Because You’re Still The One….”


I hope I didn’t bore you guys!!..

MY LIFE AFTER YOUR (episode 1)


This story is about abhigya.
Screen is divided into two half and there shown a boy and a girl who are dressed up in a marriage attire and slowly the face is revealed their face shows that they are in mixed emotions of love, hate, happiness, sadness, confused , excited everything. Slowly their pro is revealed

Why god this is happening to me. I know that everyone should face this in their life but not this much soon. I was not prepared mentally to accept it but my fate made me to face this all of a sudden and that to without any expectation. Till now I have only my family and friends in my life now suddenly a third person entering and I have to be with him till my last breath off my life I don’t think it will work easily now I have only one option left that I want to speak with that person and explain about my dreams and also want to tell that I am not ready to start this relation as I need some time to accept it, understand it, and prepare myself to go ahead with it. Oh no how I didn’t think in that way more over I don’t know whether that person will accept for it or not. Please god help me in it and give courage to start the conversation.

With the screen is shown has one and from one side a boy comes and from another side a girl is sitting on a bed it seems that both are in same room but in different direction and there is a huge silent and finally the is broken by the boy.
BOY: Hi, I am abhi (hearing the voice the girl lifted her head and said)
GIRL: I am pra…..gya…..pragya (in tension her tongue gets rolling). Abhi sensed her tension and said

ABHI: Don’t get tensed I want to speak to you before going ahead in our life.
PRAGYA: Same I also want to speak to you but before that I want to change this dress if you don’t mind can I change my dress.
ABHI: listen one thing first you be free and comfortable here and think this as your house here is the closet and your dress are placed inside already go and change yourself. Pragya went in and come out after 15 minutes she removed all her accessories expect her mangalsutra and she was wearing a top which is above her knee and lose pants. Abhi sees her smile and went inside that closet and he changed himself into a t-shirt and a normal night pants and come out. He didn’t find pragya on bed and see all over the room and finds the room is locked and headed towards balcony and there he find her she was looking the sky and admiring it he went near her.

ABHI: I think I need some time to go ahead with this relation and also you are a complete strange for me and ………. (Before he completes pragya interrupted)
PRAGYA: Thank god you made my job easy actual I was also thinking about that only and I also want to tell the same. And I want to know about you fully before going ahead and I have a habit to listen the thinks which is said by my heart I listen it tells me to accept for this marriage for see happiness in my family so I did and also I have a guilt that I am going to spoil one life for sake of my selfishness
ABHI: that’s great to listen this from you and I also face the same kind of situation here I to accept It for my dadi and I to have the same feeling of spoiling one’s life for my selfishness and to tell you frank you are the first women in my life after my dadi so I don’t know how to behave with girls and I need help from you
PRAGYA: Help! From me what help?

ABHI: Nothing big please bare me for some days till I get to know
PRAGYA: Fine that’s great FRIENDS forwarded her hand
From tomorrow our life will have some changes right asked pragya. Right said abhi come let’s sleep and you sleep in bed I will sleep in couch saying this he took pillow and a spread and turned suddenly pragya came there and grabbed the pillow and spread from his hand and said no need of that you also sleep in bed itself as this bed is this much big I don’t need more space and I don’t know from when you are here in this house and from when you are using this but I am sure you will be sleeping in this bed for years and u get used to it now don’t change yourself for me be yourself and I also like the person who are being themselves in their life at any circumstances and also it is good in friendship to share so now good night saying this she went and laid on bed abhi smiles and he to laid on bed and soon the slept.

Screen freeze here
Guys now I need your permission to go ahead with this story I know that I didn’t update my ff you made me….you made me complete but the reason is my exams have been started from last week and in that I need to tell you a lot I don’t have that much time to convey that if I took it now so I shift myself into this new one so after my exams over I will be back with that one now I need your support in this also take care see you all soon.


Hi lovely girls I’m back wid other os hope u will like it n ha plsss tell me ur bday in comments so dat I can wish un dis IS is specially dedicated to krystal


so let’s start episode with a bright smile


An xyz clg is shown
Der we can see a girl is walking by
searching smethng in her bag
N suddenly she bumps wid a boy
n both fells down boy on girl n
y shares a small n cute eyelock
which is broken by girl
G-oh hello get up
Boy gets up n gives his hand to
her. Girl also gets up
G-can’t u see n walk andhe ho
B-oh hello miss whoever even u
can also see n walk no
G- hw dare u to say me whoever
my name is twinkle twinkle

taneja Punjabi pataka beauty wid
brains (d girl is twinkle
k-mujhe Kya hai if u r twinkle or
wat baat tho aise kar rahi ho ja
queen Victoria ho n who said dat
Ur beautiful jisne bhi kaha hog
Vo tho anda hoga n brain I think u
don’t have brain
T-oh hello mister
B-oh miss my name is not mister
is kunj kunj sarna
(d boy is kunj
T-tum kunj hotho mujhe kya
how dare u to say dat I’m nt
K-isme dare ki kya zarrurat vo tho
dik hi raha hai

T-tum na tho tumhe Kya lagta
haai tum bohat handsome ho
K-isme lagneki kya baat afterall
everyone knows dat l’m
handsome dashing stylish
T-nt. sarna stop day dreaming
tum na ek no ke Bandar lagte ho
K-tumne muihe Bandar kaha
T- ha tho Kya kar loge
K-tum na ek no ki siyapa queen ho
T-hw Dare u to call n siyapa
queen? Mr.sadu sarna
k-how dare u to call me sadu
N by dis dey both engrossed into
a fight

N dey stops der fight when
dey heard bell sound
K-o my God bell have ranged see
siayapa queen bcoz of u lll be late

T -oh hello even I’ll be late
dat bcoz of u
T& k- YOU
Suddenly dey realises dat d
late n left frm der

Madam explains smethng to
student den a boy comes near door
B-excuse me madam
may I come in

M-at first day anyone cme will
late ha ?

B-sry madam
M-no need of sry stand outside
dis IS ur punishment
Boy silently stands outside
Again voice comes n it is of girls
G-excuse me madam May I come
m-oh another late comer u r also
late dat to firs day
g-sry madam
M-wat sry get out n stand outside
plss madam
M-I said out
Girl also goes out n stands der

N nw both girl n boy sees eo n
B & g-Youuu
B-siyapa queen tum yaha pe
G-sadu tum
k-mujihe sadu mat bulao mera
naam kunj hai siyapa queen
T-tum sadu ho isiliye Mai sadu
kehtiho n u don’t call me siyapa
N in dis way dey both again starts
fight n whole class get disturbs n
madam comes
M-stop it
TWINJ became silent
M-tum dono ise clg samai r

N nw both girl n boy sees eo n
B & g-Youuu
B-siyapa queen tum yaha pe
G-sadu tum
k-mujihe sadu mat bulao mera
naam kunj hai siyapa queen
T-tum sadu ho isiliye Mai sadu
kehtiho n u don’t call me siyapa
N in dis way dey both again starts
fight n whole class get disturbs n
madam comes
M-stop it
TWINJ became silent
M-tum dono ise clg samaj rakhe

ho ya fish market ha
T&k- – Sry madam
In dis way dey both fights on
small small things became best

A place is shown where a party is
going on den der comes a
Mercedes frm which a boy gets
down n he is none other den our
kunn he comes inside n meets his
frnd uv
K-hii uv
Uv-hi kunj
K-kaise nahi aata aai mere best
frnd ke behen ki bday hai

Uv- acha n smiles
Den uv goes to attend other
Now kunj was alone n seeing
decorations n suddenly his eyes
falls on a girl n he gets
mesmerized by seeing her
Dat girl comes to uv
G-hi uv
Uy-hi Twinki ty fr cming
T-oy frnd ko ty boltha hai kya
Uy-ha nahi btw he is kunj my frnd
KUNJ who was lost twinkle comes
to his senses
Uv goes frm der

T-I know kunj ki Mai bohat
beautiful lag rahi hu tumhe
goorneki zarrurat nahi hai
K-who said u r beautiful aur
tumhe Mai isisliye dekh raha
tha ki ye siyapa queen yaha pe
kon si siyapa create karne aayi hai

T-listen don’t call me siyapa
queen mr sadu sarna
K-u r a siyapa queen
T-tum na chodo mujhe
jagda nahi karna aaj tho meri
behen ki bday hai
K-tho muihe bhi tumse koi jagda
nahi karna
dey both turns other sides
tashan e ishg plays in background

Now the lights goes offf n a
spotlight fells on a girl n seems
like she is in teens may be 15-17
N she is wearing a white long
frock looking like an angel she
Comes to uv
U-happy bdaykrystal
Kr- ty bhai

Den krystal cuts cake n feeds uv n
T-Happy bday

krystal n gives her gift
Kr-ty di n hugs her
K-happy bday krystal
Kr-ty bhaiya n hugs him

After d party overs all guests left

On road
Twinkle cars stops
T-oh God wt happened now
hw will I go home neither even a
taxi is der
She starts walking on d road
aafter a while some goons starts
misbehaving wid her
Goon 1-hey beautiful do u need
Goon-2 ha we will drop even
we need some company
T-no need I can manage she tries
to leave bt one goon holds her

Goon1-itni jaldi bhi Kya hai
N he tries to come close to
her twinkle shouts fr help

Goon fells down n dd boy who
beats goon is kunj
He beats goons in black n blue
finally goons run away
He turns towards twinkle n sees
tears in her eyes n thought to
lighten up her mood
K-l think goons should be
thankful to me
Twinkle looks at him surprised

K-afterall itne badi siyapa queen
se bachaya mai ne
Twinkle goes near to him n hits
him widd her hands
T-Mai siyapa queen hu ? Mai
mpa queen hu? Ha

KUNJ holds her hands
Twinkle hugs him tightly n cries n
kunj also hugs her back to
console her
K-still hugging don’t cry twinkle
dey went na So don’t cry
T-breaks hug n says ty kunj
kunh looks at her in shock n rubs
his ears n says did u said smethng
mujhe kuch sunai nahi diya

Twinkle folds her hands n says ty
K-wow ty frm ur mouth I should be
blessed to listen dis
Twinkle gives him deathglare
Later kunj drops twinkle at
her house n leaves to his house
Now slowly dey became frnds n
best frnds bt still dey fights

Twinkle to herself -tomorrow is
d last day of our clg n in these
days I have fallen fr kunj l don’t
know when my hate turned to

love bt nw I can’t live widout him
i will propose him tomorrow by
thinking dis she sleeps wid a
bright smile

Twinkle comes to clg n searches
fr kunj n she doesn’t find him in
clg she reaches in a park which is
near by clg n she sees dat kunj is
hugging smeone by seeing dis she
is shattered tears starts to flow
frm her eyes n she runs frm der
kunn sees her n follows her
Twinkle comes to a side n starts
crying smeone places a hand on
her shoulder she clears her tears

n turns around n sees kunj der
k-twinkle r u ok?
K-den y u ran frm der
T-vo kuch nahi call aaya tha so
der was no signal so l came here
to talk
K-acha come wid me mujhe
tumhe kisi se milana hai
He holds her hand n takes her to
d same girl
Twinkle was shocked to see d
Fr dat girl a boy is proposing n

She accept him n kunj
laughing n she is confused
K-twinkle she is my cousin mahi
n her bf uv pointing towards
dem as
dey r smewt Farr away
T-vo tumhari gf nahi hai
K-Kya (guys dey r far frm yuhi so
yuhi cannot listen dem)
T-nahi hai
K-no she is my cousin
T-wid a broad smile jumps in
excitement n makes a 360 degree
circle I mean turns him round
K-tu thik tho hai

T-kunj vo tumhari cousin hai aur
mai tho use tumhari gf samaj k
ro rahi thi
K-shocked Kya
T-not in her senses ha kunj Kya
hai na I love u Mai tumse bohat
pyaar karti hu na jab Maine
tumhe use hug karte huye dekh
tho I was shattered bt now l’m
happy den she realizes wt she
said n becomes silent
kunjwas in shock
Whole surrounding became silent
kunj Sat on his knees
Twinkle looks at him surprised
K-twinkle u know even I love u so

sooo much Mai bhi tumse bohat
pyaar karta hu l don’t hw I fell fr u
n when my hate turns to love fr u
He forwards his hand n says -will
u be my better half ?will u
become my life partner ?will u be
Mrs.Twinkle kunj
sarna ?
Twinkle having tears in her eyes
says s n gives her hand
kunjstands up n hugs her tightly
After twinkle meets yuhi n later
dey said about der
relationship to der parents
married eo n lived happily

So it is d end of os i hope I have not bored u guys plssssss do comment whether positive or negative plsss do comment
N alos plsss tell me ur bdays

N once again
A very happy birthday krystal I hope u will read dis

Love u guys

Ragini FF- Love Once Again CH–17

click here for all episodes

Next day, it was Sunday, Morning—
In MM—
Ragini wakes up, she was feeling so fresh… She slept so peacefully after 6 months… She gets fresh & gets ready to go to Raichand Mansion.
In Raichand Mansion—
Rudra was doing exercise… here Vijaya & Akshay got a call from hospital as they have to handel a important case… They leaves… Avantika thinks to go to temple… Niti says she will come to…
Avantika- Niti, but Ragini will come naa…
Niti- Yes Dadi, but its time… till then we will be back…
Avantika- Kk…. lets go…
She asks servent to inform Rudra that they are going to temple & will be back soon…

Servents does the same…. Rudra goes for taking shower…
Few minutes later Ragini enters Raichand Mansion. She does not find anyone in hall. Servent comes & informs her that Avantika & Niti have gone to temple & Akshay , Vijaya to hospital…
Ragini- And Rudra…
Servent- He is in his room…
Ragini nods & moves towards Rudra’s room… She did not know why but she liked his company..
Here, In his room Rudra comes out of shower… He was just in towel, which was around his waist… He opened his cupboard & keeps t-shirt & jeans on bed. He puts deo on himself…
Just then Ragini knocks… Rudra thought it must be servent so..
Rudra- Come in…..
Ragini opens the door…. And says Rudra…
He gets horrified… And Ragini too see him shirtless from back… Rudra turns to her side while she turns her back to him…
Ragini- Woh… I am sorry..
Rudra shyly smile at her.. He remembers he is standing shirtless…
Rudra- Tum… he quickly wears the t-shirt…

Ragini was still having her back…
Rudra- Its ok Ragini… u can look at me now…
Ragini turns to him… Not looking in his eyes…
Ragini- Sorry…. woh i am downstairs & u get ready & come… She runs away..
Rudra- “Pagal larki” he blushes & pats his hair…
Here Ragini comes downstairs… Her heart was beating fast…
Ragini- God… She closes her eye & she sees get image of shirtless Rudra … She opens her eyes shocked… She tries to calm herself down….
Screen freezes on Ragini’s face……

Precap- Heavy Rain, lightning… Ragini hugs Rudra… eyelock…

ragini- rishto ko jode ti ek dor CH-10

Chapter 9
Chapter 8
Chapter 7
Chapter 6
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5

Ragini was laughing , talking & enjoying with Adarsh, Nikkhil & Neha… Sanskaar was mesmerized to see her..
Kavita shakes him a little…
Kavita- Sanskaar, where are u looking… See ur ice-cream is melting…
Sanskaar – Haa .. i am eating…
Not just Sanskaar, but two more pairs of eyes were looking at them, i.e. Swara & Kavita…
They were jealous of Ragini & Adarsh bond…They knew they cld not have same bond with Adarsh & Ragini. They also understood that Ragini does not know abt them & Adarsh does not waana tell her…
There Adarsh coughs a little…
Ragini- Bhai… what happened… She pats his back…
Adarsh becomes normal…
Adarsh- I am fine princess… Dont worry…

Ragini- Arrey, how cld i not worry.. haa… wait i will bring water…
She goes to get water…
Here Kavita goes to take a ice-cream… She sees Ragini taking a glass of water…
She thinks something & smiles evilly… She goes towards Ragini & deliberately clashes with her…
The glass in Ragini’s hands fall & breaks down…
Kavita acts likje she got hurt…
Ragini- Oh.. i am sorry.. I did not saw u…

Kavita- Oh really… U are a doctor naa…. so how will u check ur patients when u cant see.. Haa… u cant walk properly…haa…
Ragini had tears in her eyes… No one till now talked so rudely with her….
Till then Adarsh, Nikkhil & Neha to came.. There Sanskaar & other too.. They heard Kavita’s words…
Adarsh see tears in Ragini’s eye & gets angry….
Adarsh- Hello… miss… dont u dare to talk to my sis in that language… (He did not took her name as he did not wanted Ragini to know that he knows them…)
Kavita & Swara got scared seeing his anger…
Ragini keeps her hands on his shoulder… He calms down instantly…
Adarsh- Raggu… u are okk naa… U did not got hurt naa… Haa… show…
Ragini- No bhai… i am fine… look , nothing has happened…
Nikkhil- Okk, anyways lets go…
They turn to go… Adarsh glares at Kavita…

Ragini & Neha leaves… Adarsh asks Ragini to return home at early morning… She nods & smile… For her, he was everything…
Nikkhil too leaves… Adarsh looks at Maheshwaris & goes towards them…
Adarsh- Miss Kavita Shekher Gadodia… today u did whatever… i forgive u… But if u again try to do it naa… i will forget that u too are my sisters… understood… And dont dare to tell Ragini abt Mom-Dad…… I cant see a tear in her eyes… I warn u… huh…
He turns to go….
Swara- Adarsh bhai… wait… Fine, we will not tell her… but she will gotta a know abt we being her elder sisters some day… then she will not forgive u for hiding truth… She will hate u…

Adarsh- No… My Raggu can never hate me…understand…. haa… And i will never let her know that we have any relation with u both or Mr Shekher Gadodia…
Kavita- That time will tell……
Adarsh goes from there….

Screen freezes on there face


…………………………….” humne tumse pyaar kiya tha laksh pyaar koi mazak nahi agar mangte to hum apni jaan de dete magar tumne to humse hamara vishwas hi chin liya”

……………………a girl in bridal dress said to a man who was pinning her against the wall, both of them were teary eyed ,their heart were screaming in pain a pain of love , a pain of losing trust …………….

……………..” ye baat to tumhra dil bhi janta hain aur mera bhi ki hum ek dusre se kitni shiddat se mohhabhat karte hain bus ek baar apne dil se pucho kya sach mein tumhe mujphe vishwass nahi……………….

the boy asked with this he touched her cheeks and the girl closed her eyes to feel it but suddenly she open her eyes and jerk him hard

” leave me ” – the girl screamed

” aaj se sab khatam hogaya jo bhi tha hamare aur tumhare darmiyaan aaj se sirf aur sirf nafrat karti hoon main tumse ”

the girl was about to ran but then she stop at the door and said by closing her eyes while tears were still rolling on her face

” aaj se hum tum khabhi bhi ek nahi honge khabhi nahi ragini aur laksh khabhi raglak nahi honge khabhi nahi…………………….

the boy fell on his feet by listening these harsh words , and the girl ran he took a wine glass and crush it under his palm

” ……………….buri hain mohabbhat kiye ja rahe hain khae ja rahe hain ”


the same girl was running fastly on the lonely street she was crying badly , her hairs and her bridal lehenga was totally messed up suddenly a car stop infront of her a boy of about her age came out and ran towards her

” ragini ragini kya hua what r u doing here ?? haan what happen rag………………. before he could complete the girl fell in his arms

”ragini ragini ? open ur eyes ragini !!! oh shit !!!

……………………….b o o m……………………… with this the car blasted and it catches fire

” khel to abhi shuru hua hain iss prem kahani maine do majnu aur ek laila maza bara ayega …….”

……………….a girl said with a simirking and devilish simile

” kahani shuru hui thi inse khatam karoungi main dene apne saajishon ko mukam aagayi houn main ”

with this she burn the pic of three of them laksh , ragini and sanskar


intekam ki ek aur dastan hogi shuru
ek baar phir khelajayega nafraton ka khel
ek baar phir hogi pyaar ki wo kahani
aur phir kahega ye teen dil……………………………”pyaar tune kya kiya”

r u guys ready to see swara in a most devilish character ………….comment guys give me u feedback


Disclaimer: any scene or situation of this ff is an imagination
Its romantic but no mature content only romantic I hope u know wt i mean 🙈😂

link of prolougue –Click here



******story starts*******

A girl is shown Turing all the things in her room in fully frustrated 😠😡 mood she is hurting herself in frustration ND after messing the bed ND to room she sad in floor silently

after sometime she took sleeping pills nd

fallen asleep after sometimeee

its mrggg 6am

Suddenly she heart a shout ” swara its office time come fast ” yes the girl is swara

swara waken up with jerk nd seen wall clock its 6.30

she runned to washroom nd dressed up fast

ND grabbed her jacket ND runned by grabbing her car keys

Its our swara she is running to office boring let as ask wt her life is

Swara pov

Hi its me the great swara mitra an highly professional well successful person to this work so it respects mee ND its the thing irritates mee too
I always wanna be swara mitra an ordinary girl
But this stupid world always see mee swara Mitra only daughter of rich business men Shekhar mitra 😞

Let me start my introduction

Let me introduce my family first

My dad Shekhar Mitra : A great business he believe that status is everything
He loves me more then anything but he don’t wanna listen to me bcoz he feel he is always right in every thing on me
super strict everything should run as per timings if we get late we are died
he will give a huge class for hour after that we will forget our own identity alsoo that
but he wont relise one thing that is if we are 10mins late then he give 1hr class but isnt the 1hr is waste ?

let it be his time

Shramistha Mitra: Meri pyarri mom she loves me more then anything he world her life her every thing is just mee ND she respects my dad so still the day she never said no to my dad

Ha even I never said a nooo ❤

Ragini Mitra: My lovely di cousin hai yarrrr but she is more then anything for me she is the one who know me clearly in this world ND I am sure noone van under stand nee more then her
ND she is madly love with my jiju I.e lakshy Mehra : they gonna marry soon
I am happy for this

ok i will intoduc

boyfriend come I will show him to you

See my boyfriend BMW Z4- RED COLOUR -convertible sports version (its my dream car too but i cant won bcoz i need to earn moree ) 😂😂

Its cost worth 77.5 lakhs but i owned for 80 as i made special interior mileage -12.3kmpl,engine-2995cc, BHP-385.5,only half owned so its boyfriend my salary is 2lakhs nd emi is 1,5lakhs after completing all installments it will be my husband too ( ur thinking I am mad naa but u know this is only thing in my life as per my wish ❤ )

Its all I got with my hard work not by my dad status

We will go to office first come with me my hitler dad will kill me if it’s late 😈

We reached office every one are wishing me na its great but I won’t react bcoz i hate this I am super arrogant boss 😉.

See the girl in pink Anarkali suit
She is my secretary Priya sighania

She is the only one in this office to understand my frustration she sees me the way i am not by my dad tag
I like it alot so i respect her so much like my di

So she won’t call nee as mam she call me as swara just swara its so sweet

arnav : He is also my cousin gud but he is crazy too flirts with me but its just for fun ntg more

My bestie kushi she had crush on arnav trying to express but she always fail due to her nervousness

Come out to me now
I had also two shaded only few know my naughty pranks one is my di nd other is my bestie Kavitha

I am very happy in life

My life is going gud until I meet a vamp
Do u wanna know him ok listen I will say….

My bad luck is always settle in my master bedroom 😇

By bad luck traveled ND crossed seven seas just to meet mee

See meet him the person in black jacket with green t-shirt ND a blue jean its pep jeans I think

Here is bio data ok my bad luck

Name: Sanskar maheswari
Height: 6.1

Ego: 1000000***************infinity 😉

Habits : Eating me ND irritating mee
Robotic person same as like my dad I hate itttt

I think u had also fallen for him but listen my story first later u can know y I said him a vamp

I accept he is handsome

any girl can fall easily but not mee
Bcoz I had lot of complications for choosing my Mr.right

He is the person selected by my dad as an alliance for mee
I heard this secretly from my dad still

Its our first meeting

I was sitting in my bean back by leaning back ND gaming in my tab
Our door bell had rang nd my mom opened the door

He came to mee ND sat in front of mee by crossing his legs on his right leg with lot of attitude I am not interested in speaking to boy
I always think boys are stupids
The only thing they want is girl not the relation or commitment

I wont say love bcoz love is waste of time for mee

I never believe in love alsoo

Finally dad arrived I seen him so I stood up ND about to leave to my room

Dad roared out loud” swaraaa where ur leaving ”

I stood up in shock nd whispered ” voh i am going to myy room ”

Dad shouted out ” is it a manners sanskar is our guest give him company 😠

Oh noo my dad got crazy I wanna give him company I just wanna shout out from core of my voice ” nooooo 😞

But I cant say bcoz I don’t like to say no to my family

I got back to my seat ND dad left to kitchen to speak to mom

He bowed his hand towards me ” hi swara

I formally rly” hii but I don’t like to give my hand to him bcoz I am scared of boys na soo🙈

Dad came back ND he said me ” goo ND plz show his room he gonna stay for a month

I shouted in shock ” wtt one month 😲

This sanskar: Ha one month do u have problem

My dad gave a angry look to me I could understand him 😠
I just nodded my head in yes 😞

My dad said me” show him our home to completely so he can feel comfortable for this month

I just nodded ND left with him he just followed me on my back

I could feel his gaze on my back he is staring me continue

It just made me freeze I stood like a statue
He stood a step back behind me

I whispered” Mr.maheswari u walk front I will be back

He smiled at me ND walked forward

He seen everyplace on my mansion but not my room bcoz I don’t like anyone to see my room its my personal but only 3ppl can see one is my di, mom, Kavitha that’s it

We got back to living room

Sanskar “we seen all but wt about ur room ”

My dad gave a look at me

But I can’t its against my policy

My dad roared ” go swara let him to see ur room too anyway u destined it urself na show him

I had no option left I took him to my room
But I am nervous bcoz I don’t know how it is
I had not even remembered in.mrg due to office pressure I messed it completely in frustration
I wish It should be gud plz mom I hope u helped mee
I opened my room door In nervousness dad pH rang ” wow I am lucky he left me by saying” u carry on

We both are in a single room alone
He entered into my life first
later my room ND trying to be in my family too

My room is perfect i am happy
He scanned my room completely even i seen my room again to make sure that everything is perfect but i seen my novel is on my bed behind my teddy ” oh noo its a romantic novel “Romeo ND Juliet” its gifted by my di 🙈🙈

My dad hates such things ND i am sure even this person will be same as my dad so i thought to hide this before he notice 😉

He had turned towards my books rack i took baby steps ND grabbed my novel ND placed it under the pillow ND about to move away but in mean while my leg got stuck in carpet i lost my balance ND about to fall but he held me but he fallen by losing his balance 🙈
We both falls on bed he had fallen on my top ND his hand is under me ND his other hand is holding my waist its tracing my waist unknowingly

His lips brushed my cheeks noo nooo I am just scared to admit but it pecked on corner of my lips 😲
My heart just skipped from beating for a sec
I pushed him with a force but he is strong his weight Is on mee

He tried to get up so we both got up at a time I was about to move away but his wrist watch ND my belt got strucked

He placed his hand to remove it but I ‘m just nervous by his repeated touch on my waist

HE just stared at me for a while i trying to remove the but its tough i am unable to move in his closeness i could feel his hot breath on my neck
he whispered”shall i

i had not replied anything he pushed me back on bed nd unhooked my belt in seconds i am just shock i could not understand wt to react

he grabbed my belt from jeans straps nd removed the mess nd he replaced my belt
all this happened in seconds
he plucked the belt on my waist which made me close my eyes its unknown feeling i got
i don’t know wt it is but its new to mee
i could feel his fingers is tracing my bare waist which is on between jeans nd t-shirt
he is moving his finger sensuously inside my shirt on my waist he pinched me all off sudden

i shouted in pain “ahh u stupidd ”

i just pushed him with a force
“how dare you wt the hell ur doing ”

he had smirk on his face calm down ur erotic heartbeats dear’ he huskily said in my ear

i could hear my fasten heart beat oh no i am sweated out completely

managed to shout ” dont u dare to touch meeee i hate boysssssssssssssss”

he whispered “cool dont u have boyfrnd ”

i roared out ” i hate boys nd i don’t like wasting time ”

he said ‘ acha but from now i love wasting time
huskily said” anyways ur husband is more lucky ”

how can you say
he whispered : i am not saying that, the mole on ur waist is saying this jaan ”
i settled my tshirt down i pulled shirt as much as i can

he huskily rlypied i had seen already

he left me in shock

i went towards my dressing table nd raised my shirt nd checked myself yes he is right but i had never noticed in thistime of my life he noticed it in seconds
how dangerous he is ……………………………….

i heard a sound from my door i turned back in surprise again its hee

i roared in anger “wt ur doing here still ”

he whispered ” i am just came for confirmation its beautiful thanks ”

he winked at me with naughty smirk nd left me in confusion

I yelled out in angry ” how dare you just stay away from me
He: Acha I cant I think

I: Don’t you look down whatever u wanna say say me by looking my eyes ok I hate this kind of behavior
I hate boys

He: I love girls
He left out of room

From that day I had decided not to be in front of him without hoddies I grabbed my hoodies from my cupboard

Dinner time oh no I need to see him again its better to skip dinner for today

precap; sanskar pov ( then u can know y i titled this ff so )

if u like nd want to know further then do comment orelse tata 😉

© BHANU JANU-All Copyrights Reserved 2016.

crazy love of thahaan (part-2)

this part is starting from thapki goes to temple.she prays.she says this time also I didn’t get job.my family is in poor situation. you have to help me lord.she cries.she sits in temple for few minutes.then she goes from there.she walks in road.
bihaan comes to bike.paan says to him,bihaan you drunked so much.so come with me.bihaan says to him,what???hello…I am b for bihaan.so I don’t want anyone help.I will go on my way.paan nodes at him.bihaan starts the bike.he goes in road.thapki walks on road in same direction and same road.bihaan drives fastly.
one truck has comes in opposite direction.bihaan didn’t see clearly that truck.he drives abnormally.truck hits bihaan bike.thapki sees him.she screams.bihaan falls jumps.he fells down on road corner.thapki gets shocked.bihaan gets accident.she runs to him.she lifts his head.she keeps his head in her lap.she says to him,S…s…sir…please open your eyes..sir can you hear me..bihaan didn’t see her face clearly.he saw her face in blur view.he becomes unconscious. he hears her voice in stammers.thapki shouts for help. she sees one car is coming in road. peoples are comes for help.they keeps him to the car.thapki sits inside of car.she holds bihaan.they goes to hospital. she sees bihaan purse.his mobile breaks in accident.she checks the purse for his information. she sees the visiting card.its dhruv visiting card about 365 channel.she sees dhruv number.
thapki reaches bihaan to hospital.nurses comes there.they makes him lying in bed.they takes him to ICU.doctor comes to thapki.he asks to her,what is his name and relationship with him to you.because of we need to do operation.so i need sign from his relation.she thinks if I didnt do anything his operation will getting late.so I have to do something. doctor asks to her again the same question. she says to him,do…do..doctor I am…I am..his girl friend.he comes to him in bike.but he gets accident.doctor agrees to her.he gives form to her.she does sign in form.doctor goes from there. thapki thinks oh my god I said I am his girl friend.I lied to doctor.what can I do now. then she sees visiting card.she calls for dhruv.she says to him,mr..dh…dhruv.I am th…th..thapki.this person gets accident.he has this card in his purse.so I think you are relative for him.so I called you.dhruv gets tensed.he says to her,OK…which hospital.she says the hospital name.dhruv says to her,OK thanks I will come within few minutes. mostly my visiting card is there with my business partner.then whose gets accident
I didn’t ask clearly to that girl.OK I will go to hospital.dhruv goes to hospital.

he reaches hospital.he looking for thapki.thapki comes to him.she says to him,are you dhruv?? he says to her,yes…you are thapki right??but I can’t guess about the person who gets accident.can you tell me the name.thapki says to him,sir…i …I don’t know his name.sorry.you will see in ICU ward.dhruv nodes at her.he goes to ICU ward.he stands and sees inside.he sees bihaan.he gets shocked.dhruv gets teary eyes.he suddenly calls for vasu.he says everything to her.vasu cries.she says to her all family members.

everyone’s gets tensed.dhruv comes to thapki.he says to thapki, he is my brother.his name is bihaan.but how it is happend. she says to him,I…I don’t know sir.doctor comes urgently to them.he says to them,he was drunked so much.so can’t able to do anything. god has to give life for him.thapki and dhruv shocked.

thapki gets call from poonam.she attends the call.she says everything to her.poonam says to her,thapki then OK take care.come to house soon.thapki nodes at her.
thapki gets tensed about bihaan condition. dhruv says to her,thapki if you want to go pls carry on.I will take care of him.thapki says to him,its OK dhruv. I will be there here. she sees ganapathi in hospital. she goes there.she stands and prays for bihaan.

everyone’s reaches to hospital from bihaan family.dhruv explained to them.dhruv says about thapki.vasu comes to thapki. she thanks her.thapki says to her,its…ok aunty.do… do…don’t worry nothing wrong will happens for him.vasu hearing her stammers.she gets angry.vasu hates stammering people. she thinks stammering peoples are not pure hearted.she looks at thapki angrily.she goes from there.balwander thanks to thapki.doctor comes to thapki.he says to her,miracle happens now… he is fine.operation is success.everyone’s gets happy.

vasu gets calls from house.she ends the call.she says to dhruv, important work is there in house.dhruv says to her,OK maa I will take care of bihaan.you can go to house.vasu nodes at him.she goes to house.

thapki again goes to ganapathy.she thanks god for bihaan.doctor comes to dhruv. he says to him,Mr.dhruv… you can see bihaan now.dhruv thanks to doctor.

thapki gets kumkum in her hand.she goes to ICU ward.she sees dhruv stands inside of room.she goes inside.she sees bihaan face.dhruv holds bihaan hands.he gets teary eyes.suddenly he gets call from someone.dhruv goes out of room.thapki comes near to bihaan.she sees bihaan is unconscious. she keeps kumkum in bihaan forehead.bihaan hands are slightly moves.she sees dhruv coming there.then she goes from there.she says to dhruv, OK sir…i ..am going now.dhruv says to her, thank you so much thapki.you saved my brother.where are you working. thapki says to him,no I didn’t get job.I am trying to get job. he says to her,OK why can’t you join in my office.he gives card to her.he says to thapki,its my office 365 channel .you can join here from tomorrow onwards.she gets shocked.she can’t believe it.she gets teary eyes.she thanks to him.

she goes from there.she says everything to her family members.they gets happy.after few hours bihaan gets conscious. doctor comes there.dhruv sees bihaan.he gets happy.

doctor says to bihaan,your girl friend admits you here.her name is thapki.bihaan says to him,what… girl friend.paan says to bihaan, congrats bihaan when you got girl friend.but you didn’t say about this to me.I am so angry on you.

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Manan-Is it destined to be?(Episode-15)

I’m back with regular updates now ,both ff’s u will get daily updates….ignore typos..suggestions welcum..luv u..bye…nd ya proceeding wth update..
nandu’s p.o.v:
A deafening silence fell between us(nandu nd alya) as I stared shocked at her..There stood infront of me is the woman who is resonsible for my soon to be wrecked marriage-ironic it was wrecked that day Dhruv walked out but somehow at some point I had visioned to live my life with manik and how selfish am I to think he will feel the same for me..
“its a pleasure to meet you”I spoke surprisingly in a strong manner as she smiled giving me a tight smile”Im sure it is….”she spoke as i looked at her confused not knowing wat took over her…surely she isnt going to be the typical possessive mistress…I MEAN I AM HIS LEGALLY WEDDED WIFE AND IF ANY ONE HAS THE RIGHT TO BE POSSESSIVE IT’S ME BUT NOT HER….
My frown only deepened when she walked forward giving me a grim smile”cut the crap darling….I dont wanna hurt ur feelings but lets get this straight!!manik doesnt want a little girl for a real adult relationship..so its best that u find ur way out of his lyf darling I mean we r getting married soon anyways so yeah he will probably divorce u or sumthing”she spoke waving her hands elegantly as i felt my heaRt in my throat,my face paling wth fear nd anxiety..
“Oh dear pls dont cry…oh look here comes Manik…”she spoke gleefully as she perked her head lukng at manik as i kept my eyes diverted to my hands wishing and hoping this place opened up and swallowed me in..
“Nandini..”he breathed as she(alya) walked 2wrds him engulfs him in a hug as ppl around us strt whispering..Never in my life have I ever felt so humiliated as manik grinned at her making me turn around nd walk 2wrds the large french doors when all of a sudden I felt a large hand grip my slender oneas I turned around my heart skipping a beat..Could it possibly be?I thought but momentarily ruined as I stared at Cabir(haha…who all thought its manik…no time is there for it yet…)standing infront of me nd a hurtful xpression on his face..I cud feel tears swell in my eyes as he walked forward releasing my hand”nandu…”he strtd as i cut him off lukng down at my hands”cabir bhai pls take me home…i wanna go home”‘I whispered my lower lip trembling as he stiffend lukng behind at him nd said”stay here nandu…”nd angrily strtd walking,then i grabbed his hand nd said”pls bhai….i just wanna go home”‘my voice choked up as he nodded nd all of a sudden an older woman in her late forties came 2wrds me…
“‘cabir where r u going…come have dinner wth us””she said nd cabir bhai said “aunt sunaina we would have loved to stay but my sister isnt feeling well so i thought Id take her home “‘nd she gently nodded feeling genuinely remorseful as i gave her a kind smile..”‘thnk u for the offer”I said as she nodded patting my shoulder leaning in closely nd said”I know that i dont know u well but dont let that witch take him…fight fr wat’s truly urs”‘..I stood there shocked as she patted my cheek lightly..”tq”i whispered truthfully nd she smiled b4 walking 2wrds her table..
“who was that”‘i asked cabir lukd at me b4″she is alya ‘s aunty-groom’s mom
cabir sat infront of me in the living room,a cold luk on his face.He had been lyk this ever since v came back frm the weddng 2 hours ago.I tried talking to him but nthng,he wouldnt respond nd i got anxious min by min..
“‘i have told abhi.”‘he said nd i felt my heart stop.evrythng inside me stopped as i lukd horrified at cabir ,my face paling”‘y”‘i choked as he sighed running a hand thru his hair..
“nannu…listen u r very naive,u r too pure,u dont know who he really is…only v do,only v have seen his true colours”‘he spoke silencing me as i stared at him skeptical not knowing wat riddle he is speaking..
“‘manik…he is a bad guy-does bad stuff”he muttered as i felt my heart beat rapidly not knowing wat he is saying”‘nannu…he isnt a gud person”‘he spoke defeatedly as i heard large heavy footsteps walking 2wrds the room and in an instance,a fuming manik stud there ,a dark scowl over his face as he snarled lukng at cabir nd in a heartbeat ,it happen so fast he launched himself at cabir bhai pinning him on the ground as he started punching him on the face as cabir gasped making me scream..I pushed manik off him protecting cabir bhai as he gripped my shoulders moving me as i gripped on his hands..”‘stop stop pls ur hurting him pls “‘i cried pushing manik making him luk at me in shock “‘stop it manik..WILL U JUST STOP…..”‘I shouted falling onto the floor feeling my tears run down”pls stop it…”‘i whispered brokenly ..”‘y r u doing this to me manik?wat’s wrong wth me?ï whispered as bhai groaned holding my hand nd wth other hand wiped his mouth..
i asked himü dont get it do u?””nd he stared at me truly shocked not knowing wat i was speaking when all of a sudden i heard heels clinking against the marble floor as she walked inside the room makingme stiffen as i felt tears in my eyes seeing her attire…
He had done it…finally
“nannu get up…abhi…”cabir bhai strtd when all of a sudden i heard yelling as abhi bhai came barging inside the room wth uncle raj nd dad as they lukd at the scene infront of their eyes widening inn horror..

“‘MANIK…..”uncle raj bewailed as he came 2wrds manik nd dad walked frwrd holding me up b4 engulfing me in his arms as i felt my tears run free making him stiffen”raj…u promised me…u promised me that no harm will come to her”‘dad yelled as uncle strtd when dad stopped uncle as abhi bhai was held up by cabir bhai..
“WHERE IS THAT SHAMELESS WOMAN..”‘uncle raj yelled as manikk stiffened his eyes darkening them nd siad
“‘dont u dare talk about MY WIFE like that….”‘
this is not typical manan story….wat the hell manik and alya married………o.m.g..this idiot manik ..wat has he done…….pls thoda wait karo for manik to realise his feelings or any sort of manan moments…nd pls batana zaroor how is the updatee…luv u alll…frm 2day regular updates…

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MMZ- Jealous, Betrayal, Mistake, Redemption- introduction in POV

Radhika POV

Today is my sister and my best friend wedding, I remember when we were little, I was bullied a lot, my friend would always save me from the bully, when I cry, he would always comfort me, he was my rock my everything, he knew my favorite color, my favorite ice cream, my favorite hobbies, and what I wanted in my future career, I saw Arjun, yes my best friend as my potential husband, but I was wrong. I was going to propose to him, but I didn’t know how to tell him, I was very nervous to approach him, Neil he is also my friend, I told Neil about my growing feelings for Arjun, he said imagine me as Arjun and propose to me, so I went on one knee and said, I love you so much, you are my world my everything will you marry me and Neil said yes. I ask Neil will Arjun want to marry me, he said, I’ve seen how Arjun cares for you and the way he looks at you, he’s in love with you. I thanked Neil for giving me the confidence. I thought I would propose to him next day, I wish I had propose to him right away, because after getting out of the bed, I knocked on my sisters door and open it and saw my sister Bonnie and my best friend Arjun in bed naked, my heart broke to pieces, how could my sister do this, she knew how I felt about Arjun. I ran to my room, locked the door and cried. Now they are going to get married and it is too late for me to confess my feeling for him, I’m trying to be strong but this is killing me inside. All I know is I need to leave far, far away from them, and never come back.

Arjun POV

Today I am getting married, but I’m not happy about it. Outside I am showing my smile face but inside I’m broken. The one I really wanted to marry was Radhika, I was going to propose to her but when I saw Radhika propose marriage to Neil, my heart shattered, I was jealous how could Radhika do this to me, but then it was all my fault, I should have confess my feeling to her along time ago, I ran off and bumped in to Bonnie, she saw tears in my eyes, she ask me what was wrong, I was too shatter to speak, she took me to the room, she said, I know what will make you feel better. She takes an alcohol bottle under the bed, have a drink, she said, it will make you feel better, so I drank, what a big mistake that was, when I drank I saw Radhika she was seducing me and I let her, I so desperately wanted to make love to Radhika, only I didn’t know I was making love to Bonnie, you know how alcohol clouds you mind, that’s what happen to me. When I woke up, I saw Radhika’s shatter face, I realize I was naked and made love to the wrong girl. Radhika ran off to her room, I wanted to go to her and say sorry but then I thought about how Raneil were going to get married. I told Bonnie this was a big mistake, this should not have happen, I put my clothes on and left. Now I have no choice but to marry Bonnie, my life is ruin, I am marrying the wrong woman.

Bonnie POV

I didn’t plan this, it just happen, we were both drunk, you could say destiny gave me the opportunity to break Ardhika up, he was telling me that he was going to propose to Radhika but she loves Neil and they are getting married, but that could not be right because my sister told me she was going to propose to Arjun, I know I could have clear this matter to Arjun, but I thought this is the chance, I can get Arjun to sleep with me and break Ardhika’s bond. So I seduced Arjun, he thought I was Radhika, I didn’t care, I let him make love to me. You want to know why I did this, well I was jealous of Ardhika bond, I always felt like a third wheel. Arjun was taking my sister away from me. I was craving for my sisters attention, I wanted her to focus on me rather than Arjun, I wanted that sister bond, I felt Arjun took my sister away so that is why I did this, When my brain was clear, I say my sister’s shatter face, she ran off to her room, I really felt guilty but what can I do I was jealous it took control of me. Arjun said this was a mistake this should not have happen, he put is clothes on and left. I was crying why this jealous is controlling me, its not like I love Arjun, I want attention not from Arjun but my sister, and now she’ll never talk to me.

Precap: Bonnie is pregnant with Arjun’s child, Arjun learns the truth from Neil.

Will Ardhika be together or will they be broken forever.

I know you will not like this, but I want to try something different, see how you will react, negative comment is welcome. I really want to here from you, please tell me if I should continue with this story. Love you all, bye now ta ta….

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Devils love A_Shivika_Os first shot

Devils love* A_Shivika_OS first shot


Anika is shown in a big office working strictly! Her phone started ringing! She picked up the call!

Anika: hello whose is this??

Os: Buddhu you forget me I am your bff ishana how can you yaar this is not done!

Anika: sorry ishana I was busy in my work that’s it anyways any special reason for calling me??

Ishana: anika today is my birthday how can you forget I hate you!

Anika: sorry sorry anyways happy birthday my dear cute bff ishana! I will come to your house then you have to give me party!

Ishana: done okay at sharp 6pm bye!

Anika: bye!

She ended the call! She opened her drawer and there was a photo of her and shivaye!

(Anika PoV)

Why you did this to me shivaye I loved you truly but you played with me you are obsession for me killed our love shivaye I can never forget that night! I hate you shivaye Singh Oberoi ready to face hell now! Your countdown starts!

Anika PoV ends!


Oberoi mansion!

Shivaye gets up from the sleep! Omkara and rudra came there and saw the blood flowing from hand and a piece of cloth tied on it!

Om and rudra: what happen to your hand bro?

Shivaye explained everything about night accident!

Om and rudra: it was your fault bro if you didn’t do with anika that night she must have been with you now your obsession killed your love now she hates you like hell! Even now it’s not late tell her sorry bro!

Shivaye: shut up both of you! My anika can never hate me okay and she never left me she is always mine understand dammit!

He went from their angrily!

Dadi saw all this and felt bad for anika!

Dadi: don’t know when will come happiness in my shivaye and anika life why can’t they understand because of his obsession and her revenge everything will be destroyed!

Omkara: don’t worry dadi we will not let that happen we will make them understand!

Rudra: yes dadi bro is saying right! We will sort out everything before everything would get destroyed!

The trio look each other with sad face!


A girl is shown eating parathas! Anika and ishana came there and saw her eating like small child!

They said: soumya! You can never change foodie!

Soumya: so what! Don’t put your bad eye on my paratha you know na how much I love parathas don’t disturb me!

Anika : you na soumya you behave like a 5 year old kid!

Soumya: hahaha I am 5year old kid then you behave like 60years oldie! Always working and giving lectures to everyone! Happy birthday ishana!

Ishana : thank god at least you remember otherwise oldie forgot it!

Soumya and ishana hifi!

Anika: you two Devils I won’t leave you!

She started throwing pillows on them! The trio have a pillow fight and enjoy a lot!


Episode ends*

Precap: anika ishana and soumya party and Shivika meet!


So guys how was it? Did you liked soumya character! Do tell me your reviews I’d be waiting to know! Bye ishqbaazians luv you all 😍❤️🙂😻!!

Reborn Love Story {Naagin and Sath Nibhana Sathiya} Epi-16 (last part)

The episode starts with kokila seeing gohem.

Kokila says Gopi and Ahem.

Gohem comes next to kokila. they hug kokila. Kokila gets emotional.😚😚

Gopi says life is so complicated, once there was a time you help us in saving from villagers and now you help us on meeting.

Ahem says what we call you now? we’ve to live in present, not past. and in this birth you is the one, who gave me birth.

Kokila says you both get to know about your previous birth.
Both Nods.

Ahem: let’s go to rithik.Kokila nods yes.
Trio leaves.

Screen shifts to Rosha and Rivanya.

Rivanya comes next to rocky.
Rosha are ashamed.
Rithik: rocky, was that’s true.
Rocky nods and says i’m sorry rithik.
Shesa says me too! I try to separate two lovers. Rithik, you love shivanya na! shivanya loves you too! but you both sacrifice it for me.

Rithik and Shivanya look at each other in surprise.
Both hug.
Rithik says why don’t you tell me?
Shivanya says I do not know you love me.
Shivanya sees Koki and Gohem and screams you.
Kokila and gohem comes next to them.

Koki: Shesa! tell me truth, before ahem and gopi could come, I was thinking about you, tell me truth, were they your parents.

Shesa: Yeah! koki aunty, we betray you.
koki is shocked.

Shesa: Come with us to hospital. they are still in coma.

koki nods.

They come to hospital.
Rocky opens room’s door and says I’ve gave them antidote that will be quite fine in few minutes.

Shivanya says can we see them, I’m feeling strange?

Rocky says yeah! you can.

They come to room.
Shivanya and GOPI are shocked.
Shivanya and gopi screams Maa and papa.

All are shocked.
Shesa: are they your parents? FlashBack,
Koki is on her car. Her car reach near cliff.
A man and woman are coming on their car from other side. they too reach near cliff.
Suddenly, both cars hit with each other. Koki and driver are unconscious.
Shivanya’s father/mother are too unconscious.
A girl comes other. She is Shesa. she takes shivanya’a father and mother out.
She smirks.
She turns on Shivanya’s father/mother’s car and car crawls and fall from cliff.
screen shifts to hospital, where shesa asks rocky to keep the man Ann woman in coma and she will reveal them as her parents.
Man and woman are awaking.
Shivanya and gopi hugs them.
All are happy. Koki tells them all. Shesa asks for forgiveness to them. They forgave her.
Screen shifts to modi mansion,
Shesa, Gopi and Shivanya are ready in beautiful red dress.
Koki comes and says trio come downstairs. pundit ji is calling. Trio smiles.
Screen shifts downstairs.
Rithik, Rocky and Ahem sees brides coming. they smiles.
Trio’s marriage starts.

*Story ends with Union of soulmates *

Your dreams are mine now (RagLak) Chapter-7

Hi guys I am back. I will not be able to give a chappy tomorrow but I will try to give another one by evening
Link for chapter 6 in case anyone has missed it – http://www.tellyupdates.com/dreams-mine-now-raglak-chapter-6/

Chapter 7

RagLak were so immersed in each other’s eyes. They conveyed many things, their smile on the face was increasing and Ragini was a little shy and was blushing. Their eye conversation
L: How is my hug? Soft or harsh?
R: Harsh
L: Really (tightened his grip a little bit)
R: No no its soft only (blushing seeing their closeness)
L: Angry now also
R: Yes
L: Ragu ma, sorry please forgive me
R: Nahi Laksh, you shouldn’t ask forgiveness and should ask me to kill you
L: Arre yaar, I have asked forgiveness na then why are you angry even now
R: Because in friendship there should be no Sorry and Thank you’s. Now I am planning to kill you, what say?
L: Can you live with the guilt of killing me?
R: Never, I was just kidding. You are my best friend (pulling his cheeks)
They both break their eye lock and part away but they were seeing other only. Suddenly she remembers something and goes down.
R: Maa, it’s already late. I am leaving for home
Ap: No beta, you should go after having dinner only
R: Maa please ma, I have to go soon. I have be in work tomorrow early morning so I have to take rest
Ap: If work is the problem then okay beta, I will call Laksh to drop you
R: No maa, I will go with driver uncle itself (showing a little anger)
Ap: (confused and thinking whether their fight is not yet over) No beta, you should go with Laksh only.
R: (Sadly outside happy inside) Okay ma
P: Ragini can you just inform Anchal and go, she was asking about you all the time.
R: Okay bhabhi

She goes to Anchal’s room and waves her bye by promising to meet her next weekend. Ap maa has informed Laksh and he was waiting for her in the hall. They both showed anger in front of Ap and went towards the car. Laksh started driving and Ragini was silent throughout the journey listening to songs.
L: (clearing the throat) Ahem.. So why you maintained an angry face in front of maa, she knows that I called her to see you. In fact she only gave me the idea.
R: Ya I know it but I kept like that so that I can fight whenever I want to.
L: You like fighting than love??
R: I love to love and fight. It’s my right to fight and I will do it whenever I feel to.
L: OMG then I have to bear your mood swings! This is not fair
R: Why it isn’t fair? You guys also do the same na, if you are angry with something in the office you will shout at us and when you have peace of mind then you will love us like there is no tomorrow.
L: It’s a universal truth but I am exception to it.
R: Oh is it so? I will get to know about you soon so don’t worry.
L: By the way you said you will give me the books na? Will you give today?
R: Of course
They reached her house after half an hour. She went to her and got freshen up. He greeted everyone and took their blessings. They were talking when she called him to her room. Sumi-Shekar-Arnav (bhai) were shocked but didn’t show it outside.
R: Here have it (handling few books) and I have links of the website in which I have updated. I will WhatsApp it you.
L: Okay yaar
R: One more thing
L: What
R: Take this without my parents’ knowledge please.
L: Why
R: Should start my story again? Don’t worry I am hell tired to repeat the same again. Please take it without their knowledge
L: Okay

They both came out and she had the books in her hand. He went to the door after waving everyone and went near the window. Ragini was there already with the books and she gave him and went to her room. She hugged her nani’s photo and narrated everything and slept with a happy smile on her face. Sumi-Shekar came to her and saw her hugging nani’s photo with a smile and became happy. They both went to their room and discussed about their approval to marriage. Maheshwari’s were happy and both families were waiting for their children to conform it in words to them so that they can do arrangements accordingly. Laksh was in his room studying his Ragu’s story.
From the next day both RagLak were busy in their work. Laksh used to do his work in office and then come home and read the book. Ragini used to do her office work and come home and wrote about him. They both chatted with each other daily and both got to know about each other pretty soon. It was Friday when they both were talking and Ragini got some idea
R: Laksh are you free tomorrow
L: Ya I am free
R: Can you come with to a place, I want to give you a treat
L: Okay, say me at what time I should be there.
R: Can you come early about 7 in the morning as we should drive long to reach there
L: Fine dear
R: Good night see you tomorrow
L: Good night
Ragini slept with a happy smile on her face and Laksh slept with a confused smile on his face.

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Dill-e-ishq_dill-e-nafrat (part-4)

Hhhiii… hope u all remember me.. & this ff… well.. hope u like the previous part… ragini’s decision.. make u all happy.. right raglak fans…?? hmm.. so no more bakbak… let See.. what’s id waiting for us…

recap: Ragini decided to give a chance to Lak. & their marriage.. San meet swara… for first….



after some day….
a bless couldy midnight…(all was sleeping)

ragini was sleeping peacefully.. lucky was also sleeping beside her… and both was almost close to e-o…
& hear swara too sleeping.. in her study chair.. while writing her daily dairy… & San was in MM.. sleeping to with a bottle of … in a rocking chair….

heard crash sound of thunderstorms.. with flash…..
make all awake… at the same time….

ragini was scared.. Lak console her.. & she hugs Lak.. both close the window & sleeps… but. soon both remembered about Shona.. so they both come to check.. and find. her sleeping face.. raglak smile & covers her properly…
swara gasp in fear.. she immediately rush to her bed & covers herself.. & sleeps…

San slip his bottle… & walks to washroom.. & splash water on his face.. & come out.. look outside throw window.. actually its quite similar like his heart… he left a deep sigh…..

Next Morning

swara awake nd find.. its rains continue… she get ready.. coz she need to go.. her one favourite student’s bday nd he insisted her.. to go…
@GM hall..
Lak was remained ragini was in his arms.. he blush.. ragini was busy in her kitchen..

San was too gating ready..too meet his new friend.. nd also buy lots of sweets candy to impressed Sw…

San:damn.. this nonsense rain. make my plan spoil.. hhuuhh.. damn.. he text Sw.

“u are coming n..actually I too buy some gifts.. so”

swara was in stairs to she smile and reply..

“yes. am on my way.. don’t worry..”

Lak:(notice sw’s smile) Shona.. what happen..??
Sw:nothing vai. ajj avantika k.. bday hai.. so..
Lak:so. u are going in this bl**dy rain..?(concern)
Sw:(smile) of course vai.. don’t worry.. am reach home at evening.. safe secure and dry too..(giggle)
Lak:(laugh.. & hold her ear) choti…
Sw:(hug Lak) luv u vai. where is vabj..?
Lak:in kitchen..
Sw:(pout & broke hug) this not done. if are not going office.. then u must help her.. go. go. (push Lak to warned kitchen)

main time ragini was too coming out.. & accidentally both dashed.. Lak warp ragini by her waist. ragini looks at him.. both was looking e-o. while Sw claps.. & run away..

Lak: am sorry…
rag: no. infact thanks. if u not held me.. (she stop coz. his hand was in her mouth.. )
Lak:sssshhh.. still am there.. not a single scratch..(withdrew his hands)
rag:(overwhelmed by the word) laksh.

ragini ran to kitchen.. Lak feel bad.. for touching her.. he slowly walks to ktichn.. &

“am sorry.. ” and he left….

ragini tightly close her eyes.. weep. (not for his touch.. for… after all trouble anyone said this to her….)

yeh saajish hain boondon ki koi khwaahish hain chup chup si
yeh saajish hain boondon ki koi khwaahish hain chup chup si
dekho na dekho na
dekho na dekho na

swara was standing.. with umbrella.. but..it did not help her at all.. and she was looking . for cab or rickshaw.. but she did not find a single cycle… she was fully wet and drench..

soon a big stop infornt of her.. make her shock.. then feel bit shy… a very familiar voice. call her..

voice: miss swara….come inside…
Sw:(looks down.. & find its sanskar only) arre app..
San:haa me. come.. just look at u. and if u still hear.. for more few minuts. u will definitely catch cold…
Sw:(bit hesitant) but. am fully wet…
San:(with killer smile) no problems.. (he open the door..)
Sw:(seat.. & now she is shivering..)

they both reach to school… her students hug her.. she too enjoyed.. with them…

avantika cut cake… some of students more come.. & after some hours.. all left except.. swasan…

Sw: Mr. sanskar.. we should leave now..
San:yes. miss swara.. come I will drop u..

swara & sanskar come in same umbrella… and.. in a moment San kick his car…

“damn… issebhj abhi.. puncher hona tha….”
Sw: (looks sad) ohh no.. but its okk.. what can u do in it.. let’s walk.. my home is only 20minuts.. then u can took the umbrella…
San: but…
Sw:no. if but. (giggle). morning. u give me lift in car.. now.. I will shear my umbrella.. hahaha..
San:(too melt and say yes)okk…

yeh saajish hain boondon ki
koi khwaahish hain chup chup si
yeh saajish hain boondon ki
koi khwaahish hain chup chup si
dekho na dekho na
dekho na dekho na

both start walking… the rain goes hhigher & higher..

at a moment..
San laterally had to hold her in his arms.. & she too hold his hand.. she was shivering…… now San is also wet… with the stormy wind….. he securely wrapped her….

swasan was only pass almost 10minuts.. with lots of difficulty.. and next moment.. their one & only hope.. the umbrella float in the air….

hawa kuchh haule haule
zubaan se kya kuchh bole
kyon duuri hain ab darmayaan
dekho na dekho na
dekho na dekho na

swasan look e-o with shock.. and next moment.. both laugh….like hell..

phir na hawayen hogi itani besharam
phir na dag mag dag mag honge yeh kadam
haa saawan yeh seedha nahi khufia bada
kuchh toh baraste hue keh raha
samjho na samjho na
samjho na samjho na

swara was laughing whole heartedly.. while weting her hand in rain..and palys…. & San was deeply looking in her eyes..


ragini was watching TV.. while Lak was working in laptop. both was tensed for Sw.. soon a thoundersound make then shock again.. both switCH of the TV & lapi.. & ragini was going upstairs.. & faint.

Lak:(hold her nick time & he was tensed) ragini… ragini what happen o u…??

Lak place her to bed.. & check her temperature.. & next moment he start rubbing her palms. & feet… Lak was tensed now.. he check her. breath… but.. it was out of rhythm.. so. he was now more scared….

soon something strike in his mind.. & hesitantly he pls his lips on hers.. & give her mouth to mouth……

soon she grain her sense.. & caress her own fleets.. by other.. and Lak to move from her… she looks at laksh with shock… Lak looks down.. & explain the situation…..

rag:(bit shy. or nervous to reply.. she looks dnw)

Lak:(feel sad.. for not any reply…. he left the room.. while covering her. with blanket)take rest…. I will call doc. But I guess…

Laksh was moving… rag hold his hand… lak set back.. rag hug him emmotional …..

Rag : am sorry.. lucky…
Lak: (feel good… to haer lucky name hug her back friendly) its okk take your time..

hawa kuchh haule haule
zubaan se kya kuchh bole
kyon duuri hain ab darmayaan
dekho na dekho na
dekho na dekho na

rag: lucky. am glad. I get a friend like u.. in my life…..
Lak:(kiss her scalp..) sshh.. take rest… and. y don’t u tell me.. that u have feaver..??
rag: nothing laksh .. I was only… (broke hug. & looks @him pout)
Lak:(smile naughtily.. & smirk too)
rag:(smile with shy.. & beats him.. softly) app bhi n…
Lak:(tug her hairs) take rest…. I will be back..
rag: but. Shona..??
Lak:(tensed) I am also tensed…
rag:(cups his one cheeks.. by one hand) she will be coming… at anytime… don’t worry….

now. swara was enjoying the rain…. she walks in deep water.. and jump.. enjoying a lot…San was lost.. too see her innocence..

she turn to him.. & call him.. he walks. and she splash water on him.. San glared, Sw smile…

@after sometimes. GM.
swara was running to her room. hurriedly… and close the door… raglak take a relief breath…

@sw’s room..
swara stands supported by closed door. & her face was hidden by her own. hands.. she slowly slowly removed her hands.. with deep blush… she was breathing heavily… she thinks something & again she hide her face….

San also walks while he is aLSO fully wet.. Ap looks at him.. & bit surprise…

Ap: what happen beta..??
San:nothing badimaa..
Ap: Chang your cloths.. orr else u get cold..

@San’s room…

San enter happily.. after a long day he feel fresh… he change his cloths.. while he put his suit in dust been bag.. he notice something.. & hold something near his chaste pocket… and took it.. & a lil smile appeared on his lips… while he remembered something.

jugnu jaise chahat dekho jale mujhe
meethi si mushkil hain koi kya kare
hmm hothon ki arzi aaise thukraaon na
saanson ki marzi ko jhuthlaaon na
chhuu lo na chhu lo na
chhuu lo na chhu lo na

swara again hide her face.. after watching her reflect on mirror…
Sw:(murmurs) I luv u… Mr. Sanskar… I luv u…

hawa kuchh haule haule
zubaan se kya kuchh bole
na duuri hain ab darmayaan
dekho na dekho na….
dekho na hmm hmm hmm
hmm hmm hmm dekho n

San close his eyes. & relaxing himself on his bed.. & recollect. the moment…. (flashback of evening)

swara & sanskar was laugh.. & enjoying the rain.. while swara start sneezing.. San pass her his hanky.. she again sneeze…. San chuckle… Sw but upset.. & turn away.. San smile… & turn her again to him… she pout.. San cups her face.. at the moment his eyes.. fall on some droplets which were place on her beautiful liquorice lips….. his gaze was instantly fixed on tthos droplets… he can’t not resist his emotion anymore. & place his his lips on her’s… and start suckling them gently….
swara was taken aback by all sudden moment. she was all nervous.. but sanskar don’t care at all… San was start sucking bit roughly.. & bite it too..
till now she was struggling but the moment he bite.. she moan… & catch his suits collar….
San smirk winningly. & enter in her mouth…. she took start suckling his lips with equal passion…
their tongues interview together.. & dance in e-o mouth… the temperature goes higher…. San start kissing her passionately….

it can go very long.. but. a another thunderstorm make swara gain her sense.. she push San.. away.. & looks at him with shock. and next moment she run away.. to her home..

san try too call her.. but he can felt her. shyness.. so he too start walking to hishome….

next part : u say.. what u wnat…???

and now.. pppplllzzz do commensts…. pakka ha…

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Friendship or love-which one is important? (ek duje ke vaaste) Part 3

Hey everyone naina is back to eat ur brains……I m sooooo happy with the response I got on the last part……thank u all soooo much u guys are really sweethearts thanks a lot…..muuaahhhh…….ok so without any further nonsense talks lets go to the epi
Recap:Naina and sumo got into an argument because of which naina gets disheartened…later naina meets with an accident while saving sumo and maro……..
Now lets start where we had left
Naina is rushed to hospital

After an hour
Everyone was standing outside OT and were crying and consoling each other. But sumo was neither crying nor talking to anyone. She was just lost in her thoughts. All she could think was naina words that “I will sacrifice my life but save u both.” These words kept on revolving in her head and she stands their shocked. Doctor comes out of the OT and everyone rushed to him and asked how naina is?

Doc: I m really sorry. I don’t wanna give u any false hope. Her condition is very critical due to excessive loss of blood. We r trying our best but if she didn’t get conscious within 6 hours then it will be difficult to save her. Doc leaves… Naina is shifted to ICU

Nikita:no aisa nahi hoga hum usy kuch nahi hony den
Khushi: bilkul yarr aise kese wo hum ko chor k jae gi hum usy jany nahi den gy
Neeti: don’t worry guys u know na naina api ka famous dialog B POSITIVE…..so don’t worry she will be fine very soon….
Pari: I hope so….
Riya : don’t worry we will pray for her she will get well soon
Maro looks at sumo and says : ab mill gaya tumhy jawab…..pata chal gaya k naina k liye kn zayada imp ha….happy now……bcz of u she is fighting with life and death…..now why r u standing here just leave just go away…… She again shouts: JUST LEAVE and collapses on the foor….
Ufaaq comes and holds her: stop crying maro just stop…..naina api ko kuch nahi ho ga
Sumo gets disheartend and is about to go where shr stops and and she all of a sudden hugs him. Shr gets startled with this act but reciprocates as she needs him…..
Shr: sshhhh….ssshhh sumo bas bas kuch nahi hoga naina ko….wo thk ho jaye gi….tum apny ap ko sambhalo
Sumo: nahi shr maro sahi keh rahi ha ye sab meri waja se hi hua ha uski is halat ki zimedar ma hi hn
Preeti: di plz ap aisa kyun soch rahi ho kuch nahi ho ga naina api ko u relax
But sumo kept on sobbing hugging shr

After 5 hours
By now everyone had stopped crying… they were just praying for naina’s betterment
Then doctor comes and maro rushes to him
Maro: how is she now? Can we meet her?
Doc: I must say k ap sab ki frndship bht strong tab hi to wo maut k muh se wapis a gayi….
Aru: to kya hum us se mill sakty hain?
Doc: of course and he leaves

Everyone rushes inside including sumo too but she stops at the door

Inside ICU
Niyati:how r u now?
Pari: how r u feeling?
Aru: zayada pain to nahi ha na
Naina smiles looking at them
Neeti: api hum sab apko yaad to ha na
And all looks at neeti gives confused look
Neeti: nahi wo to ma is liye keh rai thi k api k sar pe choot lagi thi na so may be….
And all started laughing
Preeti: shut up dumbo
Niki: is ka kuch nahi ho sakta
Riya: I agree di
Naina looks at maro and ufaaq and says: tum dono ko kuch nahi pochna?
Maro: hum apse baat nahi kar rahy
Ufaaq: hum apse naraaz hain
Naina: aur is narazgi ki waja?
Maro: kya zaroorat thi apni jaan khatry ma dalny ki?
Naina:to kya tum dono ko marny deti…..mujhy jo sahi laga ma ne wo kiya……She sees sumo standing at the door and ask k ab tujhy written notice bhejon bolny k liye and she forwards her hand towards her and tries to get up but notices that she isn’t able to do so
Everyone gets tensed and sumo rushes to her
Sumo: what happened Naina? Are u having pain in ur body? Plz relax don’t try to get up…
Naina: no sumo I m not feeling pain…..actually I m…I m (and she tries to get up again) I m not able to get up…my legs are not working…
Everyone gets shocked and the Doctor comes and checks her
Doc: try to lift ur right leg
She tries but is unable to do so
Doc : try to lift ur left leg
Again she fails
Then doctor does some experiment u know na like gently hitting on the knee or length that experiment….
Doc sees everyone and asks someone to come to him….. Sumo, shr, and niyati follow the doc to his cabin. Doc gives the detail about naina’s case
Doc : I m sorry but her lower body is not working she is unable to walk
Hearing this everyone bursts out in tears…..
Doc:look her lower body is not working but it’s not like she can’t ever walk again. Infact if she wants she can get well very soon bcz her will power is strong and that is what u have to do. U all r her frnds and frnds are the biggest support in one’s life so just don’t let her lose her will power
Sumo: but doc how long will it take to recover?
Doc: I can’t tell exact time but if she will take her medicines on time and will do proper exercise she will recover asap
Niyati: ok doc thanks we will take good care of her…when can she get discharged?
Doc : tomorrow
Niyati ok doc thanks….And they three leave
Shr: u guys go to naina I will bring the medicines
Sumo: ok

In naina’s ward
Sumo and niyati enters
Niki:guys I think we should go now it’s quite late and she needs rest also….
Pari: yeah di u r right
Neeti: but who will stay with api
Naina: duffer I m staying in a hospital not in a jungle…..all docs and nurses are here to take care of me….u guys go home and rest
Khushi: she is right….agar tum log yahan ruky na to na wo so saky gi aur na hi koi aur patient
Riya: hahahaha well said khushi
Aru: acha guys enough now let’s go

Everyone bids bye to her and leaves. Meanwhile niyati tries to tell her about her condition but is nervous. Sumo is also worried for her reaction. After gaining some courage niyati tries to speak
Niyati: actually naina wo…..wo…..
Naina: hmmm….
Niyati: ummm….. wooo actually …..u…..u are….
Naina: umm wo u in sb se agay b kuch bol
Niyati:actually naina u r para
Naina: I m paralyzed right…( both r shocked to listen this that naina already knows her condition and still she is calm and composed and smiling all the way…..

Niyati: How do u know?
Naina: ary yarr when doc came to check me I felt that my lower body is not working and I infer that I m paralyzed but it’s ok I’ll be fine very soon
Both were really impressed with her that after such a big incident she is still so courageous. They both ran to her and hugged her.
Naina: offo guys stop crying now I just have got paralyzed I didn’t die yet
Sumo: shut up…don’t dare to say that again…..nothing will happen to u till I m here

Naina and niyati are shocked to see her reaction….niyati understands the situation
Niyati: I think u both need to talk………and she goes from there

Naina: Ammm…..sumo (is cut by sumo)
Sumo: I m sorry naina I m really sorry mujhy nahi pata tha k mery eik stupid se question ki waja se tu apny saath ye kar le gi….plz maaf kar de plz yarr I m very sorry…..She cries terribly
Naina: sumo plz stop crying plz its not ur fault its my destiny plz stop crying I can’t see u like this…..and she too starts crying
Both hug each other and cry…..after a few mins they stop crying…… Sumo sits down on the stool nearby Naina holds her hand and speaks
Naina: sumo u know whatever happens in our life, happens for our good. And I m sure there is also some good in this too…..
Sumo: naina I feel really guilty for this plz for….
Naina: khabardar jo ab doobara kabhi aisa bola….ma sach ma tum se baat nahi karon gi
Sumo: ok ok dobara nahi bolon gi ab khush
Naina: bht khush……
Sumo: chal ab tu medicine le aur rest kar
She gives her medicine and makes her sleep

After 2 days naina is discharged from hospital

Precap: naina goes back home frnds help her in work….Shraman story starts……..naina’s recovery and some twist….

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MMZ- The Inmate – chapter 11

The Inmate
Chapter 11

Arjun sighed, gulping down the last sip of water left in the plastic bottle as he began narrating his tale to sam. Sitting on a footpath, on some random dark lane, he could swear he had never drove on before. This suddenly struck him.
“Why here sam?” he asked.
Sam cocked up her eyebrows unable to process the meaning of his question.
“I get the point, you wish to know my story. But why here….why not at some restaurant or my apartment…or else where….why this dark lane?” he quizzed.
Sam smiled a little, “no specific reason….this just feels right. Chatting on footpath of a random road is a sort of thing we used to do in college. I know what you’ll say….i know….we have grown up and all this needs to stop….start being mature and everything….even though radhika isn’t here with us….its atleast two of us…moreover, I hadn’t planned it…its all by chance…leave it….You wont understand. Lets just go to some café or something, there we’ll chat” saying so she stood up.
“well, I most certainly do.” He replied with a smile, pulling her down by her wrists again.

Sam made herself comfortable, crossing her legs.
“sam, you remember the day, I had decided to confess my feelings to radhika, in the college lawns…..that day, when I reached there…I saw her in the arms of another man. He was hugging her. He picked her up in his arms, twirling her around in the air, in front of my own eyes…”
Arjun shut his eyes tight, trying to get rid of all the flashes of the past. But it was no use.

Sam rubbed his arm, trying to comfort him. But at the same time, she cursed the stupidity of the situation, of arjun.
“and why didn’t you walk over to ask her about it? He could have very well been some brother…some cousin…..ever thought about that, eh….sherlock?” she mocked.
“sam, you cant ever understand what I went through just because of that one scene. It felt as if somebody had stuck pins in my eyes. I didn’t even consider it…I was hurt….dejected….true, it was stupid of me not to think of doing that…..but I didn’t. and when I thought of this possibility, it was too late. I was already in jail.”

“it was neil.” She muttered softly.
Arjun’s head shook in disbelief, “the same neil as now? How come? Didn’t know that he and radhika go that long back…”

“we go way longer than that….me and neil and radhika are childhood friends. Always together since we were little. We went to the same school. But then in college, we pursued psychology while he pursued business management. We were in the same university, though.” She clarified.

“I don’t like his constant presence around my radhika. Don’t know what is he up to.” He muttered all annoyed.

Sam’s conscience snapped. She couldn’t clarify or comfort arjun on this. She was still in shock of neil’s confession. She couldn’t tell him that neil was just a friend, because he clearly wanted to be more. But at the same time she couldn’t tell that he was more because radhika loved arjun, it was just that the feelings buried deep in her heart needed a little push. The layer of dust, she had allowed to settle on her heart needed to be removed. Sam was sure, that radhika still had feelings for arjun. God, this situation was way too complicated. Why did neil have to enter in to make more of a mess? What was she to do in such a scenario….tell radhika and back stab neil? No…she couldn’t, he was dear friend. But on the same page, so was she. And arjun…what was she to tell him? Geez, why in the first place, neil had to tell her. For the first time in her life, she realized the true meaning of ignorance is bliss.

Arjun’s waving arms brought her back to the reality.
“continue with the story.” Was all she could manage to say.

“yeah….i left radhika and neil alone. Gathering my belonging from the college hostel. I headed home. My dad was quite rich, we had this huge house and since I was a little kid, I wasn’t ever denied anything I wanted. We had all the luxuries at home I was always told that my dad is a businessman. My mom….well, she died when I was four. Yeah so….so that day, I went unannounced back home. i was walking towards his bedroom to inform him that I was home. when I heard voices coming out of his study. I pushed open the door, a little and found my dad talking to a man. he was ordering him to prepare the latest segment of drugs ready for shipment. My jaw hit the floor. I pushed open the entire door and my dad gasped to see me. I had a heated conversation with him shouting and everything. That day, my mirror broke, my parallel universe ended and I came crashing to reality. All the money and the luxuries we had were ill gotten. I spoke and I spoke. Tears rushed down my cheeks. I never even gave him a chance to speak. I rushed out of the house, vowing to never come back again. Never realized at that point, that I wouldn’t even get a chance to do so….i was broken. I was betrayed by my love and my own father the same day. I was frustrated. I had no idea what to do or where to go. I wanted to take my own life. I didn’t realize how far I had come from home. when I suddenly heard a girl screaming and pleading with a couple of guys to leave her alone. I rushed towards her. Gave her my jacket to cover up and I beat up those guys. All my frustration come out on them. And maybe due to that, I handed out a couple of extra punches than I had intended to. In the meanwhile, the police reached there. and when asked the girl faked the entire story. I was made the villain. She told the police that she and her friends were strolling out and suddenly I jumped on them and started beating them for no reason. I was taken away and booked for causing grievous injuries….for assault. Later on, I came to know that they were a gang whose modus operandi was to fake a molestation scene and rob the person who come forward to help the girl. But in my case, when the girl felt the situation getting out of hands, she contacted the police. Knowing, I had no proof against them and the girl’s statement was the only evidence which could save me. By the time, I knew this….i was so fed up with my life and had no will live…..so I decided to let it be. And you know the rest.”
Arjun sighed, “this is my story.”

Sam hugged him tight. he had faced so much more than most people will probably ever face. And yet, he had pieced himself enough to be strong enough to tell her all this.
Arjun felt his shirt getting wet. He broke the hug and wiped the tears.
“why are you crying?”
Sam just sobbed on, not knowing how or what to answer to him.
Arjun smiled and gently cooed her, “you are like a little sister, I never had. Okay…and I cant allow this newly found sister of mine to cry, can I? shhhh…”

This forced sam to smile. She wiped her tears with the back of her hand. Her big eyes full of questions.

Arjun smiled, understanding her concerns, “don’t worry….i am okay now….as they say time heals all wounds. Jail healed mine. Time to get my life back on track.” He stood up, forwarded his hand to sam. “will you help me?”
Sam smiled and gave her hand in his, “you call me your sister and yet you are asking me. Just order naa.” Saying so she giggled.
Arjun lost himself in her laughter. Yes, she was the little sister he never had……and it was only and only for her smile he was pretending to be all strong. Otherwise, he was sure, that he didn’t have that kind of energy left in him anymore. Feeling betrayed by your father and your love on the same day wasn’t a small thing. He sighed getting behind the wheel in her car.

Radhika was smiling and giggling like a little innocent child when neil bought a chocolate ice cream for her, obviously unaware of neil’s feelings towards her. Neil looked at her. His heart pounding fast. His felt his insides warming up, what if she didn’t reciprocate his feelings. Obviously, yes was a little child inside her strong exterior. No….no…no….he couldn’t crush that. He would never.

Radhika suddenly became aware of his constant stare on her. She turn a little to his side and cocked up an eye brow, cleaning her lips with her wrist.

“whaaatt???” she asked…..feeling playful.
“you are a cute kid.” He smiled as he started the car.
Radhika pouted, “what yaar man, I know I am cute….but I am not a cute…”
“but I know, you are….”
Well, this continued for quite a long time, when finally, neil surrendered and radhika gave him a winning smirk.
Neil internally wished for this childishness of hers to never die. He couldn’t burden this equation of theirs with his feelings…..no he couldn’t. he needed a respite and that too urgently.
Yeah, so the 11th part comes to an end. Hope it was good……honestly, while writing I found it to be a bit dry and boring…..so please do let me know.
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Should I confess ??? Ch 19

Should I confess ??? Ch 18

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Today’s episode..
Kunj picked Twinkle up in his arms and reached the gate. ” The Taneja Mansion “. Without even wasting a second or so …he entered the bungalow. As he entered inside Leela shouted from the kitchen – Puttar tu aa Gyi ..kidhar rah gyi thi…Tujhe pata h mujhe kinni fikr ho rhi thi ( puttar u came..where were u..u know n how much worried I was )
Saying this she came out of the kitchen. As she came out , she was shocked to see Twinkle in that condition. She dropped the utensil from her hand and rushed towards her. She was panicking too much. She said looking towards kunj.
Leela- isse Kya hua ..kaise hua ( what happened to her.. how did it happen )
Kunj was trying to say something but leela was not able to control.
Leela : Puttar uth ja n.. puttar ankhe khol .. ( puttar pls get up ..open ur eyes.)
Kunj : Aunty aunty relax …first tell me where is her room!
Leela took kunj to twinkle’s room nd left the room without even looking at her. He then came out and called his family doctor .

Leela : puttar tell me what happened to my daughter .
Kunj tells her everything how he was passing through highway when he saw some guys teasing her , how he beat them, how she fainted nd how through her license he reached there.
Leela was crying vigorously nd kunj was consoling her. Jst then the lady doctor came . Kunj asked her to go nd check Twinkle. The doctor went in nd was checking her, after that she came out.
Doctor- well as per the condition , nothing has happened to her… I understood whatever happened , jst in way of protecting herself … She has lost all her energy nd is very week else she’s fine but I’ve taken the medical tests , reports will come by tomorrow evening.
Kunj : Aunty u go to Twinkle . Doctor come I’ll drop u.
Saying this kunj left with the doctor.

Leela went inside nd firstly changed twinkle’s dress. Then she sat beside her nd started caressing her hair. She was crying a lot still her hands on Twinkle’s head. Leela : Puttar , what happened to u ?? Vaheguru ..why did this happen to my daughter , she has never thought bad of someone. Plz give her strength to bear all this.
Kunj knocked the door. Leela : come beta !
Kunj – Aunty actually doctor has given some medicines . Here are those… Plz don’t be weak … I’m telling u nothing happened to her.
Leela – Puttar u have come to us like an angel , I don’t know how to thank u. Despite u don’t know us still u have helped us soo much .. I’ll always be grateful to you.
Kunj – Aunty plz don’t say so..I did all this jst for the sake of humanity. Plzz aunty …
Jst then Twinkle started shouting : Leave me ..plzz …leave me..aahh…plss…
Leela -Puttar calm down puttar..
Twinkle- help me!! Someone …plzz
Kunj ,seeing that leela was unable to handle her ,signalled leela to move away nd he went nd sat beside her. He held both her hands. Nd patted her back to calm her down .
Kunj- Twinkle .. open ur eyes ! See no one is hear.. open ur eyes Twinkle …U r safe..
Twinkle slowly opened her eyes nd saw kunj sitting beside her.. she tried to remember what happened and was able to recall everything. She looked at kunj with teary eyes bowed her head nd the only word that escaped was – thank you !
She saw Leela sitting there nd she asked her to come beside her. As Leela sat beside Twinkle , Twinkle hugged her tightly and started crying again… Leela was also rubbing her back. Twinkle’s tears were unstoppable. Kunj decided to leave them alone for sometime nd went in the hall.

Usha called her that time nd he told her everything. Usha was also feeling pity for Twinkle nd on the other hand was proud of his son…
Kunj was trying hard to control his emotions , Everytime he saw Twinkle a tear would roll down his cheeks..
Kunj decided to go home . He went to Leela .
Kunj – Aunty I think I should leave now. If u need anything , here is my no. Call me ! I’ll always be there to your service.
Leela – puttar u have already done a lot for us. We’ll never be able to get out of ur loan on us.
Kunj – aunty plz don’t say that. Pls call me of u need. Nd take care of Twinkle…
He touches her feet nd leaves. the whole way kunj was thinking about Twinkle.

Precap : Apology..

Obsess: a beyhadh story – part 1

Precap: Maya is seen in a mental hospital irritated. The theropist tries to get some word out of her, but he got nothing, but Maya insult. Now let’s continue……


” happy birthday to you, Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Maya, happy birthday to you ” , Maya smile seeing the cake. Her mom told her she’s getting so big and to hurry up and blow the candle. She look at the cake which says eight years before closing her eyes and blow. Her mom cheers and hug her. She was about to cut the cake when they heard the door knob shake, and a key shuffling.

Quickly her mom puts the cake down, and told maya to go in her room and lock the door. As soon as she did, her dad walk in drunk. ” where is Maya?”

” Maya is asleep” jahnvi says

Ashwin looks at the cake still fresh, he could smell the candle smoke still lingering in the air. He glares at jahnvi ” don’t lie to me, I know she’s up”

” I’m not lying, please leave this house. Maya is not your responsibility anymore”

Ashwin move closer ” Maya is my daughter”

Jahnvi laughs ” a daughter you tried molesting while I was away”

Ashwin staid quiet, he asks her for his money. Jahnvi says she won’t give him money so he can buy more alcohol. Ashwin now angry threatens her. He Says if she doesn’t give what he wants then he will take Maya away from her. Jahnvi told him she’s getting custody over Maya, she says she tried being nice, by giving him money to stay away from Maya, but not this time.

Ashwin drunk move closer and slaps Jahnvi, she cried and fell to the floor. ” you b***c, ill kill you” he says kicking her.

Maya in her room , could hear them yelling. She could hear her mom telling her father to stop. She heard her father calling her name, telling her to come out, but her mother told her to stay in her room. Maya didnt know what to do, she heard her mom scream again, and opens the door. She grabs the nearest thing which happen to be a broom, and hits her dad.

Ashwin surprise turn to maya, “so your on her side too”

A scared Maya look at her Mom before telling him to leave her alone. Her father grab the broom and hits Maya. Maya fell to the floor, her Mom scream for her. Ashwin was about to walk to Maya, when her mom told him the money was in the drawer. Ashwin smile and walk to the drawer. He grab the bag of money and curse them before leaving.

Maya Mom crawl to Maya, calling her name. But Maya didn’t hear her. She was on the floor, shaking.

End of flashback

” maya…Maya?!” Patel says

He watch her in the corner shaking. He wonder what she could be thinking about that’s causing this behavior. He was about to write it down, when the door opens. ” doctor Patel Arjun is here” she whispers

He nod, and step out the room. He walk to the front desk to see Arjun pacing. When Arjun saw him, he asks how the case is going. ” she’s won’t let me in. She build up a wall, so I won’t have access.”

Arjun curs ” please doctor, this is my last ressort. Every evidence I have against her she erased it. I need her confession.”

The doctor told him not to worry ” I will help you as much as I can Arjun. , you just take care of your family and saanjh”

Arjun mood turn sour ” I should have never involve her in my mess. I should have kept Maya away from her” he says

” it s not your fault Arjun, what happend to saanjh, you couldn’t stop it. ”

” but still”

The doctor ressures him, and told him to take care before going back to the room.

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The Captives – Five Shots ~ Ria (Chapter 5: Last Update)

The Captives – Five Shots
Chapter 5: Last Update

A/N: Thank you to everyone who commented previously on this story. You people have always managed to make me smile and make this journey although a really small one memorable yet again. Well, I do feel a bit nostalgic thinking about no FFs right at the moment, but I assure you all to come back if I’ve an idea.

In case if someone missed the previous chapter, here’s the link below:

• • • • •

Two weeks had passed away since the incident at godown. Mahi and Kunj had been admitted to a hospital immediately and were treated for about a week. The families rejoiced upon knowing that their two children, Mahi and Kunj had been alive since the past two years. They rushed to the hospital when Twinkle let them know everything that had been happening since the last two years.

Yuvraj was admitted in the hospital as well for taking out the bullet. He was left within a day as the injuries caused were minor and it could be treated with unprofessional aid as well. Yuvraj had asked for forgiveness from both the families who had been considering him to be the mastermind of all the plans. The families forgave him on learning about everything that he had done for Twinkle, Kunj and especially Mahi. They were happy upon the fact that Mahi had chosen him as her better half because they couldn’t have expected anyone else to be better.

Anita Luthra had been sentenced to life imprisonment. She had been proven guilty of making an attempt of two murders, kidnapping, bribing the hospital staff, shifting a patient out of the hospital and changing the medical reports. Tanejas and Sarnas were happy upon learning the legal action taken by the court.

Yuvraj did feel bad for his mother, Anita Luthra, but he admitted that his mother was the one who was at fault and she deserved the actions that had been taken against her. He broke all the ties with his mother and told her not to face him ever again. Anita Luthra pleaded him to listen to her for once telling him that she could justify herself, but Yuvraj was least interested in her explanations and asked the police constables to take her away from the front of his eyes before he would lose his control and end up doing something which might lead to a worse death. Anita Luthra being disowned by her only son painfully walked away from there with the police constables and got into the police jeep.

Kunj and Mahi had been grandly welcomed to Sarna and Taneja mansion respectively. Yuvraj stood behind witnessing their welcoming ceremonies and later walked towards the Lauthra mansion to provide himself a shelter. The Sarnas immediately stopped him and asked him to stay with them. They apologised for the mistakes they had committed in the last two years and seeked a chance to rectify them. Yuvraj smiled and asked them not to let their past affect the present which had the hopes of living a peaceful and happy life.

Amidst all this excitement and happiness, everyone had completely forgotten to tell Kunj about his daughter, Kaira. Kunj rejoiced upon learning about his daughter and couldn’t bear his excitement to meet her little daughter being in hospital. Everyone calmed him down and told him that her daughter would be happier if she saw her father fit and fine.

Kunj’s happiness knew no boundaries when he took his little daughter in his arms. He looked at her tiny hands and toes and couldn’t believe the fact that he had turned a father now. He promised Kaira that he would never let anything happen to her or affect her even if it was at the cost of his life. Twinkle who had been silently observing and enjoying the current scene quickly shut Kunj and asked him not to speak like this ever again. Kunj smiled and engulfed her into a tight hug with their daughter in his arms. He promised never to speak like this ever again making Twinkle smile.

A month later, Yuvraj and Mahi got married following all the rituals and legally too. The couple was very happy thinking that their dream which had seemed next to impossible had finally come true. They were married on their parents’ will and nothing could’ve been better than this. The elders showered their blessings on the couple for a happy, married life and wished them luck for the this new phase of their life. Mahi and Yuvraj thanked all their elders and Yuvraj promised Leela, Mahi and Twinkle’s mother to always keep Mahi safe and happy. What better could’ve a mother asked for her own child!

The day after Mahi and Yuvraj’s marriage, the day of their reception, Twinkle had been trying out different suits to see which fits her the best. She asked Kunj who had been busy in the laptop the entire morning to help her out in selecting the outfit that she could probably wear in the evening. Kunj told her to select a dress which ever she likes as her choice was the best. Twinkle smiled at the beginning, but soon she realised that Kunj had just told her so because he wanted to concentrate and complete his work.

Twinkle stood beside Kunj and complained about his casual behaviour towards her. She complained that he hadn’t been giving her the attention she deserved and told that it would’ve been better if she had married someone else in the last two years when all the family members tried forcing her. Kunj immediately closed his laptop and pulled her on to his lap. He told her that she could be either his or no one else’s. Twinkle smiled to herself seeing him jealous and told him that he better not try convincing her because it wouldn’t work. She told him to stay away from her and pushing him she got up.

She walked away, but before she could continue with the rest of her works he cornered her to the wall and asked her what had she been complaining about all this time. Twinkle frowned and told him that’s she was really serious and should’ve married someone else. Kunj kissed her cheeks and before she could speak anything he kissed her. Twinkle responded back with equal passion and the two of them pulled back after a while. Kunj pulled her closer to himself making her smile and the two of them intently looked at each other. ‘You’re the captive of my heart’, was everything he expressed which made her blush and both of them hugged each other tightly to never let the other one go.

• • • • •