Honey, I have a Craving!! (EPISODE – 3)

Honey, I have a craving!!

*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 4)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

During Second Month of Ragini’s pregnancy…,

The second month of pregnancy means nausea and cravings for certain foods.

Ragini’s Hormones start to increase rapidly, which being affects her behavior with her husband Laksh and her colleagues at work. (Be careful if you have pregnant women at your company and/or office)

Ragini : Laksh, I have a craving for watermelon with no seeds.

Laksh : (confusing) I have never heard of that Watermelon with no seeds..???

Ragini : (stubborn) That’s not my concern. I crave for it and I want it. Do you want our baby to be born with a birthmark???

And again continues by keeping her hand on her belly..

Ragini : I think my tummy is a little bigger than normal. I believe I have twins!!!

Laksh replies with caressing Ragini’s belly..

Laksh : No, your tummy is still the same and the doctor told us that you have a single baby, not a twins.

Ragini : hmm it’s just that maybe the doctor could not able to clearly seen it.

Day after day, this kind of dialogue goes on and on, especially when the Ragini goes to work.

And now a days, Ragini returned from work usually in a quite bad, nervous, and slight mad mood because..

Ragini : (nervously) I have to quit work. I will give my resignation tomorrow. I can’t handle work and all the people there. IT’S OVER!!!

Laksh : (little bit shocked) What happened???

Ragini : Imagine, At the weekly meeting, my manager suggested something that should be done. I told him that I don’t think it’s beneficial to work. He kept arguing with me, and he wasn’t convinced by what I said.

Laksh shakes his head and said..

Laksh : That’s normal. He is your boss, and he has a right to argue with you about work.

Ragini : (slight shouting) Men, men, men…!!! You are one of them, and all men are the same and I’m sure you’ll defend him. No, he has no right to do so and no right to argue with me, he meant to irritate me. All of the men in the meeting, and the world, have to take a one-way trip to Paris (her favorite place), and I’m ready to pay for the tickets..,

And again continues due to something strike to her mind..

Ragini: Also, that girl in the meeting instead of supporting me and taking my side, she supported him and made more suggestions that I have to implement.

Laksh : Mera bachcha it’s normal.., that girl is your close friend and she has always been kind to you.

Ragini : (with arguing) NO..!!! It’s not normal. They have to know that I’m pregnant and my increasing hormones affect my mood, so they shoul don’t argue with me at all and that’s it..!!

with saying this she started breathing heavily…,

Whereas Laksh said with rubbing Ragini’s back..

Laksh : (concern) sshhhh….., cool down Ragini it’s not good for your health.

And again continues in an attempt of diverting Ragini’s attention..

Laksh : Mera bachcha, let’s forget all about work hun..,what do we have for dinner today???

Ragini : (In a very shy, soft, and passive voice) Laksh, do you really want something to eat today?? I was nervous today and needed to rest because I was worried about the baby. But there’s some vegetables in fridge.

Laksh : (shocked) What..?? You will not join me for dinner???

Ragini : No. When I had finished the meeting, I returned to my office and ordered some food to help me relax.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Precap : Third Month of Ragini’s pregnancy…

KKB….. Journey of Souls…..Episode 16

It was next day after marrige, pragya was standing infront of mirror and aplying vermillion, she was wearing a peach colored Anarkali kurti, with lenggings and stole(dupata) , abhi was sleeping as it was just 7 00 pm in morning, pragya turned towards abhi after applying vermillion.
Pragya: He is …. oh God sometimes i think he is all set to betray me and sometimes his words just force me to think that he loves me. Ehhh pragya have you gone mad? Love? Love is nothing, nothing like love exists in relation its all about Trust and Faith.
With these thoughts, she leaves the room and goes towards kitchen, she looks around the new kitchen and says: Ma asked me to make breakfast but Mom dad alka, i think all are sleeping.
A servant comes , pragya looks at him,
servant: Mam, you need any help?

Pragya: No , but just tell me where the spices, spoons, utensils are!
Servant: Surely mam.
Servant shows him all the things needed for cooking.
Pragya: Thank you …. What is your name?
Servant: Aamir

Pragya: Aamir Kaka, you are elder than me so i will call you Kaka.
Servant: Thanks mam.
Pragya: okay , you can leave..
After kaka leaves, pragya starts to make the breakfast, she was all lost in making breakfast and was arranging the plates , spoon, glasses on dinning table too, after that she went near stove where the eggs were being boiled, she started cutting the fruits, and was continously huming song as if she is enjoying while making the break fast, half hour passed, it was 7 36 am now, alka in her night dress with pajamas and t-shirt, while rubbing her eyes entered kitchen and took a jug of water , she started pouring water, pragya didn’t noticed her as she was busy in cutting fruits, alka sensed the smell of food, her mouth started become watery, she turned back and found pragya, she went and tapped pragya’s shoulder, pragya turned back, Alka: Good morning, Sunshine.
Pragya: Good morning bubble, but sunshine?

Alka rounder her both arms around pragya (in a way of hugging her from side) and said: You are the light to my life and warmth to my world.
Pragya smiled
Alka: Well what are you making?
Pragya: I am not making anything, everything is prepared, i boiled eggs, jam and butter are already placed at dinning table, i made some aalu parathas, i made spiced potatoes, and yes finally kheer.
Alka: Wow, let me take bath and i would be first to taste your breakfast.
Pragya smiled: well, where are mom and dad?
Alka: I guess they woke up and went for jogging and would be back in 5 mins
pragya: Oh i thought they are still sleeping.
Alka: Aamir kaka makes our break fast but finally now my Bhabhi would make it.
Pragya: Sunshine is better for me .
Alka laughed and drank water, after finishing water she said: Still, i can not believe that abhi just married you.
Pragya: Why it is so unbelievable?
Alka: Because, he is 29 this time and all 5 years he kept regecting the girls only because of his “College Love”
Pragya: What?

Alka: Yes, you know he used to love a girl in college, i do not know who is she but he always used to Write “M and P” at his note books, when he came back from london after completing his university, mum asked him to get married but he said”I won’t marry until and unless i do not find her”
Pragya: then why did he married me if he wanted to marry his college love?
Alka: I too do not know pragya but when Dad talked with abhi about you, abhi gave him a bone crushing hug and agreed for marrige.
Pragya with confused expressions stood there.

Alka: i just should go and take a bath, i am already feelong hungry.. saying this alka left
Pragya gets confused and questions: Why he married me if he wanted to marry his college love? Every truth is infront of me yet i can mot see it.Meera stammered while telling that they consummated relation, abhi when met me just said yes for marrige even when we were strangers, no we weren’t strangers we were in same college, he knows me before our meeting at my house? Oh my God so many confusions, what should I do… now the answer for this is only with Abhi (pragya smiles) and in exitement says: Yesss! I will do this, let’s see what the actual truth is….

Pragya happily places knife at side, she turns off stove, and says Mr Abhishek now you will face my ignorance and love at same time.

Screen shifts to Sharma Mansion..

Saanvri was serving the food to suket, samarth and aadesh were silently having breakfast, there was pin drop silence, saanvri sat at her chair and started serving herslef, while serving herself the bread, she said: Why everyone is silent? It is first time that at break fast samarth is silent or always he used to irritate pragya.
Samarth: Mom, i am missing her
Aadesh: I am also missing her.
Suket smiles
Samarth: Papa you are smiling? You know I am missing her so much, without irritating her my food doesn’t gets digested.
Saanvri laughs and says: Stop now, she will be here today at anytime.
Aadesh: What? Will she come? I mean why will she come today?
Saanvri: Papa ji why can not she come? It is a ritual.
Samarth: Ritual?
Suket: It is a ritual that after marrige, a daughter comes to her parents house for a day.
aadesh: Oh yes, how can I forget it? So my dolly is coming, I will get her favorite sweet today.
Samarth: wow, it means she will come today, i can not wait to see her.
Suket: Once she comes , i have something to tell all of you.
Aadesh: Anything Important?
Saanvri: Yes papa ji, let pragya come we will tell it to all of you.
Samarth: At what time will she come?
Suket: Samarth… now stop it and eat your breakfast , she will come when she wants.
Samarth: Then i will message her to come now
Saanvri: You won’t do that sam, she will come before evening.
Samarth: But i can not wait, dad please give me leave today, i won’t go to office.
Suket stares him
Samarth: please dad.
Aadesh: I am the owner of company , so i grant your leave.
Suket: But papa.
Samarth: please dad.
Aadesh stares suket, suket says Okay okay fine.
Samarth gets happy and shares hi-five with aadesh, saanvri laughs.

screen shifts to Mehra Mension.
All were having their breakfast,
geeta: My Daughter in law is out of this world, all rounder,
Raj: Exactly, the breafast is so yummy. I wish to eat this breakfast at lunch and even at dinner,
Alka: I loved spiced potatoes, and aalu ka paratha just stole my heart.
Abhi: No body stole your heart, it was that you have gained so much weight that your ribs expanded and your heart fell in to your stomach.
Pragya laughed at this,

Alka: Lame joke by a lame person , no no senseless joke by a senseless person!
Geeta raj and pragya laughed at it, abhi smiled and replied: I am Kindest evilest matured stupid sensible decent human being you will ever meet.
Alka: Everything in this sentence was right except of Kindest, sensible, matured and decent words, cut them off and now you are evilest stupid human being.
Abhi: Same goes for you Miss Senseless.
Alka: Mom, he is calling me senseless
Geeta: You started the fight, now i won’t interfere
Alka: Mom.
Abhi giggled: Oh, mom doesnt even loves you how sad.
Alka was getting irritated so the juice jug that was at table, she took it and poured all the jug at abhi , pragya controlled her laughter while in irritation abhi continued:
Abhi: What the hell.
Geeta: What was this alka?

Raj: Alka , you have grown up now learn some manners,
Abhi: Exactly bubble, learn some manners.
Alka: But papa abhi said mom doesn’t loves me.
geeta: After your this act, surely I am going to say that i don’t love you
Alka: Mom..
Geeta: say him sorry.
Alka: But mom,
Pragya: By the way bubble what you did was right.
Raj: see geeta, here we have got another daughter but same as our daughter.
Alka and pragya laughed and shared hi five, abhi got irritated,
Alka: Awww…someone is getting irritated.
Pragya laughed at abhi’s facial expressions.
Geeta: Stop it alka…
Alka laughed and said okay okay sorry mom.Sorry irritated bhai..
Abhi nodded his head in disbeleif,
Geeta: Pragya, you know about today’s ritual right?
Pragya: Yes, the bride has to go to her parents house.
Geeta: Very well.
Alka: Mom, Can I also join pragya?
Geeta: Why?
Alka: Mom, i just want to go with her .
Pragya: Surely bubble you can come.
Geeta: okay so abhi and alka both would join you.
Alka: Yeaaa
Abhi: Mantle sister i have got.
Alka: Mantle is not a sister but a layer of earth … Core, Mantle, Crust!
Abhi: Bad joke, bad timing.
Alka: Bad brother.

Geeta: Alkaa….
Pragya giggled
Geeta: oh yes well pragya, actually me and suket are leaving london tomorrow, so at night we will come to your house to meet Suket bhai and saanvri bhabhi.
Abhi: Tomorrow, mom i will miss you,
Geeta: Alka is here for you, moreover Ma and disha are also coming just in few days.
Abhi: But who will save me from bubble, nani always takes her side and only you are one who takes my side.
Alka: Com’on abhi, i am not too bad.
Abhi: i was joking, well papa there are some meetings you need to look after, you got schedule right?
Raj: Yes abhi i will manage it, well its getting late so i should leave.
Geeta: pragya go and get ready, you also should go to your house, alka and abhi you both should also get ready.
Pragya: Okay mom..

Time passed…. (at sharma mansion)
Samarth was walking in to and fro motion, so was aadesh , it was like they were waiting for pragya to come, aadesh and samarth were looking at their watch, and then after looking at watch they were looking at door.
Saanvri: again and again Iooking at the door won’t make pragya magically appear.(baar baar dekhne se pragya aa nhi jayegy)
Samarth and aadesh make a sad face , they sit at sofa .
Samarth: I am missing her so much,
Aadesh: I am also missing her.
samarth: I am missing her more than dadu is is missing her.
Aadesh: No i am missing her more..
Samarth : No dadu i am missing her more
Aadesh: firstly she is my grand daughter than your sister.
Samarth: She is my sister first and then your grand daughter.
Aadesh: I am missing her more
Samarth: No I am…

They continued their convo, pragya came in and saw both of them saying: I am missing pragya more.. pragya smiled at this, no one realised that pragya was at door of hall, aadesh and samarth continued their so called fight, but soon they heard a voice.
Excuse me, i have not died that you both are missing me so much.
Saanvri, aadesh and samarth looked at door, samarth without wasting time just rushed to hug pragya, pragya hugged him tightly.
Samarth: I missed you pearl.
Pragya: I missed you too.
Aadesh: Dolly won’t you hug me?
Pragya and samarth broke hug, alka and abhi took saanvri’s blessings, aadesh hugged pragya.
Aadesh: I missed you more than sam.

Pragya giggled and then broke hug, alka and abhi then took blessings from aadesh.
Saanvri: Someone forgot me…
Pragya looked at saanvri and gave her the bone crushing hug, saanvri patted her back, pragya broke the hug , saanvri : So everything fine?
Alka: Aunty, your daughter is best.

Saanvri smiled and pulled pragya’s cheek.
Samarth: What? Haha pragya is best? Abhi why don’t you take your sister for eye checkup.
Alka:: Oh hello mister, you are not best that doesn’t means that pragya is also not best.
Pragya laughed and said: Sam bhai, bubble is extremly right.
Abhi: samarth, why don’t you take your sister to eye specialist, see she is saying that alka di is right.
Samarth laughed at it,
Pragya: Oh hello, why don’t you go to eye specialist.
Abhi: i won’t go because my eyes are perfectly fine.
Pragya: Eyes are perfectly fine? Then go to neurologist because your brain is not perfectly fine.
Alka in sharp voice: Sunshine….
Pragya: What?
Alka: He is already having no brain and you are saying that his brain is not perfectly fine, what would neurologist check, he would say Sorry abhi has no brain.
Alka and pragya laughed and shared hi five.
Pragya: exactly bubble, i didn’t thought that.
Samarth: Abhi, do one thing.
Abhi: Yes?

Samarth: Tear of your skull and show them your brain.(apni khopri cheer kr inhain apna dimmag dikha)
Abhi: Ehhhh, are you mad?
Alka: Sunshine… i thought only my brother is not born with brain but your brother too doesn’t have brain…
Pragya: I already know Sam bhai has no brain.
Samarth: I won’t talk to you pragya.
Pragya: Okay, ba byeeee.
Alka laughed so did pragya. Abhi giggled.
Saanvri: pragya alka abhi samarth just stop your fight, are you here to participate in WWE?
Aadesh: exactly, all of you just stop your talks.
Pragya: Ma, i want to talk to you about so many thingsss, so lets go into your room, bubble come.
Alka nods her head and they proceed to saanvri’s room, aadesh had some work so he left, abhi and samarth sat at sofa and started talking about random things.. as pragya reached at saanvri’s room, something poped into her mind so she took excuse.
Pragya: Maa, bubble i have some work i will come back in 10 mins.
Saanvri: where are you going?
Pragya: Mom, shaalini is waiting for me outside the house, so i will come back.
Saanvri: okay fine…
Pragya rushes to hall and was about to go outside but abhi saw her,
Abhi: Where are you going.
Pragya: for you it shouldn’t matter, saying this pragya left house, samarth felt something weird and these words just hurted him to depth, to normalise situation samarth continued convo………
Pragya rushed to outside house and saw no one is around so she went on road , and took a transport (rishka, riksha (sorry souls i don’t know how we pronounce it) , she took a transport and left……………
Screen gets shifted to Sharma mansion:

Samarth and abhi were still talking , aadesh joined them.
Aadesh: abhi are you on insta?
Abhi: Insta?
Aadesh: Instagram.
Abhi: Is it social website?
Aadesh: how boring, you even don’t know about instagram?
Abhi: ahm No… I know about Facebook, twitter, gmail, yahoo, pintrest, tumblr, but instagram is new to me.
Samarth: Abhi in which centuary are you living?
abhi: 21…

Aadesh: okay leave insta , tell me you user names for facebook and all i would end you.
Abhi: End me?
Aadesh: Sorry, sorry add you…
Abhi: Well at all of them my username is Abhishek Mehra.
Aadesh: cool, i will send you request , you should accept it .
Abhi: You are on social webistes?
Aadesh: Why can not I be?
Abhi: No i mean you are same as my Nani , she is also that modern..
Aadesh: Oh… then make her meet me(setting kar wa de meri)
Samarth: Dadu….
Abhi laughed and said: She has no intrest in boys.
Aadesh: I am not a boy now, i have grown up.
Abhi: You are perfect flirty…
Aadesh laughed!
Time passed soon it was 5 30 pm , Screen shifted to pragya , going to a dark room , she slowly closed the door….. and then screen shifts to Abhi , who was sitting in hall all alone, he was using his mobile when his phone rang, he picked up the call,

Abhi: Hello
Person: Its not time to se hello, just tell me why did you married her?
Abhi looked around and silently went into garden,
Abhi: What? Who are you?
Person: Meera….Meera Agharwaali.. You forgot me?
Abhi smiled and said: Meeru, how are you?
Meera: Just tell me why did you married her?
Abhi: You know why I married her, and still you are asking same question… Well what happend to your voice it has changed
Meera : My voice…it is same just you have changed and forgot me , we consummated our relation and you forgot me
Abhi: Hello ,hello hello miss i mean Mrs meera, what are you saying?
Meera: Abhi, you know what i am saying…..
Abhi: But…
Meera:………… (muted)
For 5 mins the convo was muted, at every next scentence abhi was getting tensed ,,,,finally..
Abhi: But meera listen to me
Meera: Think upon it and answer me,
Meera ended call, abhi was tensed to depth, he started sweating, he started pulling his hairs and stamped feet at ground….
Abhi: How can she do this? I believed her and she betrayed me, i trusted her and she ….. She knows i love her than why is doing this……
On the other hand, pragya came out of that dark room, she was smiling , and just took a round , and was almost dancing….
Samarth saw her and said: Pragya is getting fits mom
Pragya: Sam bhai… do not spoil my mood , tell me where is abhi.
Samarth: I saw him in garden

Pragya: okay, saying this pragya went in garden..
Abhi was wandering here and there… pragya saw him and in exitement she started saying Oye Balle Balle….
Abhi sensed someone’s presense so he looked back, as pragya saw him looking back, she freezed at the moment while dancing.
Abhi: What are you doing?
Pragya: Oh well nothing,

Abhi: Then go why are you here?
Pragya: This is my graden, why can not I be here?
Abhi in frustration: because i do not want you to be here.
Pragya in irritation: If you do not want me around you then Why you married me? You should have married the one whom you loved, why did you came to me? You should have gone to her whom You love.
Abhi in full rage: I am already married to her and i love……..
Pragya smiled a bit but controlled and in anger she asked: To do hell with you, Maa is calling you inside..
Abhi: I am coming, Go…
Pragya left from there and after reaching at entrence of hall she screamed: Yipppeeeeeeeeeeeeee…
Screen got freezed at Abhi’s helpless face and pragya’s happy face…..

Pre recap: You are also going? This is wrong? What about us?

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Manan : Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyaada by Crystal : Chapter 28

Manan : Jeene Laga Hoon Pehle Se Zyaada by Crystal : Chapter 28

Link to Chapter 27: Click here

The comments in Chapter 27 have been answered.. thanks for your support keep supporting..i am going to continue this ff just for my fans who are actually reading……. But a request to all my silent readers…. Please comment just to boost up the writers

Recap : Nandini finally tells that she is jealous of seeing Manik and Navya close

The scene continues from the party continues:
(Manik) “Navya. Aa gayi Kabab mein haddi (Here comes the bone in the chicken)”

(Nandini’s POV) He loosened his grip but held me fixed; still didn’t let go of me. I really want to run away from here.

(Manik) “Nandu, meet again, Navya Singh.”

(Nandu) “Yeah!! I know, Navya Singh…What?”

(Manik)“Navya Singh. She never told you her last name, did she? Nor did you ask.”

(Nandini’s brain virus started running)Singh. It is his dad’s surname, then, she must be “Your sister?” I looked at him, literally stunned.

(Manik) “Yes. She is my younger sister. Technically, she is my father’s elder brother’s third child.”

(Nandini shocked in her mind) I can’t believe this. I got jealous over his sister without knowing who she was. Oh my god! Navya came closer to me and kissed me on my cheek.

(Navya) “Do forgive me, Nandini. You are so small and cute. Especially, much cuter when you were angry at Manik, I couldn’t help but tease you. I guess my teasing went too far.
Will you forgive your would be Sister-In-Law?”

(Nandini unable to get out of her shocked feeling and continued thinking) I didn’t know what to say. Seeing my relaxed expression I guess she understood that I forgave her.

(Navya teasingly to Nandini) “Thanks for forgiving me. I am going on husband hunting. So Nandini what do you think will Mr. Cabir like me?”

(Manik) “Cabir who?”

(Nandini) “Cabir Dhawan.”

(Manik) “Oh! He is Mr. Veer Dhawan’s grandson. He is free now. He is a good choice for number 25, Navya.”

(Navya) “Thanks. Hope he is number 25. See you later. Here you go Manik, key to my room. Take your quarrel there. People might come out hearing the noise.”

(Nandini confusedly asked Manik) “What is number 25?”

(Manik) “That, we will worry about it later. Now our problem”

(Manik’s POV) I took Nandu to the next floor where Navya has booked a room for herself. Navya wanted to stay here for the day and move to mom’s house the next day. Unnecessarily wasting money for nothing! After we got inside, I made her sit and went out to bring some coffee to drink. She still seemed shocked after hearing Navya is my sister. More probably shocked by her actions! But I am really happy the way she reacted. I am glad that Navya’s idea really worked. Now I am confident. After she finished her coffee,

(Manik then spoke) “Calmed down? Reenergised to fight with me?”

(Nandini) “Yes. (She took a deep breath and shouted) YOU DONKEY,MONKEY, DOG, DO YOU THINK I AM FOOL?”

(Manik cunningly in his mind) This was the reaction that I expected from her. I wanted to laugh but seeing Nandini all serious I decided to control my laughter and start talking to her.

(Manik)“ So Nandu if you do not mind, Can I explain?”

(Nandini in an disgusted tone) “I will give you five minutes.” She sat with her hands crossed.

(Manik) “Long story short, Navya and I are closer in age. We have only a few months difference. I was worried about our relationship. Seeing me worried, she came to town to help me out. Don’t think she is all that great that she is here to help her brother. She is running away from marriage. So back to topic, she suggested that the simplest method to clear your doubt about your feelings was by making you jealous. If you become jealous, it means that you love me and if you didn’t care and if you were hAppy for me, it means I have to forget my love. Initially, I thought her plan didn’t work and almost concluded that you didn’t love me since you never complained. But as I was getting to know you were getting jealous, I really wanted to stop. But she wanted to continue till you were open about it. I thought going out of town will make her go back to her home. But it didn’t work. That day when you had come to office, I was feeling so guilty seeing you almost cry. I didn’t want to put you in such a spot. I didn’t realise how angry you were until now when I saw you storm out of the party before meeting me. Sorry. I am really sorry.” She kept quiet for some time. Then she softly said, “Idiot.” Of all the words to say, she says idiot yet no confession.

(When Manik did not get any reaction from Nandini other than the word idiot, it disheartened him and he let out the words)“Sigh. I give up. Let’s go down. Back to the party. Navya will be waiting. I will drop you back home. Ok?”

(Manik’s POV) Just as I was leaving the room, she suddenly pulled me back and kissed me. My mind went blank for a second. What did she just do? She kissed me, on her own. Wow! I never did dream…… wow! Our first kiss, by her! She slowly let me go and hugged me tightly and I responded equally,

Pyar manga hai tumhi se
Mujhe pyar karo
Aaj abhi zidd maano meri
Na intezaar karo

(Nandini) “I love you, Manik. I want to spend my life with you. I have never felt this way with anyone and I don’t think I will feel too. Manik, will you forgive me for all I have done till now?”

(Manik’s POV) Forgive she says, but I am filled with hAppiness that words can’t explain. I swayed her from her feet. I hugged her closer to me.

Main bhi dil ki sun raha hoon
Tum bhi dil ki suno
Pyar manga hai tujhse
Mujhe pyar karo

(Manik)“Nandu, this is the best thing I have ever got in my life. I don’t think that there will ever be another one like this. I love you so much, Nandu. I am so glad I met you and fell in love with you. This is the best Christmas ever.”

Tujhe paane ka junoon iss qadar hai
Tere khwaabon se bhari ye nazar hai
Zara dheere se mere paas aao
Tumhe kitna pyaar hai ye batao
Pucho naa bas dil de do
Mujhe pyaar karo
Pyaar manga hai tumhi se
Naa inkaar karo
Aaj abhi zidd maano meri
Naa intezar karo

Manik kissed Nandini. I didn’t want to leave her. But I cannot push my wishes on to her. I set her down slowly. Seeing the time to be 9.30,

Tu hai neele aasmaan ka musafir
Chala aaya taaro se meri khatir
Teri baahon mein ajab sa ik sukoon hai
Mujhe jaana ab kahi aur kyun hai

Tum meri bas meri ho
Mujhe pyaar karo
Pyaar manga hai tumhi se
Mujhe pyaar karo
Aaj abhi zidd maano meri
Naa intezar karo

(Manik) “Nandu, there is about two and half hours and could you please wait till then”

(Nandu) “Fine, where you have been waiting for me for so long can’t I do so much for you. Let’s head down Manik.”

(Manik’s POV) We went down and joined the party. As soon as we entered, Navya took Nandini away from my hands and went ahead in direction of Cabir Dhawan. From her
attitude, I could guess that her tactics didn’t work on him. But he is no less compared to her seeing the number of people both have dated. If she does get him to marry her, it will secure a strong connection for business. I don’t wish for her to marry for business but……….. I went on moving from people to people killing time.

(Nandini) “Hey, what is the hurry?”

(Navya) “Nandini, you must smash that guy. He said I was a sl*t. How dare he? I am the daughter of the Singh family and he has the guts to talk to me like that.”

(Nandini) I stopped. “Wait! Wait, Navya. Cabir Bhai isn’t like that. He is a gentleman. He never speaks rudely to ladies though his actions may imply something different. If he did
say something like that, what did you tell for him to say such a thing?”

(Navya) “I didn’t tell him anything. I was just talking about business when he suddenly said it and left before I could say anything. I tried to talk to him to know why he told that, but he hasn’t given me a chance to ask and I can’t disgrace Aunty here by creating a scene. If this party was taking place at my hometown, he would have been thrown out and bashed without any explanation.”

(Nandini’s POV) You can see her control her fury. She was trembling. If he really did say it, I will make sure he Apologises. I smiled. She looked unsure. It sounds like she is almost begging but her anger can be sensed in her actions. Why would he do that? He surely doesn’t provoke women no matter how bad they are and he knows very well that she can’t talk back to him here. Cabir Bhai, I don’t know what you were thinking but I decided to talk to him. I left Navya and moved towards finding my dear so called bro Cabir.

I went straight to the group where all my friends and Cabir were standing (Nandini) “Hey guys. What are you talking about?” (the entire Nandini’s gang is talking. Her gang had comprised of Indians and Britishers)

(Sagar) “Hey, Nandini. Lost time no see, bro. Give me a five!”

(Nandini) “Sagar, I am a girl. So it is sis, not bro.”

(Theo) “You are only biologically a girl. Otherwise, you are like us.”

(Sahil) “That is not nice to tell that about a girl, Theo. Nandini, Mom wants you to come home once in a while. When did you come here? I didn’t see you at all.”

(Nandini) “I just came now. Thanks for the invitation, Sagar. If you don’t mind, can I borrow Cabir Bhai for a short time?”

(Theo) “Oh god! Nandini wants to borrow you Cabir, run for your life!”

(Nandini) “Ha ha. Nice joke, Theo. But still, I am borrowing him.”

(Sahil) “Go on, Nandini. Come back for a cup of champagne or white wine, if you prefer?”

(Nandini) “Not in this life. Order me some fruit juice, Sagar.”

(Frank) “Are you confident that we won’t mix alcohol with it?”

(Nandini) “Try it.” I know it is not good to provoke them but if I don’t, god knows what they will mix. I pulled Cabir with me and went towards the cocktails. I pulled up a fruit juice to

(Nandini) “Why are you silent, Cabir Bhai? Don’t you have anything to say to me?”

(Cabir) “Not really. So what do you want, Nandini?”

(Nandini straight to the point) “What did you tell to Navya?” “I told her not to hang on me.”

(Nandini) “What makes you so sure she was hanging around you?”

(Cabir) “Don’t all girls do?”

(Nandini) “You sure are self-centred. I usually ignore that but not today. Why do you think she is hanging around you?”

(Cabir gave a platonic answer) “Rich husband hunting”

(Nandini angered) “I thought so” (Nandini in her mind) Such a self-centred person. Why can’t I have nice people around me! She was telling those things for fun! She has no need for
a rich husband.

(Cabir) “What did I say wro……….. Augh…”

(Nandini’s POV) Without letting him complete his sentence I just punched him in his stomach. Usually, I would have shouted at him but I talked into his ears.

(Nandini) “You dumb headed bro! She has no need to go husband hunting. She has guys standing in queue to marry her. She is one of the Singh family’s heirs and one of the
directors in the Malhotra main company and Singh group. You should know that you are endangering your company’s business by your actions. If I were you, I would Apologise to her.”

(Cabir) “Cough………….. Cough…….. Your punch is as strong as ever. But aren’t she and you at swords? Why are you sticking up for her?”

(Nandini’s POV) Of course, I will stick up for her! I wouldn’t have spoken ill of her even if she was Manik’s girlfriend. When did I speak ill of her? I was annoyed by her actions. If she
is such a person to annoy me, I dont think I will be hanging out much with her in the future but if it was a act, thats another story. Now that I know that all of it was an act to make me fess up, it makes me like her more for supporting her brother.

(Nandini) “What? What gave you that idea? Even if we are fighting, I am not going to tolerate any guy badmouthing even a pr*stitute. I am sure Dadaji taught you how to treat a woman. Now go on and clear this mess before I by mistake chat this up to him. Bhai, never ever use words against girl or I will make sure you get in a scandal you can’t get out of. Remember the last time?”

(Cabir) “Fine, fine. I get it.”

(Nandini) “If possible, accept a slAp from her and later we will have a match between Rishabh and you to see who is stronger. Is it good?”

(Cabir) “Slap is fine, but why should I fight Rishabh? He must have become insanely strong. You are being too full of yourself. I won’t fight Rishabh.”

(Nandini) “Ok.” Cabir was taken aback.

(Cabir confusedly) “Really? Strange to see you accept without a fight.”

(Nandini)”Yeah yeah, I don’t want to ruin my hAppy mood today.”

(Cabir) “HAppy Mood? Are you mad? You want me to get slApped and it is hAppy mood?”

Complaining, he went towards Navya and took her to the balcony. I went back to the guys. He better not make things worse. He came back within few minutes. He looked mad but he didn’t tell anything. There was no mark on his face. I am sure he would have offered to get a slAp. Why didn’t she do it? Any girl would have. Did she intend to hit him with business?

(Theo) “Hey Cabir, you look mad? Did that girl reject you?”

He glared at me. No use glaring at me. You made the mistake. (Nandini) “Yeah Bhai, did you confess to her?” My words snApped him.

(Cabir) “As If! I don’t think I have gone dry of girls so much that I need to confess to anyone. Besides, my standards haven’t gone that worse yet. I was Apologising for a misunderstanding. Nothing else”

All of them were amazed because they all know that Navya is exactly the type of girl that he dates.

(Frank) “Cabir, has your eyesight gone bad? She is totally your type, dude.” Sahil cleared his throat.

(Sahil) “Frank, he is not going to agree, cause…… he has completely fallen for her.”

(Nandini) “Oh my! Really Bhai?” His nerves were popping. I am enjoying this thoroughly. But I don’t think it will be long before I am in Cabir’s position.

(Cabir) “Shut up”

(Nandini) “Hey, guys, Cabir wants to fight with Rishabh. Wanna fix a date for the matches? It has been so long since we got together. It will also be a break for Rishabh from all his studying.”

(Sahil) “Yeah, Rishabh’s also learning karate. He must have advanced now. Cabir is also a karate fighter, isn’t he? Sure, Master vs. Student.”

(Cabir) “Hey! I am not fighting.”

(Sahil) “Don’t be a spoilsport. We are calling the whole gang back together. I don’t think one day is going to hurt.”

(Cabir) “Even if you do that, I am not fighting.”

(Nandini) “Scared that you will lose?”

He knew that he couldn’t get out of this without telling why I want him to fight Rishabh. He sighed.

(Cabir) “Fine, go ahead and plan it then. Since the gang is being called back, why not Nandini also fight?”

(Nandini in her mind) Me? I don’t mind but Uncles and aunts will be angry if they knew about it.

(Frank) “Hey, she is the only girl. I don’t think any of us are ready to fight her.” Frank is a real sweety. He really hates testing who is better, girls or boys.

(Nandini) “I don’t mind. I don’t like gender bias. So, who will be against me?”

(Frank) “You want us butchered, Nandini?” Oh! He is worried about the scoldings.

(Sahil) “Frank is correct, you know. We will be butchered to pieces, all twenty of us, by our parents but mostly by Cabir’ grandfather if he knew about it. You know all our parents listen to Dadaji Veer’s words and Nandini is Veer gramps’ favourite.”

(Nandini) “Only if he knew”

(Sagar) “Ahm….. about that, let’s decide on the day of fight. I like Cabir’s idea. I don’t mind fighting Nandini.” We kept chatting and time went by. All of a sudden, I heard Manik’s voice behind me.

(Manik) “Excuse me, if you don’t mind, can I borrow Nandu?”

(Nandini blushed and in her mind)Drat! He said Nandu. Of all the people to call me like that in front of, he had to do it here! Though I like it when he says but at least not in front of them.

Sagar pulled me up from Manik’s side and hugged from behind facing Manik, “Sure, but who are you to call our precious girl Nandu?”
(Nandini again in her mind) Manik and I just reconciled and Sagar is creating misunderstandings already.
(Nandini) “Let me off, Sagar. (I pushed him off) Manik, let me introduce you to the Knights in Shining Armour, Sagar, Frank , Sahil and Theodre and of course,Cabir Dhawan. Guys, Manik Malhotra.”
(Manik) “Nice to meet you all. Can I borrow her?” He extended his hands out to me.
(Frank) “Not yet.”
(Nandini) “Frank!!!!” Seriously, these guys need to give me a break!
(Theo) “Come on baby, we are allowed to call you Nandini and yet, he calls you Nandu like Dadaji. We don’t like it.” Theo caught the point.
(Sagar) “You get mad every time we called you Jo and now, you are allowing somebody else to call you Nandu?”
(Cabir) “Let her go.” Cabir was smiling slyly.
(Sahil) “But Cabir?”
(Cabir)“She better do some explaining on the day of tournament.”

He kept smiling at me like I was caught in theft by him. Did Veer Dadaji tell him already?

“Thank you Cabir bhai, but I don’t owe you any explanations.”

Precap: Where did Manik take Nandini and go??

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Honey, I have a Craving!! (EPISODE – 2)

Honey, I have a craving!!

*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 2)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

During First Month of Ragini’s pregnancy…,

Ragini : I want to see a male doctor like Kavya n Swara (her friends). My doctor is old and boring.

Laksh : Mera bachcha you are veiled, and there is no necessity to visit a male doctor and whether your doctor is old or young, what matters is her experience and qualifications na!! If you don’t feel comfortable with your doctor, then we can look for another female doctor.

Ragini : NO!! I know that females are not that experienced in medicine.

Laksh : (mumbling) In everything, not only medicine!!!

The arguments continue till the Laksh succeeds in convincing his wife Ragini that another female doctor would be good, especially that she is a little younger than the previous doctor. But, the Ragini is still unhappy as the new doctor does not have the latest high technology of ultra-sonography.

Ragini : See, This doctor also failed to show me the baby.

And with saying this she made pout..

Laksh : Ragini, you are still in your first month, there is no baby to see.

Ragini : Swara’s doctor showed her baby in her first month, and the baby was moving, plus she could able to hear baby’s heartbeat also.

Laksh : (irritating) Oh yeah!! And the baby was walking too, right..!!

And again continues..,

Laksh : (convincing) Mera bachcha doctor have told na in first month baby looks like a dot.

As usual, that argument ends with going to one of the private hospital where there are the latest medical equipments.

At the hospital, the doctor explains to the Ragini that there is no way any instrument can show a baby, its movement, or its heartbeat, as the baby is not big enough. Finally, they quietly return back home and the Ragini realizes that she has to wait.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Precap : Second Month of Ragini’s pregnancy…

My handsome boss or a crazy follower- A swasan OS 2 (complete)

Her watch striked 8:45. She took a deep sigh closing the file she was currently working upon, probably the last file of the day. She looked around the empty office with her tired eyes. Everyone had left.

” Why always me…? ” She thought. For the two years she had worked here she had often been the last one to leave.

” Swara Sir is calling you. ” the old peon announced with a warm smile snapping her out of her thoughts. It was only him and her boss who left after her. She nodded returning back the smile.

So work wasn’t still complete. The main work was left- to handover the file to her overly handsome boss, Mr. Sanskar Maheshwari. All female employees in the office were crazy about him. He probably had a really big fanclub within office. His alluring Greek God looks, his charming eyes, his perfectly toned body, his bossy manner, his success in such a small timespan were always the topic of discussion during the break times but she never took part in it.

She went to his cabin and knocked the door. “Come in Ms. Swara.” she heard from other side and went in.

She wished him handing over the file to him. He took it with a smile and then for next 5 minutes his eyes were glued to the file while hers were busy admiring him. Yes she did admire him but his perfection, his hard work and his dedication to reach where he was today and not his killer looks or his charming smile or his perfectly toned body which she had never seen. All she saw till now was his face, and shirt buttoned up to top with a blazer from the other end of the table. She had never seen him get up from his chair or roam in office. He was probably the first boss who reached office before his employees and left at end.

“Does he sit shirtless when other employees come…?” she thought to herself reasoning about how others could talk about his body which was hidden under his shirt and started imagining him without a shirt.

” Fine you may leave.” He said bringing her out of her dreamland.

She jerks away the thoughts and leaves immediately embarrassed at what she was thinking.

It was dark all around with a very few people on road. Swara was walking hastily towards bus stand to catch her bus. Suddenly she heard some footsteps from behind. Her lips curve into a smile. While her footsteps slowed down her heart started racing faster. She felt happy. She didn’t look back to see who he was but just kept walking and finally reached her destiny. Reaching her apartment she immediately rush to her balcony to see him but just saw his shadow disappearing in dark. This happened everyday.

Swara:(to herself) It’s been one and a half years now he has been following me. I don’t know who he is but I feel safe when he is around. He helped me the night when some men tried to misbehave with me. I was although able to fight a few of them with the karate moves I learned when I was in 8th but soon they overpowered me and that was the first time he appeared. It was too dark as the lights were gone probably an electric cut in the area so all I could see was he nodding his head when I thanked him and then he walked away. I felt it strange but after sometime I again heard some footsteps behind me and I knew it was him and from then I always hear those footsteps behind me whenever I come back home but don’t know why I never stopped him. I just feel happy when he is around.
She soon doses off thinking abput the mystery man.

Sitting infront of the mirror wearing a peach and grey Anarkali suit Swara looks at her beautiful reflection in the mirror. Her face showed her nervousness and she starts thinking how she had come to Kolkata to spend a weekend with her family and came to know about a marriage proposal. She wanted to say a No but then decided to meet the guy on her father’s insistence who said that the guy was nice and understanding and had no problem with her continuing her job after marriage. This was all she knew about him and maybe that was enough for her to say yes as she had full trust on her parent’s choice but she had strange feelings for her follower whom she never saw.

She was snapped out of her thoughts with a knock at the door and there entered her best friend cum sister in law Ragini.

“Whoa, you look beautiful Shona. I’m sure the guy gonna fall flat on floor seeing you.” Ragini complimented seeing her making her blush.

“Ohho so my sister blushed too I never knew.” teased her elder brother Laksh entering the room making her blush even more.

“Chalo Shona let’s go down they have come.” Ragini informed her while she played with her dupatta.

“Nervous…?” laksh asks and she nodded in reply.

“Relax Shona we all will be around and moreover I’ve talked to him twice he seems to be a really nice guy. Just ask him whatever you want and decide it. Okay.” laksh tries to calm his younger sister while Ragini side hugged her and wished her luck.

They went down. A couple in their mid fifties was chatting with her parents. She just greeted them saying Namaste and bowed down her head in shyness. The couple greeted her back and soon she was sitting along them and answering their questions honestly.

After sometime the lady spoke,” Sharmishtha ji maare ko to aapki chhori ghanni chokhi lagi se ab ek baar chhore ko aa jaane do fir jehi dono faisla karlewenge.” ( Sharmishtha ji I liked your daughter alot now let my son come then they both can take the decision.)

And soon the guy came from back. Listening his footsteps Swara’s heart started pounding faster. She felt as if she had felt this feeling before too. The guy was decently dressed and taking blessings from her parents finally turned towards her. Her nervousness increased every second and finally she saw him giving her a shock. It was none other than her handsome boss Sanskar Maheshwari. He passed a smile to her which she was too shocked to return back and just kept staring him. Ragini shaked her a little seeing her staring at him blankly.

Elders decide to give them some time alone to speak and so they walked towards her room nervously.

Holding the railing of the balcony both stood surrounded by an ackward silence. Swara was too shy and nervous to start the conversation as whenever she had spoken to him it was only about work so waited for him to speak something while Sanskar’s mind got so numb due to nervousness that he forgot all the questions he had prepared to ask her the day before. Both avoided to look towards each other so looked outside practically staring at nothing.

“Com’on Swara what has happened to you now why aren’t you speaking?? Till yesterday toh mom was giving you classes on how to shy and now when its time to speak you aren’t able to do anything except shying. ” Swara mumbled to herself in a low voice which brought a little smile on Sanskar’s face and he gets a little calm and finally taking a deep breathe both turned towards each other and spoke
“Ms. Swara”

Both looked at each other for a second and started laughing but after a few seconds it was only her who was laughing because he was busy staring at her and admiring her cute smile. She felt his gaze on her and looks into his eyes which were a key to his pure soul. But soon they realize what they were doing and look away abruptly. Silence surrounded them yet again.

” You knew about it…?” finally Swara questioned breaking the silence.

“About what…?” he asked curling up his eyebrows in confusion.

“About this proposal.” she explained still looking away not wanting to loose herself in his eyes again.

“No” he lied fully known about how his father teased him when he convinced him about her.

She looks towards him as if not convinced.

“Okay so tell me about yourself.” She told him.

“Uhmm like what ?” he asked not able to decide what to tell.

“I mean I know about your profession so something you would like to tell.” She said

” ok you ask me whatever you want.” He told her smiling.

“Huh…” she took a deep sigh and finally finding courage spoke, ” Ok tell me about your …” she hesitated and finally closing her eyes spoke,” your girlfriend or someone you liked or admired.”

He smiles and says,” Well I didn’t have any girlfriend.”

“You didn’t.” She asked shocked.

He runs his hand through his hair and grinning at her continues,” I know I am really handsome and have a huge fanclub in office but I really didn’t have any girlfriend. Yaa I liked a girl in my college and also decided to propose her but later came to know that she already had two boyfriends from before. So just decided to concentrate in my studies and after college got busy with my business so didn’t got time for all this. And now marriage.”

He looked at her waiting for a reaction. She just smiled at him. There was a silence again for a few seconds before Swara spoke up, ” Sir I love someone. ”

It came as a thundershock for Sanskar. His heart cried hearing this. He thinks he heard something wrong and confirms,” you mean to say you loved someone right.”

“No sir, I love someone and I wanna marry just him.” she stated looking straight into his eyes.

He heard his heart breaking into million of pieces. From the time she had joined his office he liked her as a person and slowly with time he started loving her. He could feel his heart bleeding knowing that his love was just one sided. He was hurt but didn’t wanna show her and so averting his gaze says in a cold tone,” Then I guess we are wasting our time here lets go down.”

He turns to leave and taking long steps reached inside the room while she taking baby steps just stood at the balcony door smiling.

“Sanskar” she called out softly. He stopped near the bed at once listening his name for the first time from her mouth. It sounded like a melody to his ears but increased the pain in his heart because she loved someone else and couldn’t be his. He still didn’t turn back.

Taking slow steps Swara starts covering the distance between them and says: His name is Sanskar. He is a nice guy but an idiot. He follows me whenever I go home from office. He has never let me see him but hearing his footsteps my heart starts racing fast just like it started racing when he walked into my house sometime before, just like it is racing now when he is leaving. I feel happy when he is around. I want to know him more sir and live my life with him, just being his.

Both had smiles on their faces. She takes a step and stands beside him on his right still not looking at him.

And she continues again, ” I wanna marry him but with a condition that he should always hold my hand,” she paused a little and slowly entwined her left hand with his right one and looking at them happily continues ,”just like this and walk BESIDE me my whole life and NOT BEHIND me.”

She finally comes infront of him and looking straight into his eyes asks smiling,” What do you think sir will he accept my condition and marry me??”

He looks into her eyes and was overwhelmed to see unconditional love for him in then. He couldn’t say anything and pulled her into a hug while she reciprocated with a big smile plastered on her face and whisper in his ear,” I still didn’t get my answer.”

This brings a smile on his face too and he whispers back ,” How can he deny you.” He breaks the hug and looks into her eyes. She blushes a little and hugs him again while he too reciprocated and kissed the top of her head.

They separated hearing a knock at the door. It was Ragini and walking inside the room she asks,”Chalen …?”

Both nod at her and Sanskar comes down while Ragini takes Swara to her room. Downstairs elders ask Sanskar and he nods in a yes and in meantime Ragini too comes down with a shy Swara and announces a yes. All elders hug each other and finally after sometime they were engaged while Raglak who knew about their feelings for each other kept teasing them. Finally after engagement with Raglak’s help Sanskar takes Swara out for sometime.

They both sat near the river bank enjoying the cool breeze with Swara’s head on his shoulder and his arm around her shoulder. She was playing with his fingers and enjoying nature.

Sanskar: Did you know about it?

Swara:(confused) About what?

Sanskar: That I was the guy who followed you??

Swara: ( looking into his eyes and Smiling) No, Not until I heard your footsteps when you came today.

Sanskar just nodded and they again started looking at the flowing water.

Sanskar: But why did you say me Idiot??

Swara with a pout removes her head from his shoulder and says: Because you came to my house with a marriage proposal, I got engaged to you, I confessed what I feel for you and not only this I even proposed you but you still didn’t confess your feelings to me.

Sanskar smiles looking at her pout and placing her head on his shoulder again kisses her forehead and confesses: I love you Swara. From the time you joined the office I liked you and slowly I started loving you. Rather I used to give you extra work to see you and also followed you to make sure you reached safely.

Swara: But why you never confessed and leave that whenever I came to your office you kept your eyes glued to the file as if I was never there.

Sanskar: Well because I didn’t want you to know about my feelings. Accha waise Swara why didn’t you ever stop me to follow you. It isn’t safe if it would have been someone else and he would have tried to misbehave with you then??

Swara: No worries, afterall I’m a karate kid and winks at him.

He smiles and they again look towards river. Suddenly Sanskar shouts: Swara look there is a cockroach on your shoulder.

Swara:( Frightened) What

She gets up immediately and tries to jerk it off screaming:aah…aah. But soon realises that there was nothing and Sanskar was playing a prank with her. She looked at him angrily while he smirks and says: What happened Karate kid?? And winks at her.

Swara:(angrily) You and she starts beating him while he keeps running and she chases. Finally they stop and break into laughter. He admires her laughing. She soon realises his gaze and looks down shyingly. He keeps on looking at her and all of a sudden holding her waist he pulls her towards him. Before she could react anything he puts his lips onto hers expressing all the love, longing and admiration that he had for her. For Swara everything happened in a blink of moment so it took her a few seconds to compose and finally she too kisses him back. Soon both parted due to lack of air and she shyingly puts her head on his shoulder and hugs him.

Swara:( still hugging him) By the way Sanskar whom I gonna marry my handsome boss or my crazy follower??

Sanskar: (tightening the hug) Both because I love you and you are my life.

Swara:(smiling) Love you too Sanky.

And from here starts the new journey of their love.


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SHIVIKA- PYAAR KI DASTAAN (intro and promo) ishqbaaz ff

Hey guys, this is my first ff and its title is shivika -pyaar ki dastaan
I am not going to start from the beginning so in my ff shivika already know each other and have feelings for each other but have not realised it yet. Anika is the organiser at oberoi mansion.
all characters are the same as in the serial. If there are some additions I will mention them in my ff.

Promo 1- a man in black suit looking quite dashing in his attire comes down the steps of Oberoi mansion and takes the blessings of his dadi who blesses him. Omkara and Rudra come and hug him and the person’s face is shown yes it is our shivaay.
Rudra – bhayya aaj kal aapka chehra itna mehakta hai. Aisa lagta jaise apko pyaar ho gaya ho

Shivaay- oh pls rudra tu jaanta hai mujhe pyaar vyaar se nafrat hai.
And is walking towards the door looking in his phone and a girl with flower petals in her hand is walking from the other direction and is looking at the petals in her hand. Yes, it is anika. They both dash each other anika is about to fall and shivaay holds her in his arms and they have an eye lock with the petals falling over them. Dadi who is standing with omru tells them ‘dehna shivaay ko pyaar hogi who bhi takkar ki’

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Jamai Raja 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Jamai Raja 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenupdates.co.in

The Episode starts with Mahi apologizing to Satya and says I knew you can’t do this and apologizes. She says she will compensate for this. Satya tells Payal that this is called nehle pe dehla/tit for tat. He recalls checking Nagma’s contacts, and sending some pics to someone. She gets a call from someone asking her why she has sent photos to him, and threatened to blackmail him. She sees Satya there. Satya asks her to do as he said, else he has her photos. Fb ends. Satya tells Payal that he will go and take rest now, as his sasumummy makes him tired. Mahi apologizes to Satya. Satya says now I am relieved, now no bad aunty can separate Sattu and Mahi. Satya thinks to tell the truth to Mahi today itself and thinks to the end his Sattu act. Payal calls someone and tells Shom that Nagma double crossed

them and ruined her plan. Satya comes there. Payal says I will ruin that girl. Shom says she has left now, what we can do. Payal says why don’t you understand Shom. Satya comes and asks her to search Nagma. He says you can get even God if searched and asks her to go and search Nagma, says his blessings are with her. Payal says I won’t leave you.

Satya meets Kajal and tells her that Mahi’s behavior is changed and now he thinks she is falling in love with him. Mahi tells Naina that she is growing feelings in her heart for Satya. Kajal asks if she will forgive you knowing about your Sattu act. Mahi says I don’t understand, if I am in love with Satya or Sattu. Naina looks on. Mahi says both persons are same. If I am doing wrong. Naina asks her to ask her heart and know.

Satya says he can’t bear anymore now, and wants to tell everything to Mahi, and that he is doing this childish act to protect her. He says he has burden on his heart. Mahi recalls the moments spent with him…Tu Aata Jab Seene Me plays…………She turns to Naina and asks if this is love? Naina laughs and nods. Mahi laughs and dances happily. Kajal asks why she will agree without any proofs. Mahi asks if Satya will accept? Satya says I will manage and know that she won’t agree with seeing proofs. Naina tells Mahi that he have to agree. Mahi hugs her. Payal asks Mahi, why she is blushing and asks if she is hiding something from her. Mahi says you might feel that I am mad, and says I think I love Satya. She says I love him…I love Satya. Payal is shocked. Mahi says I know that you are in a state of shock and asks for her help. She says she wants to express love to Satya and says I love him…She hugs her and goes. Satya comes back and sees Mahi leaving somewhere. He thinks this is the right time.

He comes to meet Nagma and asks her to call Shom. Nagma calls Shom and apologizes to him, says Satya blackmailed her and that’s why she couldn’t do anything. Nagma asks for a chance. Shom says okay and asks her to meet him. Satya asks her to earn more in acting. He thanks her, and says sasu mummy…time is up, game is over. He thinks to expose Payal and end Sattu’s act. Later he packs his clothes and thinks now he don’t want to take help of lie, thinks where is Mahi? I want to tell her truth. Servant comes and says Mahi is calling you to garden. He goes out and sees garden area decorated, and Mahi loves Sattu written with their pics hanging…He gets emotional and happy. He sees cake kept there…and sees I love you Sattu written on it. He gets happy and looks for Mahi. Then he sees someone standing inside the curtains. He thinks she is Mahi.

Satya tells that he wants to tell her by his heart….and says I love you Mahi and can do anything for you. He says that’s why I did lie with you. He sees Nagma coming out from curtain and is shocked. He asks what you are doing here. Mahi turns him towards her, and slaps him.

Satya is shocked and asks Mahi? What is all this? Mahi says it is a betrayal which you have done to me since marriage day. Satya says these arrangements wasn’t done by him. Mahi blames him and says you have betrayed me and made me have feelings for you. She tells that these feelings have no use which grows from betrayal. She says you have plan everything carefully and made place for yourself in my heart. She says she will kick him out of her life in one day.

She burns the pics. She says she is kicking him out of her life by witnessing fire today.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

May I Come in Madam 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

May I Come in Madam 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenupdates.co.in

The Episode starts with Sanjana flirting with Sanju and laughing. She winks to him. She says your turn now, wink. He gets shy and winks. She claps. His imagination ends. Sanjana beats him and asks what is this, I told you to help me, something went in my eye, you are winking. He says no, I was just saying to do this, wink and dust will go. She says then utter the words. Chedi comes and removes dust from her eyes. She goes to wash eyes. Sanjana and Chedi joke on Sanju and laugh by scaring him of transfer.

Chedi asks shall I get biscuits for you. Sanjana says don’t say infront of Sanju. Chedi asks why. Sanju thinks are they talking about gold biscuits smuggling, where will we take so much money. Sanjana asks Sanju to go and work. Sanju goes.

She asks Chedi why did he tell about

biscuits about Sanju, its infant biscuits. Chedi says so what, everyone has own choice. Sanjana says if my employees know I eat infant biscuits, they will make fun of me, I have grown up now. He says fine, I will get biscuits. He goes.

Mummy packs her bag. Kashmira gives dupatta. Sanju asks her to give makeup kit. Sanju comes and is glad mummy is leaving. Kashmira says mummy is going for satsang. Sanju jokes. Bhupesh comes and greets them. Sanju asks him to say good bye. Bhupesh asks him is he happy now.

Bhupesh asks mummy is she going to Dubai. Sanju says even Chedi is going there, Kashmira find out where is mummy going. Sanju gets Sanjana’s call and leaves to meet her. Mummy lies to Bhupesh and Kashmira about her trip. Sanju meets Sanjana. She kneads rice. He says you are kneading flour. She says thanks for guiding me, you are so smart and humble. She asks him to do her work. He asks her to say.

She asks him to tuck the hair behind. Sanju does so. Chedi comes and asks is pizza made. Sanju asks what happened to your leg. Chedi says I saved a girl from goons, and got hurt by jumping, I screamed by pain and goons run away, she dropped me home. Sanjana says Chedi can’t go Dubai, Sanju can go. Sanju asks what will I do. She says meet client, and get a parcel. He asks what will we there in parcel. She says its too personal, just do what I say. He says sorry, I won’t go. He makes silly excuses. She says its final, you are going, drop Papa to room.

Sanju comes home and hears mummy crying aloud. He asks what happened and jokes. Kashmira asks can’t you see mummy is worried. He says even I m worried, but I can’t cry, make her quiet. Kashmira shouts get quiet. Mummy says I can’t go Vrindavan, someone got hurt by accident. Kashmira asks your accident, you look fine. Sanju jokes. Mummy says driver met with an accident. Kashmira says its fine, go next time. Mummy smiles and says yes, I can go anytime. Bhupesh comes and cries. Sanju asks is there crying competition today. Kashmira asks Bhupesh why is he crying. Bhupesh says everything finished, my dream to make business broke. Sanju asks what. Bhupesh says my friend was getting gold biscuits and custom caught him, they are beating him. Sanju worries.

Sanjana calls Sanju inside the ladies washroom. Music plays…… Sanju smiles.

Update Credit to: Amena

Waaris 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Waaris 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenupdates.co.in

The Episode starts with Mannu stopping Jagan from checking file. He asks did you call me. Jagan asks him to do work. Mannu takes file. He goes and hears Bebe calling out Amba. Sushila asks what happened. Mannu says Bebe got conscious maybe, she called mummy. Sushila says its nothing like that, you would be missing her. He says no, I heard her. Jagan says there is no sound, your ears are ringing, you did not do any work well, Harjeet’s file should reach his house before puja, go. Sushila asks him to run, I will take care of Bebe.

Mannu goes. Jagan says medicine got less, come we will give this to Bebe. Harjeet knocks door and asks Amrit about file. She says I m finding file, just wait. She opens the door. He asks did you get file. She says I will find it. He scolds her and asks her to find file

before puja. He goes. She worries. Mannu comes there with the file. Sushila plans with Raavi to get Amba for work. Amba comes and asks Sushila did you call me. Sushila says yes, see Raavi’s state, do puja work. Raavi says I will light diya, I m Shahni. Sushila asks her to talk to Amba well. She asks Amba to help them, as Bebe is unwell. Amba says I will do everything, don’t worry.

Simran asks why are we working, you know Raavi, she made us leave, now she called us to clean house. Amba asks whose house is this, we used to clean it every year, shall we not clean house when Bebe is not seeing, we get blessings by devotion. They agree. They clean the house. Raavi says I got first chance to light diya and you called them. Sushila says you are fool, see Amba, if you had sense, you would have thought and spoke, you don’t deserve to become Shahni, but you will become by my Leela, now enjoy, Amba will clean house and you will light diya. Raavi gets glad. Harjeet hears some sound and goes out asking who is there. Mannu runs and hides. Raj burns crackers. Amrit takes Raj. Harjeet scolds him. Amrit says I got file and gives him. Pandit asks Harjeet to come for puja. Amba makes all arrangements. She recalls Mannu’s words. Mannu thinks I kept file back, thanks for sending Raj, now I will fulfil promise made to mummy.

Mannu goes home and sees Amba. He asks Amba to make him wash hands. She says I came here as Sushila called. Mannu says I have good news, tender will go out of hands. Amba gets shocked and asks what did you do. Mannu says I won’t let my Papa’s dream break, you get ready to light diya. Jagan comes. Mannu asks him can we all do puja here if you permit. Jagan agrees on Sushila’s sign. Sushila says open all doors and windows for puja. Mannu says yes, I will open all doors. He opens Bebe’s room door. Jagan shouts and stops him. Mannu says I m opening door as Sushila said. Mannu asks shall I do tilak to everyone. Sushila says yes. Mannu does tilak to Jagan. Raavi says now I will light diya. She goes to light diya. Mannu thinks of Amba.

Mannu gets caught when he goes to meet Bebe. Jagan scolds him. Mannu cries on losing. He gets to know Sushila is with Jagan. Sushila says I changed both files cover.

Update Credit to: Amena

Bigg Boss 10 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bigg Boss 10 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenupdates.co.in

Diwali Special
Day 11(continued)
Lokesh says to is fighting with Naveen. Buzzer plays. Bigg boss asks Lopa to count blocks of Naveen and Lokesh which is standing in line. Akansha asks Lokesh to not cry, all saw what he did. Lopa counts Naveen’s blocks and says 43 are in order. Karan says to Lokesh that all will see who has bad intentions, Naveen comes and throws all blocks of Lokesh by kicking her line, he says my blocks are counted, Akansha says i counted Lokesh’s blocks, it wsa 56. Lokesh says Naveen didnt let Lopa count my blocks. Bigg boss says to Lopa that it was written in task instructions that you will count blocks after buzzer plays. tell us who had more blocks standing. Lopa says after playing buzzer 12blocks are standing in Lokesh’s line, Lokesh

says i had 56blocks standing after buzzer played, Lopa says i understand but after buzzer ringing, i had to count and i counted his blocks and i was about to count yours but he threw all away, Lokesh says we had counted before and it was 56blocks, Lopa says i have said this earlier. Akansha hugs Lokesh and says you will win it. Bigg boss asks Lopa how many blocks Naveen has standing? Lopa says 43 blocks in proper line, others are randomly standing. Bigg boss asks how many Lokesh has in line? Lopa says 12 standing in line. Lokesh is weeping. Manu says to Lokesh that no one will nominate you, Lopa asks her to not take stress, Manu hugs her.
Naveen says to camera that i am sorry to all girls of India, we are in Bigg boss house so we have to play as per bigg boss, sorry.

Manveer says to Lokesh that naveen said he wont do that to you, his heart is not agreeing but i dont know what you said to him that he ranaway and threw all your blocks, but it has happened, now leave it, Manu says not only your blocks fell but he fell from our eyes too. Lokesh says we talked nicely, he said that i will be nominated but you wont, i told him that anything can happen in house, i dont know what will happen but that jerk went and threw my blocks, i never curse but i am cursing him. Lokesh says to Manu that Naveen has given you name ‘x’ and Manveer as ‘y’, Lokesh says he cheated you both, he told us that when nominations about team members come, we should vote against Manu and Manveer, Manu asks when he will vote out us? Lokesh says when Bigg boss blamed us for discussing nominations openly, it was Naveen who did it, Manu says see Manveer.
Swami says to Naveen that you are real master in game. Naveen comes to Gaurav and sorry sir, i stained your blocks but i didnt let your blocks go waste, Gaurav pats his hand in support and says we will talk to each other when you like it, we will talk that day, when you asked me for blocks, i asked if you want it? you said yes and i gave you, we will talk later about other things, right, wrong are not in our hands.

Manu says to his team that Naveen gave Lokesh’s name against him because he knew she would be easy to handle, Niti says he had no tension when task was announced, Manu says he knew from before that task will be given, he didnt tell us about task when he came out of confession room, he knew he will win against Lokesh and convinced us to choose Lokesh so he can win.
Naveen says to himself that this day will pass too. Manveer says i am going back and giving your chance to get immunity but you are doing this with Lokesh? Niti says i dont even want to see his face. Lokesh says you didnt tell us about task announcement, you jhandu(moron), Naveen says dont say it again. Lokesh says why not? jhandu, jhandu, will you beat me? Naveen says dont say again, Lokesh says i was mad to trust you. Manu asks Manveer to let girls handle. Niti says we didnt expect this from your Naveen, Akansha comes forward and asks if he will hit her? Akansha comes forward and says what will you do? will you raise hand on her? She comes infront of Lokesh and protects her, Lokesh says from behind that you should have atleast respected mother who gave you birth, you cant be trusted because you are psycho, you were given this upbringing? my father didnt raise me like that, i felt bad for calling you idiot but you are kind of person who can sell his family too, you psycho man, you students must be ashamed of you, you *******, she curses him, Niti says Lokesh dont get your tongue dirty, Lokesh leaves. Manveer says Naveen you crossed line, Naveen says i had to win, Manveer says will you kill person for winning? Naveen says it was just trick, she should have used her mind too, its not about heart thing, she didnt take your or Manu’s name when we voted for task, she said she will play game, i didnt do anything wrong, Manveer says you did all that for winning right? Naveen says i had to win this task.
Lokesh is crying.

Naveen says to Manveer that when i threw water on clothes yesterday, 7people were happy and 7people were miffed with me, i became villain to let my team win, i am just saying that she was happy yesterday when i did negative activity, and now she has problem with my negative activity again? she is not kid, Manver says she is no, Naveen sasy see her reality too, 7celebs were against me and now my own team will go against me, it doesnt matter. Swami says everything is fair in love and war, Naveen proved he is the best.

Manu says to Mona that i was ready to go to jail to give you company, she says lair, Naveen says no he called me and told me that he wants to go to jail for you, Mona says wow, Manu says we can be happy with Swami when he is in good mood, he says to Swami that if her team sends Mona again then i will go to jail, Swami says she is permanent to jail, Manu says then i will go, he says i can enter my face through these bars, Mona says what are you upto? all laugh, Swami says you have key, come inside if you ant, Manu says this happens between girls and guys, it happens in life, right Swami? Mona says Swami doesnt know these things, Manu says sometimes you have to become Swami, Swami will live for 5 or 6years more, Swami says you are my enemy, all laugh.

Day 12
Garden is decorated for Diwali. Song happy diwali plays, inmates wake up, Swami and Mona are dancing in jail. Gaurav, Rohan, Karan, Lopa and akansha dances together. All wish diwali to each other.

Naveen and Lokesh are sitting with Manveer. Lokesh says i was talking to him nicely but he took advantage. Manveer says show your good side and end it, Lokesh says i got this by showing goodness, Manveer says he didnt say anything back to you, show generosity, Lokesh says he cant say anything when he did everything wrong, he should remain silent now, he doesnt need to say anything after doing antics, he fooled me with his words, she leaves. Manveer says she wont be pacified, team is breaking. Naveen says after listening to her, i feel like i didnt do anything wrong.
Lokesh says to Manu that he didnt behave like teacher since start, he cursed Rohan so much, if person is good at heart then he feels guilty atleast once but he didnt, he showed his color, he tried to brainwash me, he has done it with Manveer too.
Naveen says i have done hard work in both tasks, Manveer says yes, you played really well, Naveen says after game, i never made fun of anyone, nor had argument with anyone.
Manu says to Lokesh that no celeb is cursing, i am telling you this only, we raise things on them, get angry and use curse but they never did so it shows they are smart and behave but we dont, you be smart too, i dont want to talk about Manveer.

Lokesh says to Mona that your dress is pretty, she says thank you. Swami says Monica has pretty eyes, Mona says he doesnt even know my name, Lokesh says its Mona darling, Swami says if i call her darling then people will think wrong, and i cant call her Mona daughter, Lokesh asks why? he asks Mona can i call you daughter? she says yes. Swami says she was sleeping, my father inside me woke up and i caressed her hair, Lokesh asks if it was father that woke up nothing else? Swami says yes. Mona says they packed our jail when diwali decorations were going on so he said that its good i am with you in jail, if it was someone else here being packed inside jail with you then dont know what would happen, Niti says there are cameras here too, Swami says Camera iwll be used to make case but incident would happen, Niti says they didnt hire mentals in house to make cheap incidents happen.

Swami says to Mona that i am ashamed of their thinking, when i first entered jail, Manu and Manveer said to me that Mona has black heart, keep he awake whole night so she cant do anything, even yesterday they said same, i told them i didnt see any black thoughts in you, it doesnt matter to me, all kind of people come to me.

Manu shake hands with Mona through jail bars. Mona tells Manu that Swami said that you told him i have black heart but you shake hands with me for footage, Manu says if you like to talk to me then you should not listen to anyone, you should have said that we should call Manu and ask him why i said those things, he would deny calling me and confirming his words because he is wrong, he is lying and now doing pooja, will it be effective now?

Niti asks Mona when she entered in bollywood? she says 2005, i started from hindi movies then started bhoujpuri, Niti asks Mona to tell Swami he is looking good in bhoujpuri, she tells him, he compliments her too, Manu asks Swami what language he knows? he says when i give speech, i talk in local language, Niti says you get to know local language with mantras? he says yes but it happens till i am giving speech, i give speech in different langauges, like if i am giving lecture in china, i give it in such way that they think i live with them, Niti asks him to speak, he says i talk in local language at time of speech only, not all the time, Manu says its about time of moment, Swami says like i am in tokyo, i will give speech in their langauge so they clap, i like clapping for me.

Bigg boss tell inmates that celebs have got gifts from families, they can get it from store room. All celebs run to store room. Bani gets her gift. Gaurav brings his gift, Bani asks what did he get? Manu brings Mona’s gift to her, Mona is in tears and says thank you, Manu says dont cry, Swami caresses her head and celebrate now. Manu opens jail and give her gift.
Karan says to his team that Nisha has wishes diwali to everyone, Lopa thanks Nisha.
Mona wears dress which she got as gift, Lokesh says its nice.
Manu is sadly lying on bed as he didnt get any gift.
Akansha says just let me hear their voice.
Bani shows photos to Karan, she says its my sister and her baby.
niti is looking ather family photo sadly.
Rahul hugs Karan and wishes him happy diwali. Karan has tears in eyes.

Bigg boss says diwali is about celebrating happiness and considering this, we are ending punishment of Mona and Swami, they can come out of jail. Mona and Swami are happy. Bigg boss asks Manu to free them. Mona says thank you bigg boss, Swami says i wish you diwali. Manu says Swami should not be freed, Swami says all should spread love. Manu says how Swami is always lively? he is taking some medicine, akansha says he is constantly talking. Manu opens jail, Swami says jailer open it, Manu says who has more family members to receive will come out of jail first, Swami says i have more family members, Mona comes out of jail, Lopa says welcome back. Mona says happy diwali. Manu doesnt let Swami go out of jail, Swami says i will sleep in jail too, Manveer says we are teasing you Swami like you teased Mona in jail, Swami says i didnt, Manveer laughs, Manu says to Mona that this man is talking weird things, Swami says they are saying i teased you but i said you are their friend not mine. Manu opens jail, Swami comes out, his team dance. Naveen hugs him. Manu says keep your things in jail, you will go back after next task.

Akansha says if someone has their things missing, they should check Swami’s suitcase. Manveer says you can check. Naveen says lets go and check. They go.
Akansha checks Swami’s bag and finds deodorant of Lopa. Niti says ask her where she put it last time. Manu says to Manveer that Swami doesnt know what is happening with his bag. Niti says to Lopa that where did you leave your deo last time? Lopa says i left it near my bag last. Akansha gives her deo back, she asks where was it? Akansha says it was in Swami’s bag, Lopa is shocked and says this is my deo, he has been using it, its almost over, niti says he was wearing this yesterday? Manveer says to Manu that he is so fake, Manu says we should make him understand to not do it.

All inmates are celebrating Diwali. Swami lits diya and says now pray for whatever you want, Bani says wish? Gaurav nods, fireworks start, all wish each other diwali. Lopa hugs Rahul. Swami hugs Karan, Lokesh hugs Gaurav, Karan hugs Gaurav, manveer hugs lokesh. Lokesh hugs Naveen too and wishes him diwali. Commoners start dancing, Mona dances with them.

Niti and Lokesh comes in confession room. bigg boss says you can see luxury budget things on chair, this is gift from bigg boss for diwali, Lokesh says i love you bigg boss, bigg boss says these gifts are for whole house, you can take it. Niti and Lokesh starts taking budget basket, Bigg boss says if you need help then you can call anyone, Lokesh says no we are strong, Bigg boss says one minute, do you people really think that your family didnt send gifts for you? Niti says no, i mean we think that sent it. bigg boss says look around in room and find them. Lokesh finds them behind chair. Lokesh and Niti brings luxury budget in kitchen, all are happy to see it. Niti and Lokesh goes to bring gifts. Celebs put luxury budget things in kitchen. Manveer opens his gift, he has got kurta. Manveer says its my brother’s kurta. Manu has got tweety soft toy, he is elated to see it and says my son has come, he has got clothes too.
Akansha hugs her gift(shirt) and weeps silently.

Gaurav reads task to inmates, task name is selfie expert task. They are divided in pairs and have to take their best selfie in activity area near decorated walls. Judge will be Swami and Rahul.

Lopa and Lokesh enters activity area and sees one wall has ghost theme with skeleton hanging on it, they take selfie near that wall, spider falls down from wall, Lopa and Lokesh screams then laughs, Lopa clicks selfie with spider, they make scary faces too.
Swami says to Rahul that i did oppo’s phone advertisement too.
Rohan and Karann comes in activity area and takes selfie near wall which has emoticons sticker on it. Rohan lifts Karan in his arms, Karan takes selfie, Rohan jumps on Karan’s back, they take selfie.
Naveen has worn saree and says to Manver that i dont let other man touch me, Manveer laughs and hugs him, Niti has dressed like man and says dont touch Naveen.
Manu and Mona comes in activity area, Manu says i will look at you. They take selfie near wall which has ‘happy diwali’ written on it, some hand come out of shutter placed on wall, Mona jumps and screams, she says what was it? he says God knows. Mona doesnt like selfie and says where were you looking? he says i was looking at you.
Niti and naveen comes in activity area and takes selfie.

Rahul and Swami are judging pictures. they like all pictures. Rahul says clarity-wise, mood-wise, comfort-wise, purity-wise, father-son duo(Karan and Rohan) picture is most surreal and goo, Rohan and Karan smiles. Gaurav reads that winners of task will get oppo phone and other inmates will get chocolates.

Mona puts hand on mic and says to Manu that they are saying we are trying to make controversy, Manu says our scene is first scene of this season so they will talk, its not against us, you know my girl has sent me gifts, mona points that her boyfriend sent it too, Manu says so whats problem? all are decided in our lives, your life is settled, Manu says if you leave house then i will try on someone else, he laughs and hi-fives with Mona.

Voiceover says that Mona and Manu have decided to play their romantic game.

PRECAP- Salman will celebrate Diwali tomorrow. Salman sings Kya khub lagti ho for Bani, she blushes. Swami says Yo whats up dude? Salman says you see things from far but how you couldnt see jail punishment coming for you? all laugh, Salman says dont nominate Swami ever, all laugh. Rohan says that Naveen was villain this week, he has streak, he raised things to throw at me, Salman says never can this happen, if someone raised hand on TV then he will go to real jail, he says to Naveen that your students must be watching, what they must be thinking? Salman asks from where he got that idea? Naveen says i just thought that i could do that, Salman says it was wrong, totally wrong.

Update Credit to: Atiba

Santoshi Maa 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Santoshi Maa 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenupdates.co.in

The Episode starts with Santoshi Maa looking for Devi Paulmi. Narad says we have to find her soon, as bad activities in world are increasing. Santoshi Maa meets Devi Paulmi, who has lost her Kaya/looks. Santoshi Maa tells about the disaster and just she can save Devlok. Devi Paulmi asks what do you mean. Santoshi Maa tells her everything. Devi Paulmi says everyone has insulted me, you were against me, by what hope did you come to ask for my help. Santoshi Maa says if you have enmity with me, you can take revenge, but Brahmadev is waiting for you, leave anger, come with me. Devi Paulmi says I will not help you. But I can’t insult Brahmadev, if he called me, I will surely come. Santoshi Maa smiles and takes her to Dev Sabha.

Brahmadev welcomes Devi Paulmi and says I know you left your body,

you are from my family, so I will give you a Kaya. He gives her a Kaya/appearance. Devi Paulmi smiles. She thanks Brahmadev and says you called me for your benefit, else you would have not given me this appearance, you want me to help you, what is my profit. He says crime should be punished, only then justice is done, I m giving you a chance by which you can get clear of all crimes. She asks him to agree to him, she wants Indrasan. They get shocked.

Devi Parvati says don’t do this Brahmadev, else Devlok will fall in danger again. Devi Laxmi says yes, it means Devraj Inder will have to obey Devi Paulmi. Brahmadev says I have no way, so I give Devi Paulmi her wish. Devi Paulmi gets Indrasan and thanks him. He asks her to do her work.

Ujwal gets ready as lawyer. He says I made papers ready, we have to take Papa’s sign on NOC, and then house will be yours. Ankur compliments his looks in lawyer’s clothes. Tanasur is somewhere. Devi Paulmi comes to him and greets him as Mama Shri. She says you are from Asur family, Devtas cheated me and ended my identity and they think I will help them, I did this to get powers, now Kaya and Indrasan are mine, now three loks will be mine. The Devtas tell Brahmadev and everyone that Devi Paulmi did big cheat with them.

Tanasur laughs and says maybe you can cheat me too. She says no, there is no one more than relations for me, I have powers, but I have to do Tapp on mountain to get extreme powers. They both go. Brahmadev says if their tapp gets completed, they will become supreme and it will get tough to stop them, Devi Paulmi cheated us. Agnidev says she can’t attack on us and goes to stop them. Agnidev throws fire balls on them. Devi Paulmi fights back. She catches Agnidev. All Devis and Devtas get shocked. Devi Paulmi says now you are our detainee. Agnidev says you did not do right with us. Tanasur says you proved you are from Asur clan and laughs.

Brahmadev says I think I have to go now. Brahmadev and all Devias come there. Devi Paulmi opens eyes and gets a weapon to kill Tanasur. Tanasur gets shocked by the attack. Tanasur falls dead. Devi Paulmi and Agnidev smile. Brahmadev looks on. She apologizes to Agnidev to capture him, else Tanasur would have not believed her. Everyone get glad. Brahmadev says thanks a lot Devi Paulmi. She also thanks him. Devi Parvati says we could not understand you, forgive us. Brahmadev says you saved devlok from big danger, and blesses her. Santoshi Maa says you came to protect devlok on my request, thanks. Devi Paulmi thinks my motive was to get my powers, now my revenge will start. Devi Paulmi goes to her throne and sits. She thinks I have come back Devi Santoshi, I have more power and respect, see how I treat your devotees that they will pray to me. She laughs.

Dhairya and Santoshi are on the way with Paras and Bubbly. Santoshi says we are going right. Dhairya asks her to recall. She says I was in dicky and could not see well, I m saying this by guess. He asks her to think well. He gets angry on her. She says I m trying. Paras says don’t fight, Dhairya is also in tension. Dhairya apologizes to Santoshi. She smiles and says I thought you changed, its good I was wrong. Devi Paulmi sees Santoshi and says my first attack will be on Santoshi, I will do this work today.

Santoshi says its this road, I know. Devi Paulmi changes the road. Dhairya asks Santoshi to see now.

Update Credit to: Amena

TEI Competition: Crush Wala Love (One Shot)

Tashan-E-Ishq: The Author Recognition Competition
Crush wala Love….

A beautiful garden is shown with a calm peaceful atmosphere and a lake is also there. A girl of around 20 is sitting there on a bench. She is wearing a maxi dress off white colour with floral print on it and also wearing pump heels of cream colour she have long silky hair and is having a beautiful hand paper diary as if its very special to it…. She is waiting for someone impatienly..the camera now reaches the airport a handsome dashing boy is seen coming out of the airport he sat in his audi and the car stops in front of this garden…he enters the garden n sees twinkle and shouts for her twinkle sees him and runs towards him and they both hug eachother as tightly as they could….kunj finally you are here twinkle said..(so the boy is kunj and the girl is twinkle vaise I think you all must have guessed it)kunj complements twinkle that she was looking beautiful and s*xy…..twinkle blushes and says you are no less hehe…..2 years twinkle I missed you soo much said kunj mee too kunj.
Now should we sit in our favourite place twinkle the lake twinkle smiled they both sat in the lake keeping there legs in it and started to discuss how these two years were for them while they were talking kunj saw the diary in twinkles hands so he asked her whats in that she didn’t spoke a word and just said after few seconds were three small and cute words(”I love you “ab yeh batana zaroor who all thot this) she said”its you kunj” kunj was stunned and surprised by her reply to this….they both looked into eachother eyes and smile formed on there pink lips…
Kunj said her to show it o him but she said no you see it when I will…befor she could complete kunj placed his…..(suspense mein hi rahrn kripya karke ke shanti banaye rakhen hahahahahahahahaaa)
Sooo my sistos we are going in the flashback and we are in twinkles diary soo
It would be twinkle’s pov I hope you all don’t get confused……..
4th class
Kunj you remember well maybe not it was the class when I met you I saw you for the frst time although we were innocent kids hehehee but because of that stupid reva I hurt your thumb I closed the door on it and it was bleeding I didn’t knw what I exactly did but I took his thumb and sucked the blood because once I got hurt soo momsiiee did the same with me.. siyappa kar dia tha mene…kunj didn’t told the teacher he went to medical room and got medicated but that reva she told mam the lie that twinkle did it intentionally kunj came to know that it was reva who did it with twinkle he was hurt a bit..twinkle for the first time stood out of the class she felt guilty of hurting kunj and angry because of that reva….
One day I was sitting alone in the class kunj came and sat beside me as I saw him I started to cry I was guilty I told sry to him he told me it was fine and said friends we became good friends….
Days passed by and now twinj became good friends…. He use to call me siyappa queen….
A tear escaped my eyes as he said siyappa queen bilkul chup rhe kuch nhi bolegi tu or yaa he placed his hand on my mouth kis ksi naughty head ne kya kya socha batana zaroor……hahhahaaa..
Back to diary
6th class
There was annual day in our school our class got the rajhasthani dance theme all girls were wearing beautiful ghagra’s boys were playing games kunj was passing byme suddenly he stopped and complemented me that I was looking pretty I smiled and told him thanks and he was no less…………
I always use to help him in his work I don’t know why he had a habit of writing songs he was dictating me the song and I was writing but one day I came to know he use to like maya my classmate my best friend chinki told me I was hurt but didn’t show I was a kid I myself didn’t knew it……i could not speak up anything on this topic….kunj also stopped talking to me..
7th class
Kunj proposed maya but she told him that she likes someone else and could not accept his proposal I was happy inside hehehee but didn’t show it obvious how could I but kunj was a bit hurt…after sometme he was ohk we both started to play and now everything was normal accept one person who was me yup I fell in love of say it was my crush on kunj….
This is my heartbeat song and I’m gonna play it Been so long I forgot how to turn it up, up, up, up all night long Oh up, up all night long You, where the hell did you come from? You’re a different, different kind of fun And I’m so used to feeling numb Now, I’ve got pins and needles on my tongue Anticipating what’s to come Like a finger on a loaded gun I can feel it rising Temperature inside me Haven’t felt it for a lifetime This is my heartbeat song and I’m gonna play it Been so long I forgot how to turn it up, up, up, up all night long Oh up, up all night long This is my heartbeat song and I’m gonna play it Turned it on But I know you can take it up, up, up, up all night long Oh up, up all night long (all night long)

8th class
One day I was sitting on my seat in the classroom uvi came yeah first let me introduce uvi my good friend and kunj and uvi both sit behind me because of uvi I turn back and use to take glances of kunj….
Soo uvi came and he held my chin suddenly I didn’t knew what to do he held my chin and made me face him he was staring me wieredly I just stood up from there and ran from there I remember kunj saw this I was running and my foot tremebeld and I out of fear closed my eyes but realising nothing happened when I opened my eyes I saw kunj holding me tight……..i thanked him he saw the tears in my eyes and was angry at uvi …yup I came to know kunj that you cared for me because he was abusing me but you didn’t let him do that you always saved me from that person….
I, I wasn’t even gonna go out But I never would have had a doubt If I’d have known where I’d be now Your hands on my hips And my kiss on your lips Oh, I could do this for a lifetime This is my heartbeat song and I’m gonna play it Been so long I forgot how to turn it up, up, up, up all night long Oh, up, up all night long This is my heartbeat song and I’m gonna play it Turned it on But I know you can take it up, up, up, up all night long Oh up, up all night long

9th class
Finally I was out of that class I was now not in 8th and uvi was also not there………. Hate that person he was a good friend to me but had bad eye ….well leave him..
Sooo it was my library period that day when I was searching a book for myself in a corner shelf kunj came and showed me something by which we laughed like maniacs…first he told me hi pretty I was like what thehell shutapp we are in a library and then he kept his finger onmouth wala expression then he said me siyappa queen I said now what happended to this sadu saran he showed me rahul pointing to himself and then pointing to maya and making a heart we both seriously at that time bursted out into laugh whole class was seeing us we both said sorry and were going to settle down when he stopped me I was like what happened now soo kunj acted to take his heart and give it to me I was shocked and was like are you serious wala look and walked away we both use to steel glances of eachother but I don’t think soo that he use to like me…
10th class
And yes I was correct he didn’t use to like me that day I was sitting in class when he came and said listen siyappo ki maharani I was like kya hua tell me fast he said I like someone I was like what he was like yeah she is in our class I was like ohk soo who is she he told me it was mahi I was like mahi my sister and then I had to be like good kunj that’s great go propose her then he asked me will it be ohk with me if he tells me that mahi proposed him I was shocked I said great go enjoy and don’t talk to me and also that you are a big flirt maaannnnn…..he showed his 33 visbles to me now don’t ask 33 because one was me naa who was always with him he use to say this… I shooed him away at that time and then I again talked to him how could I stay away from him..
Good girl that’s like my queen I was like bas bas ohk and then he showed me his 33 visibles.
Back to diary
I was broken but was happy for my sister. But they both didn’t stayed in relationship till long and we were always best friends and use to chat with eachother even in exam days till 1 hour . Now our exams were gonna start one day he asked me for my notebook and everyone was like kunj you don’t need to ask from her yeh toh tuje de hi degi apni notebook..and all…by listening to this kunj became a bit red and I was like I think I should leave I didn’t lend my notebook to him that day when he came behind me to ask me for the notebook when I left from there I was like ofcourse how could I deny him now exams were over we chose different streams..it was our 11th and 12th and in different classes I don’t know how I spend dese two years of mine….
Until tonight I only dreamed about you I can’t believe I ever breathed without you Baby, you make me feel alive and brand new Bring it one more time, one more time This is my heartbeat song and I’m gonna play it Been so long I forgot how to turn it up, up, up, up all night long Oh, up, up all night long This is my heartbeat song and I’m gonna play it Turned it on But I know you can take it up, up, up, up all night long Oh, up, up all night long This is my heartbeat song and I’m gonna play it Been so long I forgot how to turn it up, up, up, up all night long Oh, up, up all night long This is my heartbeat song and I’m gonna play it Turned it on But I know you can take it up, up, up, up all night long Oh, up, up all night long

11th class
We both use to get to see eachother and talk sometimes he would come in my class in break or sometimes I would visit his class for some same subject wala chakkar but really I was jelous of him flirting with others…
12th class…………
Well now these two years passed by hook or crook and now it was my farewell………
Huh………..the most special day of my life… I ever or say never say never thought that my farewell would be this much special for me I was standing in the corner I was enjoying with chinki mili shreyoo aami maya and mahi kunj came there and asked me for a dance I was stunned that even I asked ME?
He said ofcourse you only…I smiled and we both danced really close and my heartbeat was rising each second I was with him sooooooooo close and are bodies were perfectly embraced with eachother and I was on cloud nine……
Hey, I was doing just fine before I met you I drink too much and that’s an issue But I’m OK Hey, you tell your friends it was nice to meet them But I hope I never see them Again I know it breaks your heart Moved to the city in a broke-down car And four years, no calls Now you’re looking pretty in a hotel bar And I, I, I, I, I can’t stop No, I, I, I, I, I can’t stop So, baby, pull me closer In the back seat of your Rover That I know you can’t afford Bite that tattoo on your shoulder Pull the sheets right off the corner Of that mattress that you stole From your roommate back in Boulder We ain’t ever getting older We ain’t ever getting older We ain’t ever getting older

While the dance was going on we both went to a corner and and…..

I proposed her she was shocked I said I LOVE YOU TWINKLE..
I don’t know when it happened but I felt like left out after 10th class when we were in different sections although we use to meet but for very less time and twinkle its not fake wala love or nahi ishq wala love but “CRUSH WALA LOVE” twinkle was stunned at the last statement she directly looked into my eyes and hugged me as tight as she could….
You look as good as the day I met you I forget just why I left you, I was insane Stay and play that Blink-182 song That we beat to death in Tucson, OK I know it breaks your heart Moved to the city in a broke-down car And four years, no call Now I’m looking pretty in a hotel bar And I, I, I, I, I can’t stop No, I, I, I, I, I can’t stop So, baby, pull me closer In the back seat of your Rover That I know you can’t afford Bite that tattoo on your shoulder Pull the sheets right off the corner Of that mattress that you stole From your roommate back in Boulder We ain’t ever getting older We ain’t ever getting older We ain’t ever getting older

I was not able to believe that kunj proposed me he said he love me and I was not able to believe it but I could not say this time anything else except I LOVE YOU TOO KUNJ..
So, baby, pull me closer In the back seat of your Rover That I know you can’t afford Bite that tattoo on your shoulder Pull the sheets right off the corner Of that mattress that you stole From your roommate back in Boulder We ain’t ever getting older We ain’t ever getting older No, we ain’t ever getting older

Now it was SELFIE TIME
Kunj and me were taking selfie when he kissed me and someone clicked our pick…
N the pics were these…

Sooooooo now we are back in PRESENT
Kunj two years back after farewell you went to Australia and I went to London and now finally we are back and seriously I missed you much both said together I love you again said together now kunj could not stop he pulled twinkle closer and asked for permission with eyes and she nodded and they both kissed eachother very passionately………(guys note this is my os that is why the garden in which they are that is of my dreams and which is empty and twinj are alone…………)


Hello, everyone. So, here was my One Shot. How was it? Drop down your comments below as I’d be waiting to know your views about it. Keep guessing me and do go through all the other updates being updated for this competition and guess those authors too. Kruti and Ria would be updating you all with the author names and their respective stories soon after the competition ends.

Best regards,
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Razia Sultan….the story retold (season 2) ( Chapter 10 continued)

Chapter 10 (continued)

Ajabgarh , Royal Palace-

Nasir’s POV-

I hurriedly made my way back to my chamber , as soon as I closed the doors of my chamber , I collapsed on the floor , my feet could not take the load of my heavy heart and a mind full of feelings of disgust about myself and guilt. I suddenly felt wetness on my cheeks and realised that I had been crying . Great! The Subedaar of Ghazni is crying . Well , life and fate , both were merciless to me. I am responsible for her condition ,she is shattered! She is broken! I wiped my tears and got up . Not this time , I won’t loose You this time , I promise.

Fatimah’s POV-

What does he want to prove by doing all these? That he cares for me “I am Sorry” is this enough? As a wife , I might forgive him , but as a woman, can I ever forgive him as a woman? I composed myself and got up , wiping away all my tears , I ordered the servants to prepare dinner for everyone and asked them not to disturb me since I would not be attending the dinner “Tell Ma that I am a bit unwell , I won’t be attending the dinner tonight” I said in a low , cold voice , and as soon as they left , I fell on my bed and drifted into a deep slumber.


Royal Palace , Dilli

It was just another day for Razia , she adjusted her crown and a proud smile washed her face , clearing her throat , she turned to go out of her chamber when Yakut entered there “Wait , I have something important with me.” Yakut blurt out Razia raised an eyebrow questioningly “I have the names who are busy conspiring against you.” he revealed . “We shall deal with it this evening. “ she finally stated.
Precap – Razia plays her game.
Nasir all set to win Fatimah back at any cost.


Really sorry for such a short update but will update the nxt part soon

TEI Competition: Illusion (One Shot)


This world is an Illusion…..a fantasy….a fairyland…..a nightmare…
Everyone here is living a fake life….a life beyond their happiness….I life beyond their desires….
So let’s get into reality overcoming this illusion
Let’s be single faced….let’s be the one we want to…


“Yay..!! Finally I got someone….thank u so much Babaji for this” she yelled jumping on her heels.
But this was embarrassing enough for a  her as many pairs of eyes were mocking her with weird expressions.
“Oops sorry” she says hesitantly.
“Twinkle control it’s a library. But how can I after all I was waiting for this since months…..finally no one will call bing….I will also live a life like others….filled with colours… Omg I am gonna die in happiness.”

“Umm twinkle are you okay?” Asked a voice beside her
“Ye… yeah…I am fine Mahi.” She says hesitantly
A silence of nano second was spread with awkwardness.
“Umm…if you don’t mind twinkle can I ask you something?” Said Mahi meekly

Twinkle didn’t reply for a moment

“It’s it’s completely ok if you don’t want me to ask….sorry” saying this Mahi was about to leave
“You can.” Said twinkle making her stop
“Actually I was wondering twinkle that it’s been 15 years since we know each other I mean right from kindergarten till university….I mean it’s a long span to time to make a bond…I hope you are understanding….but we don’t share any….not only us but there is no one with whom you are close….is there any specific reason ?” 
On hearing this a mild smile captures her lips. She sat straight….a way to make a comforting position with her fingers playing with each other.
“There is no specific reason as such…..but I like to be with myself…that’s it.” 
“Aahaa it’s cool but… Why don’t you join us. You know we have Kunj….Kunj Sarna in our gang and I bet that you will never get bored in his company.Hey you might be knowing him….we were in same school. He is a packet to drama, love, liveliness, ambition, humour and what not. So what say!!”

“Hmm…I know Kunj Sarna. But I don’t like him….I find him a bit flirty types. So sorry will join you some other time.” She says ignoring her gaze

“Okay..!! As you wish. I’ll catch you later. Bye.” Mahi says….an urge of getting out from here was visible on her face

“I know you won’t😏” says twinkle sarcastically

This brought a sudden frown on Mahis face but she managed to smile and left.

“Bad manners twinkle. You have become naughty now a days.” She says within smiling.😅

“Ahem Ahem….kisi mahan insaan ne kaha hai ki Pyaar karna kayaro ka kaam hai,
Asli jigar to flirt karne me hota hai janeman😉” says a boy sitting next to twinkle.

“Excuse me” she says making a weird face.

“Ohh sorry aapko nahi samjha…aapke bhasha me bole to….
(Ohh sorry u didn’t understand….in your language it means..)


Twinkle started looking here and there as she knew he heard her words
Finally with hesitation she spoke up

“Lis…listen Kunj I…I didn’t mean that way….I mean….I m sorry… It wasn’t intentional….”

“Relax miss relax…..you don’t need to be sorry…” He says comforting her which made her grin.

“I think I should leave now…” She says gathering her stuffs.

“Listen miss….” He says stopping her midway
“Do you really don’t like me?” He asks innocently

Hearing this she leaves a soft giggle.
“Aareee what are you thinking….say na…was that true?”

“Umm….mai bus soch rahi hu jhooth bolu ki sach” a sarcastic reply form her side.
(Umm….I was just thinking that should I say truth or lie)

“I think lie is a better option😂” he replies

both of them started laughing.
And she left.

“Interesting girl..!!” He speaks within.


Twinkle was in the same corner of the library but she wasn’t reading….Instead she was fighting with her thoughts.
“Will green look good on me? Nahhh!!! I know I m eco friendly but to this extend….I dont think I am….so red? Bad idea twinkle…it will be way too bold to handle…. urgh!! I hate all this…Baba ji please help me…”

“Kis sundari ne Hume yaad kiya…” Says someone taking his seat beside her

“Ohh you….Hi” she replies seeing him…

“Hey miss…long time no seen….by the way why were you so confused….may I help you” askes kunj.

“N..no…nothing….I…I wasn’t confused….” She says stammering

“Now I have decided. I won’t be talking to you…you never say anything😣” He says with a frown

“Gosh it’s the memorable day of my life…😏” She says with a smile

“So mean okay😑…. But you know people like you are very interesting….”

“But I find myself the most boring person on this entire universe…..even every dog has its day….but not me….whenever it seems that I can do something interesting….it gets spoilt completely” she says sadly

There was a complete silence….

“People like you have a perfect life….no tension….no worries… Popularity…..u won’t be knowing but girls die on  your looks….but it’s not in my case…look you don’t even know my name after sharing same school, college and now university….” She says with some kind of hidden pain in her voice.

“You don’t know anything twinkle….the things you know is lot more complicated than I show….this world is an Illusion…you are not the one you want to be…why did you think I haven’t noticed that to what extent you want to mingle with people…you are interesting but in your own way…. You don’t like this loneliness yet you are afraid to try something new….but I must say….this idea of online dating was so dumb….like seriously twinkle….you were going to meet an unknown guy…..just to try something new….this is so foolish of you girl..!!” He says

“So what should I do….when ever I look around I find people hanging out with friends….partners and just look at me…who will date me in real life….the same gloomy face….pale skin….boring books….creepy cloths with no fashion…”

Kunj stood up and sat on his knees….
“Will you like to date me….Miss Twinkle Taneja?”

For once she couldn’t believe her ears….but the next second she got furious

“What the hell Kunj Sarna…what do you really think of yourself? You bl**dy moron….I should have known that guys like you don’t know anything….you just know to make fun of a dumb girl like me…” 
Saying this she ran out weeping….and entered an empty classroom.

“Why was it so shocking for you twinkle?” Asks kunj standing at the entrance.

“Just get lost…..I don’t want to see your face….” She yells

He held her by her shoulders…
“Just look at me twinkle….you will have to listen me now ….I just want us to date….so that I can prove you wrong…. You are wrong twinkle….you are wrong….you have so much of negativity in you about yourself…..what you thought that I never noticed a first bencher who was excellent in every damn thing which I could never imagine….who was the favourite student of the teacher who used to hate me like hell becoz I was flirting with her daughter😂….who held a big wall of fame and medals….and here look at me….I have just one and that too a participation certificate… Still you idiot think that you are so dumb….” he say with tears

She just kept staring him for a minute….it was something she never knew about herself…. It was time for her to leave this illusion and live in reality

“I am ready” was the word she said…..it was a confident one…

“For what?” He asked a bit confused
“To date you” she replies
On hearing this his mouth was wide open….😱
“Twinkle…..like seriously….you are ready….!!!”

“Yes I am…”

“I promise you….you won’t regret your decision….aur kya pata aase he tumhe mujhse pyaar bhi ho jai😉” he says naughtily
(And you never know….when u will start loving me😉)

“Ohh Really Mr Sarna”
“Ohh yeah Miss Taneja” he replies with same sarcasm

Days were passing by….and here kunj and twinkle started bearing a great bond….
She started interacting with people which she earlier used to ignore …..
She started loving this new world….
And yes it was her love which made her think the way she does now…
She loved kunj…..

One fine day…
“Twinkle you know Tia proposed me….” Says kunj excitedly

Twinkle kept on looking him.
“You know I used to like her so much….and see now she finally proposed me…” He continues

Her eyes started gathering tears at the rim

“It’s good na kunj….I am so happy for you….I mean see you proved me wrong….now I can live a normal life and all thanks to you….so what is the need of this relationship now….” Saying this she left hiding her tears

But here kunj was smiling…


There was hullabaloo all around….students were hooting….the stage was on fire….
Here kunj was present with tia in the crowd….
the host announced the next performance…..which was to be done by twinkle
She came on the stage with her guitar….
But it wasn’t her…. It was a bold twinkle standing before….

“Hey lovely people….hope you are enjoying the event…  
Well the song I am gonna present is dedicated to someone special to my heart….the one who taught me to live life…. You know at first I thought to drop this plan of singing….but how can I forget that he used to say ‘Twinkle never hide your feelings….they will kill you everyday’ that time I used to wonder did he ever hid his feelings? But now when I see him happy…. It’s the best thing I get to see everything….so here we go..”

•.  •.  •.   •.  •.  •. 



You’re on the phone with your girlfriend
She’s upset, she’s going off about something that you said
‘Cause she doesn’t get your humor like I do.

I’m in the room, it’s a typical Tuesday night.
I’m listening to the kind of music she doesn’t like.
And she’ll never know your story like I do.

But she wears short skirts
I wear t-shirts
She’s cheer captain
And I’m on the bleachers
Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you’re looking for has been here the whole time.

If you could see
That I’m the one
Who understands you.
Been here all along.
So, why can’t you see
You belong with me,
You belong with me.


All the time twinkle was looking at kunj… With pain…love….a desire to get him….


Walk in the streets with you in your worn out jeans
I can’t help thinking this is how it ought to be.
Laughing on a park bench thinking to myself,
“Hey, isn’t this easy?”

And you’ve got a smile
That could light up this whole town.
I haven’t seen it in a while
Since she brought you down.

You say you’re fine I know you better than that.
Hey, what you doing with a girl like that?

She wears high heels,
I wear sneakers.
She’s cheer captain,
And I’m on the bleachers.
Dreaming about the day when you wake up and find
That what you’re looking for has been here the whole time.

If you could see
That I’m the one
Who understands you,
Been here all along.
So, why can’t you see
You belong with me.

Standing by and waiting at your backdoor.
All this time how could you not know, baby?
You belong with me,
You belong with me.


Suddenly kunj starts walking up on the stage…..on seeing this twinkle gave a confused look as she wasnt able to figure out his actions….


Oh, I remember you driving to my house
In the middle of the night.
I’m the one who makes you laugh
When you know you’re ’bout to cry.
I know your favorite songs,
And you tell me about your dreams.
Think I know where you belong,
Think I know it’s with me.

Can’t you see
That I’m the one
Who understands you?
Been here all along.
So, why can’t you see
You belong with me.

Standing by and waiting at your backdoor.
All this time how could you not know, baby?
You belong with me,
You belong with me.

You belong with me.

Have you ever thought just maybe
You belong with me?
You belong with me.

•.  •.  •.  •. •.  •.  •.

At the end of the song….twinkle started crying….looking down….
All the clappings gathered the room.

All of a sudden she felt warmth around herself…
And yes it was his embrace….
“Kunj” she whispered.
“8 saal laga diye bolne me” (you took 8 long years to speak up) he whispered back

“You are seriously a dumb head….” He says breaking the hug…

“What are you saying kunj….?” She asks getting a slight hint
“That I love Tia…” He replied back
“So what’s new in this” she says sadly
“Idiot….I love you…..since our school days… But look at this girl….” He says with a pout
“Stop kidding me okay…” She says in disbelief

“If you think that I am joking….so it’s ok….I am going with tia..” he says dramatically

“Hey stop…are you serious?”

On hearing this he made a what the hell type of look….
This made her smile….😊

Without wasting a second she jumped on him and hugged him tightly

“1432 kunj” 
“1432?…Ohh lemme guess…..we are going to play question question right??” He says jokingly

She hits him on hearing this….
“Well yeah…u need to de code it” she replies

1 – I
4 – Love 
3 – You
2 – Too
Ooooooo…..I love you too right??” He yells in happiness

“Nope….it’s I hate you….” She says faking anger.
“Ohh Really..Miss Taneja” he says arching his eyebrows

“Ohh yeah Mr Sarna” she replies back

And both of them burst into laughter


Hello, everyone. So, here was my One Shot. How was it? Drop down your comments below as I’d be waiting to know your views about it. Keep guessing me and do go through all the other updates being updated for this competition and guess those authors too. Kruti and Ria would be updating you all with the author names and their respective stories soon after the competition ends.

Best regards,
Ria, Kruti and the author

Life Diaries (chp 9)- The Hidden Need


“Don’t touch me please, mumma!,” she shouts and faints. “Meher!,” I said holding her and made her lay. My heart sank as she was shivering even in unconsciousness. Mom came running. “What happened? Who screamed?,” she asked. “Mom, she is having panic attacks,” I said with a quiver in my voice. “Mumma, papa, nani, come back I need you,” Meher muttered.

I don’t know what to do, if I call them now, she will become fine but when she will be conscious she won’t like their presence. I will manage her that time, right now I m calling them. I dialed the number and called on it, someone received it. “Hallo,” the person on the other end of the phone said. “Hello, Dr.Abeer here, Meher needs you all right now, can you come? I will message you address,” I said in a hurry. “Yeah OK we will come,” said the person and I disconnected the call. “Mom, you go, I will manage,” I said and she went.

I climbed down the upper bed and put some pillows on the floor one above another and stood on it, I picked Meher and got down the pillows and made her lay on the lower bed. It was impossible to pick her and climb down the ladder. I moved away the pillow keeping them on their right place and sat by her side. I checked her heartbeat and temperature, her heartbeat was very fast and her temperature was also very high. She was too scared, even her hands were cold from tension.

Someone rung the doorbell and I went to open the door, it was Meher’s parents and grandmother. I moved back to let them in and closed the door and showed them to the room where Meher was. They rushed inside and all started crying. “Meher, my child wake up, we’re so sorry we trust you dear,” said her mother and held her cold hand. Her father sat down and kissed her forehead, her grandmother was also very worried, she should’ve not left her. Meher moved a little. “Mumma papa,” she muttered. “Yes we are with you,” said her mother and she opened her eyes.

She smiled at first but then she looked away. “Can you trust us once again? Forgive us, we understand what you feel,” said her father. “Go away, I don’t have any mother or father and I don’t have a grandmother too,” she said teary eyed. “We understand we did a big mistake, but we are your parents,” said her mother. “You are not my parents, Abeer please tell them to go,” she said looking at me. “You need them,” I said but she cut me in between.

“Oh, I forgot its your house right? Keep them here, I will go,” she said and sat up. “No where will you go? You stay here, uncle, aunty, I m sorry but she’s in distress, I think its better if you go for now,” I said trying to be lenient to both, they went cryingly and only she and me were left in the room. “Meher I called them because..,” she cut me in between showing her hand. “You have already done a lot for me, no need to explain, I will find a place to live for myself,” she said. “We’re friends, I won’t mind till whenever you want to stay you can stay,” I said.

“I am sorry you have to sacrifice your sleep for me,” she said and ate the pills which Dr.Rajwant prescribed. “Don’t ever worry for anything, I m always there with you,” I said. “That’s what they said, but they too left me, good night, I won’t have nightmares now, you can sleep,” she said and slept. I have developed a different care for her, I will bring her smile back, I promise.

Next morning, when I woke up, I got out of the bed and went out of the room opening the door and saw Abeer sleeping with door support sitting on floor and as I opened the door fully he fell but I sat down, his head fell in my lap.

Don’t know why I did this, maybe because I want to pay back his favours. I touched his face and he woke up. “You were sleeping like this the whole night because of me, you shouldn’t have done this on first place, its your room not mine, you can sleep inside like i did,” I said and he sat up lifting his head from my lap. “I was just sitting thinking something, I should ask you why was my head in your lap?,” he asked with mischievous smile. I giggled a bit and it felt so good that someone can make me smile even when I don’t want to. “You fell and I didn’t wanted you to get hurt, that’s why I did so,” I said between my giggles.

He too giggled with me. “Oh God Meher you are so cute,” he said pulling my cheeks lightly, his giggles turned into laughter and I got confused. “I am joking its ok,” he said and laughed, I also laughed with him. “By the way you should smile more often, you look cute,” he said and I smiled. “Bye I m going to hospital, see you soon,” he said. “Bye,” I replied smilingly.

Naagarjun 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Naagarjun 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenupdates.co.in

Maskini tells Shankchurn about her curse. Shankchurn asks which curse. She describes when Astika make her a stone 1000s years ago, a sadhu comes searching for water in a dilapadated state. Maskini says she says she can help him. He asks who is she. She says Maskini world’s queen and asks him to free her from her curse if he needs water. He says he does not have so much powers. She says water is behind big stone. He drinks water and gives her boon that when her enemy’s son will realize his powers, she will be free from her curse. She comes out of flashback and when Arjun realized his powers, she was freed from her curse.

Urmi comes to Astika and asks him to com eback to naglok, he cannot stay on earth for long. He says she does not know Maskini, if she comes back on

earth, she will try to take control of Arjun, and if that happens, she will destroy all 3 worlds.

Mohini checks things in Maskini’s place and gets surprised. Shankchurn comes and says she should be careful as this is not their world. She says even Maskini wants Arjun’s nagmani. Shankchurn says she wants Arjun’s powers. Mohini says she is surprised how Maskini gets so much powers. He says even he is surprised. Mambosa comes and says Maskini is calling them. Shankchurn asks him to go , they will come later. He says they have to come along and he takes them to Maskini’s prison. Mohini in a shock says she could not imagine Maskini’s world would be like this. Maskini enters and says they wanted to know how she will enter earth. She says Katya rishi and says he will help her enter earth. Katya says she can do whatever she wants, she cannot change fate. Maskini angrily punishes a prisoner and he pleads to spare him. Mambosa gets him out and Maskini slits his throat. Mohini and Shankchurn are shocked to see this. Maskini warns Katya rishi if he does not obey her, she will throw all prisoners in fire. She gets one more prisoner and slits even his throat. She says she wants Arjun at any cost and wants to own his powers.

At Arjun’s house, Arjun is busy decorating lights outside his home, Chutki busy burning crackers, and Yashoda lighting lamps. She asks Noorie to go home, change her dress and come back for diwali celebrations. Noorire says yes….She sees Arjun decorating tree with lights and asks if she can help. He says no and falls down. Chutki laughs. Lights glow. They all laugh next.

Katya rishi gives her a diamond and says with its powers, she can live on earth like a common human and nobody will sense she is a snake, only she will gain her real form on amavasya and pournima. Maskinii tells Mambosa that it is time to go on earth now. Shankchurn comes with Mohini and says they both help her on earth as humans. Maskini says Astika is guarding door to enter earth, but he does not know there is one more route to enter earth. She turn sinto half snake and enters lake to reach earth. Shankchurn smirks and thinks what will happen to Arjun now.

Arjun with Chutki burns crackers. Yashoda brings prasad and gives it to aunt and Arjun and says this prasad will bring peace in this lives. Aunt this she will be in peace when all their peace will be destroyed due to Arjun. Maskini is seen traveling via water. Chutki burns her hand with crackers. Aunt yells to be careful. Arjun sees Aunt’s sari on lamp and pulls her away. Aunt yells black eyes are on this house, pointing at Arjun. Maskini enters Arjun’s house via kitchen tap.

Precap: Astika tells Urmi if Maskini goes on earth, she will create havoc. Arjun’s aunt shouts fire…Noorie tells Mohini and Shankchurn that she knows they are snakes.

Update Credit to: MA

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Bahu Hamari Rajni Kant 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenupdates.co.in

The Episode starts with Surili asking Maggie, Sharmila and Shaguta to follow her. They go out. Shaguta asks Surili if she understood why did problem arise in the factory. She tells that Rajni entered the factory with the motive to take revenge from them. Surili says Rajni…..and walks up to her. She raises her hand to slap her….and stops! Rajni looks at her hand…Surili changes her tone and says Rajni…you are here. I am glad to see you. She tells workers that the lady is Rajni, her bahu and not Rangeeli. She tells I have sent her to know your problems and asks them to get back to work. Rajni asks her to give their rights. Surili says no..what is the hurry. She says they have hurt me and asks them to apologize. She goes inside. Maggie and others keep cool bag on Surili’s head and

ask her to relax. Surili says Rajni is trouble for me even now. Amrish blames Surili for kicking her out. Surili says I will talk to you later and tells that all workers will go against Rajni now. Gyan asks Shaan, if he knew that she was Rajni. Maggie says Shaan is with Rajni. Shaan asks them not to argue. Maggie asks Shaan to tell and hits on Surili’s head mistakenly. Amrish thinks he has fools team in his house.

Workers thanks Rajni and says they will support her. Rajni says hunger strike is still on. Workers say that we are hungry, but will not break. Maggie tells Surili that she has united them. Surili says she has never lack of ideas. She goes to Rajni and calls her. Rajni says you called me madam. Surili says stop this act, and says we will come to point. She says I am ready to hire them back to work. Rajni says you have to give better working hours, holidays and diwali bonus. Surili says it will be done, not an issue. She says I have decided to get you back home. Rajni says it is good that truth have won. Surili asks her to hear her condition and says all the workers should make 1000 sarees in 2 days. Maggie and Shaguta smile. Rajni asks that’s it….it will be done easily.

Surili says these workers will make 1000 sarees without using my machine, thread and cotton. She says you have to manage these things. Rajni says okay…command accepted. She looks smilingly. Later Rajni calls someone and tells that she is Rajni kant, kant bahu and tells that she has mailed her list of the stuff which she needs and asks can she send it. Lady says okay…and asks her to send 30 Lakhs rupees. Rajni says we don’t have money and asks her to give materials on loan. Lady refuses and asks her to give money. Rajni thinks how to manage the money. Surili is happy that Rajni can’t win now. Amrish thinks when will saas bahu fight end. He sees her sleeping and snoring and thinks he can’t sleep. Rajni comes near the window and waves Amrish signing him to come. Amrish asks why did you come here?

Rajni tells him that she came to ask him something. Amrish says I am talking to you, but haven’t forgiven you. Rajni apologizes to him and says I need 30 lakhs rupees. Amrish says you will lose as you are against family. He says only truth will win. Rajni says she got his blessings and asks one question. She says if it is right if 8 people have to be troubled because of 100 people. Amrish says it is alright if it is for right thing. Surili wakes up and asks with whom he is talking to. Amrish says nobody and turns to Rajni. He sees her gone. Surili drinks green tea and thinks now her workers will know that Rajni is useless.

Rajni comes to the bank and asks for loan. She begs infront of manager and asks for loan. Maggie and Sharmila come to Surili and insist to give news to her. They say they will toss and tell her. Surili asks what is important. Sharmila and Maggie toss the coin…It gets stuck inside Surili’s throat. Surili couldn’t speak. Maggie and Sharmila try searching the coin in the hall. Surili signs them, but they don’t see. Shaan comes and sees Surili in pain. He makes her spit coin. Surili tells that she would have died because of their 2 rs coin. Maggie says it is of 1 rupee. She asks them to tell what is the matter? Sharmila says Rajni is trying to get money and has promised workers that she will arrange money somehow. Workers are sitting outside the Kant house and wonder if Rajni will get the money.

Surili and others hear them. Surili says this is the right time, lets go. They go out. Surili says good morning to workers and says you will be ruined if you follow Rajni. She says Rajni stays in this house and don’t know pain. Shaguta says how you will get money to spend on kids. Maggie tells that these sweets and gifts are for you all. Sharmila asks Shaguta to hold it and goes to bring table. She brings table. Surili says everything is yours, pick whatever you wants and goes inside. Shaguta and others also go inside. They look out and see if the workers and their kids are falling prey or not. Amrish tells Surili that she has trapped kids being clever. Surili gives credit to Rajni. Workers decide to agree, but kids say that they will manage without sweets or gifts. Then one of the kid asks her mum to get sweets for her. Worker comes near sweets box and is about to take it. Surili says yes, and smiles.

Rajni, Shaan and others celebrate Diwali. Someone comes and eyes Kant Family with bad intention.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

Honey, I have a Craving!! (EPISODE – 1)

Honey, I have a craving!!

*”*”*”*”*”*”*(EPISODE – 1)*”*”*”*”*”*”*

There are common arguments, that are repeated daily between husband and his lovely and adorable wife, who by the way is pregnant for the first time!!!

Usually, the story begins when the Ragini suspects that she is pregnant. She runs to the nearest lab for a pregnancy test, and once she is confirmed pregnant, all her life is changed and her husband Laksh’s life is pushed to the edge, or more pointedly, to the verge of collapse.

The Ragini says..,

Ragini : I have to see a good doctor,

Laksh replies..,

Laksh : But, your doctor is good and she has a good reputation,

With the start of a period of pregnancy, there are a lot of requests, orders, and special considerations, and the poor Laksh has to listen and obey, because his majesty is going through her first pregnancy!!!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Precap : First Month of Ragini’s pregnency…



Previous part:

Episode 13

RECAP : swaRAGLAKini covo and kalak fight and finally THAPPAD


episode strats with ragini slapping karan for lucky , the whole students in the ground was seeing them then ragini turn around and said to the students

Ragu – if u all r done with staring us then go, go to ur respective classes they are waiting for u all….

All are seeing her silently then ragini continues

Ragu – i said GO guys….

Then all starts to leave and here karan is waiting for ragini’s explaination….

Karan’s POV

What the hell is happening here today . ragini , my ragini slapped me for that bluddy idiot , who is he ??? Why is he interfearing between me and my ragu today he is sat beside my ragu how can i tolerate this and moreover i know my ragu she knows what is doing ,i know that she will definetly explain me i know my ragu

Karan’s POV ends…

Karan is still touching his cheeks and then ragini turned to him and said

Ragu – karan i need to talk u

By saying this she turned to see her frnds who were looking at her with shocked reaction they understand her words by her eyes then swalu and rv starts to leave leaving raglakan in the ground soon as the bell rings all students in the ground then only raglakan are there then ragini starts

Ragu – what is this karan y r u doing like this ???

Karan’s POV

What the ff*ff i m thinking that she will explain to me but she…she was asking “why are u doing like this ” i dont know but now i m feeling like killing him now i cant be silent then i asked her

I – i should ask u this question ragini why are u doing like this do u know what u r doing u slapped me ragini due to this bl**dy cheap idiot…..

I stressed my last words which make her more angry then she again slapped me and said

Ragu -y karan y r u doing like this u r my best frnd na y r u doing like this it hurts me karan….

My ragu she was crying badly in front me. i…cant…i cant see her like this .within in a fraction of second i take her in my embbares try to make her calm but no she was not going to listen to me anymore she pushed me and went frm there….now also tgis whole scene was …no now also this bl**dy man is here . I want to kill him rite now no first i need to go to my ragu i cant leave her like this….

Karan’s POV ends

Then karan also ran behind ragini leaving lucky alone in the ground. Lucky’s eyes became wet….

Lucky’s POV

What is happening here ??? I can see the care towards me in ragu ‘s eyes but why i cant see her in pain??? She is no one to me moreover this is not the thing why i came here urghhhh what was that i cant see her in tears i need to take in my emmbares but….no i cant be like this no lucky u cant betray ur friend first execute ur plan…

Lucky’s POV ends…

By saying this lucky wipes his tears and left to his class


Ragini went out of the collage without informing anyone karan searched her in whole collage then he remember that when she was sad she used to go the xxx park then karan immediately took his ducati and left to that park…


karan came inside the park and searched her every where finally he saw her siting in a bench while crying karan went near her put his hand on her shoulder and ragu standsup and hugs him….


The flight lands and all are in hurry burry but there is one man came there in a black jean blue tshirt with a coolers in his eyes and take a step out of airport and says

Man – PRINCESS i m coming , i m coming for u , i ll not leave u anymore my love i need u at any cost and i made u love me wait for me….

Scene shifts to collage swaluvilak are waiting for ragan .then ragan came there swara ran and hugs ragini tightly and then said

Swara – ragu where were u we all r worried about u??? Why are u doing like this ???

Ragu – i m feeling bad so i just went to park nothing else

Rv- ok ur fight is over na

Ragan smiles and karan side hugs ragu and said

Karan – hey buddy its not a fight its just a chance to know about each other hai naa ragini

Ragini smiles at him and lucky was seeining all this with a confused look infact not only lucky the whole gang was looking like that then swara’s phone rang swara smiles seeing the caller id and she makes excuses ,went aside and attend the call ,

swara on call – haan bolo

O.S – swara he came

Swara – what ??? I cant understand

O.S – swara i m trying to say he reached there

Swara – what ??? Are u serious ???

O.S- i ll call later bye

Swara cuts the call and she was in full shock ….swara wipes her tears and went to her frnds …and there the bell rings all went to their classes

ON 1,yr mec.class

Sid was taking lessons on the full class swara was just thinking about the call . The words “HE CAME ” was echoed in her mind continuesly .her thoughts was disturbed by sid

Sid – swara what happend??? where were u ???

Swara – sorry sid

Sid – sit down …

Then after class sid calls swara to his cabin


Sid – swara beto na

Swara sits in the chair amd sid offered her water . swara takes a sip a water and then sid said

Sid – swara r u ok???

Swara – haan sid

Sid – swara please feel free i m ur frnd

Swara – sid that…that was nothing just i m not feeling well

Sid – sach me

Swara – haan sid shall i go now

Sid – thek hai

Then swara left frm the cabin and sid was still not convinced with her answers…on that time jasmin came there and said

Jas – hiii sid !!!!

Sid – hiiii jas !!!!

Jas – whatsup why are u looking so confused

Sid – haan adhu swara edho marikira ( swara is hidding something )

Jas – what ???

Sid – haan jas, swara is attentive girl in class but today she was lost somewhere i asked her about that but she was….

Jas – its ok sid we can talk about this with ragu she can handle this

Sid – yess u r rite

Then sid takes his phone and dialed ragu ‘s number and said her everything….


Swaraglu was sitting on the vouch then ragu remember about sid’s word and ragu said

Ragu – swara …( interrupted by swara )

Swara – ragu batao mujhe waha park me kya hua

Ragu – swara that…that was …

Shalu – is karan proposes u ???

Ragu throws a pillow on her and said

Ragu – swara that…dont take me wrong….

Swalu nods in agreement then ragu starts

Flashback starts….

Karan pust his hand on ragu shoulder.ragini standsup and hugs him then karan said while caressing her head

Karan – i m really sry ragu

Ragu still huging him – no karan i m sry .how can i slap i m the idiot duffer

Karan broke the hug and cups her face and said

Karan – no ragu dont cry na please

Karan wipes her tears and continues

Karan – ragu please now leave that come lets go and dont ever dare to take the bl**dy in between us

Ragu – karan please dont say him like that i cant tolerate this

Karan leaves her and said

Karan – why ragu ??? Why u cared for him this much damn it

Ragu – because i love him karan

Karan was seeing her with a shocked expression and ragu continues

Ragu – yess karan i love frm the first time i saw him . I dont know y i cant stay even a second without him i think this is an attraction but no karan i love him …i love him more then anything.

An unknown tears escaped frm karan’s eyes and ragini again continues

Ragu – karan i m really because i cant tolarate that time when u beat my lucky….

Karan – my lucky ????

Ragu- i told u na karan i love him more than anything he is mine only and karan u know na u r my best frnd so thats y i m sharing my feeling with u , u ll help me na.

Karan wipes his tears and side hugs ragini and said

Karan – i can do anything for u my beauty

Ragu smiles at him and karan said

Karan – waise ur lucky hai naa is he is that much handsome

Ragu – no he is cute than u

By saying this both left to collage

Flashback ends….

Swalu was now like a statue
Ragini waves her hand in front them and swalu came into their sense and hugs ragu and said

Swara – ragu ham pehale he janthe he there is something something between u both

Kalash 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Kalash 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenupdates.co.in

Scene 1
Ravi says I will change. Devika says I will change.. He says no you wont. Devika says stand here. She takes off his coat and waist coat.. Devika unbuttons his shirt and says oh my God. See here. Let me count. She says counts his abs. She counts till 35.. She says I am so lucky. Ravi says are you out of your mind. He says sit here.. Devika says why are you shy from me. He says let me wear other shirt. Devika comes close and hugs him behind. Ravi says this is all wrong. When you will conscious tomorrow you will know what you did and blame. Devika says why you shove me? Don’t you love me? I know why.. I know the end of this marriage. Your nivi she told me everything. Ravi says what did she tell you? She says that your first wife devika you murdered her. Ravi says are you out of my mind.

I love devika all my life. I am with you because your face looks like hers. How can I kill her.I couldn’t ever see her in pain. He turns back, devika has passed out of the bed. He says are you okay? Devika pulls in bed and says you were looking cute in anger. I am sorry. She hugs him. Vicky knocks the door and says ravi open the door. Vicky says milk for you. Ravi says I had it. He says you need is for strength. Ravi says okay okay. Vickey says ma asked me to place it inside. He says no thanks. Shweta comes and asks what are you doing here? He says ma asked me to give them milk. I want them to have a strong bond. She says like our relation? He says yes.

Nivi us outside the room. She says I want to see whats going on inside. I should try hearing. Manju comes and asks what are you doing here? Nivi says this is my house I can do whatever I want. Manju says this is ambika’s house now. Let them be alone, go to your room.
Devika turns on the music. She starts dancing. She plays the song ‘I love you’ and dances with ravi. Devika pulls ravi in bed. Nivi is mad outside. She says its all my mistake. I shouldn’t have listened to saket and mixed the drink again. Manju comes again. Suddenly ravi opens the door. He says wht are you people doing here? Devika says what are you doing here? Devika says I told you we should have closed the door. This isn’t a garden where you can walk wherever you want. We were doing so much romance. You are a third wheel. This is not a good thing we are husband and wife. Go from here don’t look at ravi only I can look at him. She shoves Nivi. She says see how strong I am. Devika says mummy ji you go as well. Manju says I was going. You are one because of me. Devika says I didn’t mean that.
Devika says to ravi I have to go somewhere. She locks him in the room. Devika says where did she go? Why is a lioness today. What will I do..
Devika comes to Nivi’s room and says come out where are you? Oh you are here. Hi whats up? See I am married. Aren’t you happy? You look sad. I feel bad for you. I want to give you an example. You look like a big balloon. and like it blasts your dream did as well. You are a loser. but you are still my friend. Nivi says stop it. Devika says I will tell you everything. You know this whole world is round. What you did with devika.. you killed her to get ravi.. that happened to you. I got ravi. Today it had to be your wedding night. but its mine. If you do bad with someone God punishes them as well. You never understood. See what is happening with you. Your fate is beating you hard. I and Ravi are married. Nivi says I have to go. Devika says stand here.. You can’t go until I am done. Your best friend saket kapoor is useless. He makes fail plans. Go to him and cry about what happened with you. You should go with him forever. I have an idea for you.
You will never get Ravi. And that saket can never have me because he is so bad. You both should get married. Nivi says you are getting on my nerves. DEvika says you will cry alone all your life. I won’t not be able to come again and again because I will be busy.
Manju comes and says devika come with me. Devika says look at this nivi her face. She can’t do anything at all.

Precap-Devika says to ravi you never felt anything for me? He says I loved you every day. DEvika says then why you betrayed me?

Update Credit to: Atiba

The magical ishqbaaz bubye

Hi guys been a month I guess…I just was so depressed as the comments went as low as 3 …it really hurts …ok some people said they wanted a Bollywood kinda fanfic..but I wanted to give something different…I guess we have not been introduced very well…ok I am harshini..I am an Indian as well as half Canadian..I live in Canada so I am practically a nri…nd I AM SO PROUD OF BEING AN INDIAN….

I wrote those because Telly doesn’t allow me to upload how I feel….I am influenced a lot by both the cultures…both the countries r equal to me…nd I swear india is so awesome….love u all guys…see ya…hogwarts will always be open for u…meet u there
Come to gryffindor common room if u want to see me


Love u guys
Mendes army forever

As I always say at the end of the ur nationality doesn’t matter the only thing which is gonna matter iss ur humanity

TEI Competition: I’m blessed to have you Mr. Husband (One Shot)

Tashan-E-Ishq: The Author Recognition Competition
I’m blessed to have you Mr. Husband
One Shot

I entered my room and saw it beautifully decorated for our first night. A smile crept over my face as I thought about my better half. I walked inside and saw her sitting on the bed. I walked up to her and sat beside her. “She looked beautiful in the marriage outfit and makeup”, I thought. I placed my hand on hers as she slowly and hesitantly moved her hand away.

“Kunj..”, she muttered as I looked up at her. “Yes?”, I replied. She slowly got down from the bed while I asked, “Where are you going?”

She ignored my question and stood in front of the balcony. “Kunj..”, she muttered again as I continued looking at her.

“Kunj, I’ll be very frank. I didn’t want to marry you. It’s not that I dislike you or I love someone else but, I didn’t want to marry this early. I know you’ve always liked me since the first day I’ve started working as your personal assistant but, I wanted to focus more on my career and goals right at the moment. When you came with the proposal, maa and papa were very happy and seeing them so happy about it I couldn’t just deny them for the marriage. I am not telling you that we won’t take this relation further ahead ever but, right at the moment I need some space and time to sort out things. I hope you’d understand me”, she said and I smiled as she finished. “Proud of you, my girl”, I thought.

I walked up to her and turned her around so that she could face me. “You can take your own time”, I said and gently kissed her forehead. It was a genuine one and she was never uncomfortable with it. She smiled and said, “Thank you!”

I passed her a reassuring smile and walked towards the bed. I picked up a pillow and a blanket from the bed as she continued staring at me. I settled down on the couch and greeted, “Good night!”

“Why are you sleeping on the couch? You can sleep on the bed. I don’t have a problem. After all, we’re friends, aren’t we?”, she asked. “Moreover, we are husband-wife. I do accept you as my husband. I just need some time to take the relation further ahead, to give it a true meaning”, she added. “Take your own time”, I replied and laid down on the couch as Twinkle walked up to me.

“Sleep on the bed. Don’t be so stubborn”, she said while I replied, “It’s comfortable here. Don’t worry. You go sleep on the bed.” “You’re sleeping on the bed or no? I’m stubborn as well”, she said as I smiled and nodded my head in a no.

She climbed onto the couch and laid down on me. “Kunj, move to the bed or else, we’re sleeping like this the entire night”, she said looking up at me. I let out a soft laugh and said, “Okay, get up first.”

We both settled down on the bed as Twinkle pulled out my arm and rested her head on my hand. I looked at her realising the proximity between us as she looked up and said, “Actually, I’ve a habit of sleeping like this. I’m not bothering you, right?” I was staring at her as she got up and tried to move away. I held her wrist and asked, “What happened?”

“I thought you were uncomfortable”, she replied as I pulled her down making her rest on my hand. “Good night!”, I muttered kissing her forehead gently while she smiled and greeted, “Good night!”

Days passed by and me and Twinkle became the best of friends or, may be best would be an underestimation to our bond. It was something more than friendship. I did love her and over the time I fell in love with her all over again. May be even Twinkle loved me over the time but, she was a suppressed girl. She would never let her emotions out to anyone so easily. The day she does that, it means you really hold an important place in her life.

One day, we both were working in the office when Twinkle excitedly shouted, “Kunj, Kunj!” I looked at her and said, “Calm down. What happened?” “The deal with the Singhania Group of Industries has been finalised”, she said as I excitedly sat up straight.

“So, the mail says that Mr. Sarna, we’ve decided to finalise the deal with your company. It’d be great if you could make it up to Mumbai for the final meeting”, read Twinkle while her eyes shone in excitement. I smiled and said, “Book the tickets for tomorrow. We can rest for one day and attend the meeting the next day. Also, postpone all my meetings planned for the next three days.”

“Kunj, morning tickets aren’t available. Only afternoon ones are available”, said Twinkle. I was a bit busy and replied saying, “Okay, book the tickets.”

The next day, I was ready when Twinkle asked me while handing the coffee, “The flight is in the afternoon. Why are you read so early?” I looked up at her and shouted, “Why did you book the afternoon flight? Don’t you know I hate afternoon flights? Twinkle, this is disgusting.” I threw the newspaper on the table and was about to walk away towards the balcony when I noticed the tears rolling down her cheeks. I pulled her closer to myself by her waist and gently kissed her eyes.

“I asked you whether it was fine or not while booking the tickets”, she muttered in a choked voice. I remembered about it and said, “I’m sorry.” “It’s okay”, she replied and smiled. “I should bear a punishment or you deserve a surprise. Chose what you want?”, I said pampering her. I loved pampering her because she still had that cute, innocent soul in herself alive.

“Surprise!!”, she squealed as her eyes shone brighter. “Okay, so be ready today evening, Love”, I said and kissed her forehead gently. She smiled and replied, “Thank you!” She kissed my right cheek and moved away to pack her luggage while I smiled thinking about her.

We reached Mumbai around 6 in the evening and checked in the hotel. We entered the room booked by our name as Twinkle asked, “Where’s my surprise?” I smiled and said, “Come to the terrace in half an hour.” She smiled as I left the room to check everything for the surprise planned.

I was waiting in the terrace when Twinkle came there wearing a red netted saree properly draped and a little make up applied over her face. I smiled seeing her and remarked, “Gorgeous, Love!” She blushed and said, “Thank you Mr. Husband!” I smiled and holding onto her hand walked over to the table arranged in the middle of the terrace. The terrace was decorated with heart shaped balloons in a combination of white and red.

I pulled out the chair for Twinkle as she settled down on the chair while I walked over and sat on the chair opposite to hers. “Date?”, she asked. I nodded my head in a yes while she added, “You’re trying to flirt with me Mr. Husband?”

I smiled and replied, “Never. I’d better go flirt with someone else.” “You better not Mr. Husband”, she replied. I smiled and said, “Aww.. my Love is getting jealous! Well, I don’t need anyone to flirt with. I just love the way you call me Mr. Husband and that’s the sweetest way one can ever flirt with me.” She smiled and replied, “I love the way you address me as your Love!”

We both continued talking when it suddenly started raining. I got up from the chair and pulling Twinkle’s hand ran inside the building. We were about to enter when Twinkle freed her hand and went to the terrace. She started enjoying and dancing in the rain as I silently stood there adoring her. “I love everything about her”, I thought and walked towards her.

I hugged her from back and slid my hands on hers. I pulled her close as her back hit my chest. She turned around and said, “Let’s go.” I smiled and both of us walked back to our room.

We entered the room and found it completely dark. Twinkle held onto my hand and said, “Kunj, switch on the lights quickly.” “There’s no electricity. Do one thing you change and come. Till then I’ll light some candles and I’ll also change”, I replied. She nodded her head and slowly and carefully walked away to change her dress.

I had changed my outfit and lit up some candles. The room still seemed to be dark but, it was better than before. I was waiting for Twinkle when she called me from the washroom. I ran to her help when she said, “Kunj, I forgot to bring my night outfit. I don’t have any extra outfits also and this one is completely wet.” I patted my forehead and said, “Wait here. I’ll give you something.”

I found only an extra shirt in my luggage. I took it and handed it to Twinkle. “Kunj, how can I wear this? It’s only a shirt”, she complained. “Twinkle, I’ve nothing else. You wear this, it’ll be long enough for you”, I said. She hesitantly agreed and went to change.

She came out of the washroom wearing the shirt which came a bit above her knees. She looked breathtakingly beautiful and I couldn’t stop myself from moving towards her losing all my senses. I walked and stood in front of her as she looked down embarrassed. I placed my forefinger on her chin and made her face me. I kissed her forehead gently and wrapped my arms around her waist. She didn’t try to free herself and neither did she try to resist me. I pulled her close as her front hit my chest and she looked up at me earnestly. I was lost in her deep brown eyes and slowly moved towards her. She wrapped her arms around my neck as I kissed her and surprisingly, she responded and kissed me back. It was a short and passionate kiss showing our love and care for each other. I pulled back and later, gently placed her on the bed.

I kissed her neck as she moaned my name driving me crazy. I kissed her again and this time it was a long one and slowly we pulled out as both of us were out of breath. I slowly kissed her neck while unbuttoning her shirt and after sometime bit her neck as she moaned my name loudly. I came back to my senses and quickly pulled back.

“Twinkle, I .. I .. I am extremely so..”, I said as she covered my mouth with her hand and said, “I love you Mr. Husband!” I looked at her surprised as she added, “Kunj, I’m completely yours tonight.” “Are you sure, Love?”, I asked as she signalled with her eyes granting me the permission. I smiled and kissing her forehead pulled the blanket over ourselves and we took our relationship further ahead giving it a true and new meaning.

The next morning, I woke up and saw Twinkle sleeping peacefully sleeping beside me. I smiled observing her innocence and kissed her forehead gently while she woke up. She looked away shying as I smiled. I turned her face towards me and said, “I love you!” She smiled and replied, “I’m blessed to have you Mr. Husband.” I touched my forehead with hers and both of us smiled at each other.


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MMZ- Married by Fate- Chapter 39

Helloooooooooooooooo dearies….ok got some time and wrote this short one 🙂 happy reading do let me know how was this 🙂 happy Diwali

Chapter 39

Neil’s Residence

Arjun was bonding with Neil’s Uncle…they discussed about business world… job scenario …industries and better prospect….Neil watched the two and left them alone..he was never interested in discussing work out office…he watched Radhika going inside the kitchen and followed her…Radhika was helping Prerna with the dinner….his mami too was there chatting with Prerna …Avantika noticed how close Prerna was with Radhika…Radhika had all rights on Prerna what a daughter had….and Prerna was happy to be around Radhika….Neil made a bored face at female chitchatting and smiled wide looking at freshly prepared Aloo Kachori….Prerna was busy stuffing and Radhika was rolling and frying them…Neil went and lifted one of them quickly stuffing into his mouth…Avantika smiled watching jumping Neil who had stuff the hot kachori in his mouth; ”Neil you will burn your tongue” Radhika shook her head and handed him cold water

Neil smiled; ”I have my chashni she will take care of me….”

Avantika; ”WHat if Arjun feels bad…she is his wife first”

Neil ; ”No she is first my chashni and then his wife….and we both are champions in handling Arjun….” Radhika smiled and slapped Neil’s hand which was again moving towards the vessel to grab one more kachori

Radhika; ”That’s true…he is my first friend…but Now Sam will take care of you Neil … me and Prerna aunty are all free now….”

Sam who had just entered the kitchen made a horrified face; ”This is in justice how can you leave me alone with Neil…he will drive me crazy” there was a pin drop silence after Sam’s statement and after a second all four females burts out laughing and Neil made an angry face…all four were still joking when Neil grabbed the vessel and ran out…Sam tried stopping him but he doged her….Radhika picked a spatula and charged towards towards him…they were fighting around the dinning table…with Pratap and Arjun watching them all surprised…neil kept suffting kachories in his mouth angering Radhika…he ran on the other side and handed Pratap the vessel and sat next to him; ”See Mamu Radhika is already to hit you for stealing kachories” radhika quickly put her arm down all nervous…and Pratap was too surprise to react…Arjun picked one kachori and looked at Neil; ”Ummm…this is tasty…lets finish this Neil your Chashni can prepare more…” Neil puffed his chest up getting some support finally…..

Avantika asked Prerna; ”Isn’t Arjun jealous of what is between Radhika and Neil…”

Prerna; ”Initially yes….but now No…anyone who knows them completely is aware of this friendship…plus these two never care who thinks what” Avantika nodded and smiled…but her eyes would time and again go to Arjun…who was talking to her husband ….there was kind a attraction… her heart felt deeply connected to him…


SHiv had created a ruckus he wanted to leave early for a meeting and had put everyone on their toes early morning…Riddhima arranged his breakfast and called out his name…after good 15 min she walked inside… the view made her angry as hell and at the same time fall for her husband all over again….Shiv was leaning on the Pari busy rubbing his nose against her small one…only Pari or some alien could understand the language he spoke….Pari’s happiness could be easily measured by her sequels she ..would try and hold Shiv’s face…Riddhima huffed; ”Aren’t you getting late now”

Shiv froze…he puffed his cheeks and then lightly slapped them to let out the air making Pari squeal more…Shiv lifted her and Pari showered her love on his face…Shiv looked at Riddhima’s angry face; ”Meetings can wait…this is more important” Shiv gave Pari few pecks and turned to Riddhima; ”Riddhi We are going for shopping its Neil-Sam engagement and I want my doll to be the best”

Riddhima’s jaw dropped…for a moment she felt shopping was her …but it was for Pari she frowned; ”She has too many dresses…Radhika and Sam bought her many when they visited…no need for a new one”

Shiv without caring for a response gave Pari one more loving peck; ”Those are two months old…she will not wear them…and don’t be jealous..I will buy you one too ….. riiigggghhhhhhhhttt my baby…mumma is all jealous and pouty ”…..Riddhima just rolled her eyes at the Alien conversation…Shiv laid Pari carefully in her crib and walked to riddhima he locked her to the wall and gently placed his forehead against hers; ”you look so adorable with that mock anger of yours…be ready by the evening…I am taking my wife and daughter on a date…” Shiv pecked her forehead and then kissed her hard…knocking day lights out of Riddhima …she blinked at him…he made her feel like a teenager experiencing the first kiss….Riddhima blushed and smiled…Shiv wrapped his arms around her and whispered; ”Have a great day at work….and I want you too prepare and appear for entrance to grow in teaching field”

Riddhima looked at Shiv quietly….with Suraj she wasn’t suppose to have dreams…and here this man was pushing her to live her dreams…she smiled; ”Pari is too small… may be once she turns one I will”

Shiv; ”We both will take care of her simultaneously….this should not affect your career…” SHiv turned his eyes to the crib and spoke in animated voice; ”plus my baby is too understanding”

Riddhima; ”you and your baby ….now better you leave for office…” Shiv hugged Riddhima and took a deep satisfying breath…..he patted her cheek and walked out of the room…

INK Office

Manya was working on the final layout of her designs when a name stopped her heart….Ankush was greeted by everyone as he walked in…he knew every body by their names ….he humbly greeted all moving towards her department….Manya suddenly had frozen…her legs had refused to move…she couldn’t even turn herself around….it seemed her nervous system was jammed…her body was confused which command to follow….Manya was still fighting when Ankush greeted her; ”Hi Manya …you seemed to be too busy”

Many finally turned; ”Hi Ankush…how are you?…good to see you”

Ankush noticed Manya’s pink cheeks …it just wasn’t her cheeks ….but her forehead her ears all had turned red….her hands were shaking….Ankush went alert; ”Hey take a chair….guess you are not well” The moment Ankush placed his fingers on her shoulder to help her sit…Manya fainted….when she woke up…she was in the office dormitory with Sam by her side….Manya got up; ”Sam what are you doing here”

Sam was all worried; ”Thank god you are fine….you collapsed and Ankush called me….doctor checked on you…your BP had dropped…”

Ankush walked in; ”Manya take rest of the day off…”

Manya cursed herself for collapsing …she faintly spoke; ”I have my designs to complete….the show is in a week…I can’t”

Sam was happy hearing Manya ‘s love for her work….Ankush smiled and patted her head; ”you can work from home and mail the designs eod today..we can discuss tomorrow…Sam please take her home” the moment Akush patted Manya’s head…she felt like fainting again….her head went dizzy again….she was about to fall back when Sam held her; ”Its better you come home”

Sam made Manya sit in the car…Ankush came to escort them out…he waved at both…and left….Sam drove out of INK prmises she watched Manya’s angry face; ”What???”

Manya; ”I wasn’t dying….why do you have to come….I agree I was a bone in your relationship earlier but I never thought you will go for revenge…”

Sam applied quick brakes; ”Manu what’s wrong…bone…revenge I am not getting anything” Sam’s expression changed as realization dawned on her ; ”OMG ….you like Ankush….God I need fresh air I can’t drive” Sam quickly got out scarchted her head …paced around …drank some water and the laughed….passerby stared at her with a doubt….many just took the other side to avoid walking close by her thinking her to be mad…Sam got in and pressed her lips; ”Manya why did you faint”

Manya; ”I turned nervous when he greeted me…he thought I wasn’t well…he tried to help me ..but the moment his fingers touched me….my stupid Idiot waste body gave up…I am seeing him after so long….and now I have spend time at home when he is here in Mumbai….I hate myself”

Sam was laughing hard now…confident Manya had turned into a jelly now…Manya glared; ”Laugh more…I am know I am pathetic”

Sam pulled her phone out; ”I will tell Chashni…she will help you”

Manya snatched her phone; ”No ….I will do it my way…please let it be a secret…”

Sam; ”Ok…and Ankush is in Mumbai till my marriage ….so chalk your plan out” Manya’s face lit up hearing that Ankush was staying for a month….she leaped on Sam planting numerous pecks….Sam wiped her face…..; ”yuck….Manya keep that for Ankush…”

Arjun picked up his in laws from the Airport…they had come down to attend Sam-Neil’s engagement …which was in 2 days…Ankush was looking for a place for himself he didn’t wanted to bother Arjun with his frequent visits….but Arjun refused…he never had a family …and Radhika’s family was his own…he was happy to be around them….Mala was asking Arjun to suggest some good girl for Anksuh ….Arjun smiled in assurance but his eyes would time and again go on his BIL ….who was behind Mala…Ankush was nodding negative at Arjun behind Mala and Nia was jumping infront of him with a paper…YES YES…YES JIJU lets Nail Bhai…Arjun just kept a straight face….he had a hard time controlling his laughter…

Radhika finished her daily chores and joined Arjun in the bed…she kept her head on his shoulder and palm on his chest….Arjun pecked her forehead and gently pressed her temple to ease her tiredness ; ”Thanks radhika….you gave me family….I always wished I had parents who would pamper me …a sibling to annoy yet love me…but nothing was my fate until you cam along…. if had a mother she would have been proud of my choice”

Radhika moved closer to him…; ”are you sure she would have liked me…may be she would have found someone more beautiful”

Arjun rolled over to face Radhika; ”who said you aren’t beautiful….and no one can hate you….if they hate then the reason is that they can’t have you”

Radhika loved this adoration…….she smiled at him… and changed the topic; ”You seemed to bond with Pratap uncle quite well”

Arjun; ”Yes….we have same views on business politics and Neil”

Radhika; ”Neil…??? now what did he do”

Arjun; ”me and praatap uncle were discussing that Neil has amazing talent to do big in something of his own….but he isn’t serious”

Radhika frowned; ”Arjun this why we like him….he is serious but for right things…now don’t bad mouth my friend” Arjun mumbled a soft sorry before pulling Radhika in his arms and switching off the lights”

Sam was out on a long drive with Neil….Neil noticed her continuously fidgeting…he smiled mischievously ; ”Sammy how many times should I tell you to eat less and lighten your stomach before going out for a drive…we should be responsible towards the environment…we can’t go about adding to air & noise pollution due to your noisy stomach”

Sam gaped at neil all angry….her expression were as if she was punching and kicking Neil in her imagination…she smirked ….but Neil popped her bubble; ”That will happen only in your dreams…now tell me what is the secret you are hiding”

Sam blinked; ”No …nothing”

Neil; ”Sam speak…I can’t afford you to have an upset stomach on the day of our engagement”

Sam frowned…then gave up..she spoke in one go; ”ManyaisinlovewithAnkush”

Neil; ”What language was that”

Sam; ”Manya is in love with Ankush”

Neil’s car came to a screeching halt….he blinked stared at Sam …and then laughed like a maniac….Sam watched him curling her lower lip; ”Neil Manya is my sister and you are laughing on her not fair”

Neil controlled and lifted his arms in a surrender; ”Ok sorry but I am laughing on Ankush….he isn’t aware…what specimen has fallen for him…” and he started laughing again”

Sam; ”Neillllllllllll!!!!!!!!!!!! she is not a specimen…you are being mean”

Neil; ”Ok sorry….does he know” Sam nodded negative….Neil huffed; ”Let it go by its own pace Sam…don’t interfere….if its destined it will happen…now can we focus on ourselves”

Sam; ”Ok…but one thing more….I don’t know I may be wrong…but your mamu and Arjun are equally Khadoos”

Neil smiled and nodded in agreement…but Sam’s sentence made him think…..he brushed his thoughts aside as his mamu never had children …so there was no chance Arjun being related to him….neil had requested Arjun’s childhood pictures from the orphanages he had stayed with….he was waiting for them after that he and radhika had decided to some how get their hands on the old records of missing children …now they just needed Arjun’s childhood pics ….which they decided to match with police records

Prerna watched Avantika in a deep thought she gently touched her shoulder ; ”what’s wrong…”

Avantika; ”Nothing was thinking if my Ajju was here he would have been of Arjun’s age”

Prerna squuezed her palm; ”we know that will never happen”

Avantika; ”Prerna he is alive ….I feel it….and when I was packing for Mumbai….I felt I am going to see him…”

Prerna; ”If he is I pray to god to make him come to us before Neil’s wedding….I want Neil to have his elder brother by his side” Avantika nodded and Neil who overheard this conversation was shocked…he decided to speak to Prerna alone

Ishqbaaz 28th October 2016 Written Episode Update

Ishqbaaz 28th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on writtenupdates.co.in

Shivaye asks you two? Rudra says not two, three Anika was also with us. Shivaye asks Anika. Rudra says now we are not getting her. Shviaye gets her bracelet/chain. Anika faints in sauna. Sometime before, Om is on the way in auto. He directs the driver. A car follows him. Om sees the car and asks driver to drive fast. Anika says how to know where is Tia. Rudra says we will ask her. Anika asks receptionist about Tia Kapoor, we are looking for her, is there booking by her name. Lady says let me check, no Mam, there is no booking by this name. Rudra says it means Tia came by other name, Lady Baba is becoming Shady Baba, what to do now.

Anika signs him. They go and check some rooms outers. He go upstairs and reach a room. Tia says not so fast, slow…. Rudra says I will call Shivaye and say his world

is ruined. Anika says wait, we will check if its something else or what we are thinking. He says we have to go inside, be ready with phone, we will go inside and take pics. She says fine. They go inside the room. Anika moves his hand off his eyes. They see Tia getting massage. Tia asks what happened, why did you stop massage. She moves cucumber off her eyes and sees Rudra.

Anika and Rudra run out. Tia asks Rudra, is that you. Anika says Rudra, Tia was saying truth to Billu ji, she really came here for therapy, don’t know what we were thinking. Rudra says call Om and tell him not to come here. She says battery dead. He asks what shall we do. She says its like Bhool Bhulaiyya here, even then we will leave. A car stops his car infront of the auto. Om looks back and there is another car. Anika and Rudra run. He collides with something and gets hit on head after a fall. He faints, while Anika runs ahead. Ranveer stops his car.

Tia says you are late, I m sorry, our romantic day spending plan is not liked by universe, Rudra is here, I think you should leave, I m also going now. She hugs him and says sorry. Her phone is left there. Anika thinks where did Rudra go. Tia looks for Rudra and goes upstairs. Anika sees her and worriedly goes to hide in a sauna. Tia comes there. Ranveer goes to Om.

Anika sits in the sauna and coughs wondering from where is the smoke coming. She says in which pressure cooker did I come, how did this steam come. The police aims gun at Om. Ranveer looks at him. Om asks whats all this ACP. Ranver says haye, you are so innocent and does not know this, a girl was murdered some days back, you maybe knowing it, humans are strange, they can run fast but can’t get rid of past, see your past has caught you. Om worries.

Rudra gets conscious and holds his head. He gets up and says where did Anika go. He calls Anika. Her number is switched off. Rudra says her phone battery was dead, what shall I do now. Anika tries to open door and says what happened to this door, how to go out, and calls out Rudra. Om says you can’t arrest me like this. Ranveer asks why, because you are an Oberoi. Om says no, I m a common man and I need arrest warrant from court to arrest me. Ranveer claps and says great, you know a lot about laws. Om says I dealt with people like you who mend laws. Ranveer says and I dealt with one who breaks laws, I m not arresting you, just interrogating you, I don’t need any warrant for that, you got annoyed, we can just talk, I want to know what you know about the woman’s murder. Om says I told you that day, whatever I knew. Ranveer says you did not say anything special. Om says I won’t say anything new today. Ranveer says culprit can be silent, but evidence does not, that too of crime like murder. Rudra asks hotel staff lady about Anika. She says I did not see her. He says what to do now.

Ranveer says I heard you are Harishchandra and never lie, can you tell truth, what you lie. Om says that night….. Om gets Priyanka’s call. Rudra calls Om and wonders why is his number busy. Anika shouts Rudra. She gets her phone to call him and says battery dead…. She shouts if anyone is there. The temperature of sauna begins to get high. Om recalls Priyanka making him swear for not telling this to anyone. Ranveer says you were going to say something. Om says that night whatever happened, I told you, I m getting late, can I leave if your questions are over. Ranveer thinks it was my mistake to think he is weak link, but there is weak link in every chain, I have to attack on that weak link now. Om leaves.

Anika falls short of breath. Om comes to hotel and asks Rudra why are you worried, where is Anika. Rudra says she was with me, now she is not here, I think she went home. Om says she is not so irresponsible, come we will find her. They look for Anika. Shivaye steps inside the hotel. He sees Om and Rudra. They get shocked seeing Shivaye. Shivaye says you two. Rudra asks what are you doing here. Shivaye says I should ask you two, what are you doing here. Rudra says not two, three, Anika was with me, now we are not able to find her. Anika gets dizzy. Shivaye says what do you mean by this, that is ridiculous. Om says she is here, don’t know why. Rudra says her mobile battery is dead. Shivaye says you both should have taken care of her, where is she, why are you two here, God knows in which problem is she. Rudra says become angry young man later, lets find her first. They go to find her.

Ranveer sees Priyanka and stops the car. He greets her. She asks how did you come here. He says your earring fell in garden, I came to return it. She takes it and says thanks. He asks are you waiting for someone else. She says my car did not come till now, don’t know where is driver. He says that’s so sad, maybe he got stuck in traffic. He recalls police stopping the driver and checking license. He says I will drop you. She says no, I will manage. He says its police work to help public, I m just doing my duty, not any favour, trust me. She asks do you help everyone. He says I don’t get much time. She asks why me then. He says time has to be set for some people, come.

Shivaye, Om and Rudra look for Anika. Anika is still inside. Shivaye comes that way and stops. Her bracelet is stuck in the plant. He thinks why do I feel she is somewhere near. He goes back and gets the chain bracelet from the plant. He holds it. Temperature increases more. Anika faints. Shivaye looks at the sauna door and calls out Anika. Om and Rudra come there. Shivaye knocks and shouts Anika. He signs them. Om and Rudra also know. Shivaye counts three and they together break the door. They see the dense steam fumes. Shivaye goes inside and gets shocked seeing Anika lying on the floor unconscious. He shouts Anika and checks her pulse. He lifts her in arms and takes her outside.

Ranveer and Priyanka are on the way. He asks are you fine. She says yes. He takes a turn. She asks why are you taking by this route. He says its shortcut. Shivaye makes Anika lie down. He asks lady to lessen AC temp and get ice pack fast. He applies ice pack to Anika’s hand, face…. Music plays…………. Anika gets semi conscious. He holds her hand and cares. Om and Rudra look on.

Tia says Anika, if you don’t mind, can I ask you something, I can see on your face that there is something about me that is bothering you. Anika says on Karwachauth’s night, I have seen you hugging a guy. Tia and Shivaye get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

Seperation made our relation more strong (Chapter 2 – THREE OPTIONS)

I’m so much happy seeing your comments. Thank u soooooo much. The episode will start after, swara and shomi fight after gayathri, sujata and ap goes from their baadi because of that fish in the serial. I hope u can get me.

Chapter 2
Ragini pov
Ahhh. This maa and swara is always fighting like kids. Now also, I had to stop their fight . Maa is angry with swara, but atleast swara could understand naa. Oh god! Now I’m here in this market with my sister somehow stoping their fight and bringing her here. Suddenly goons came and surrounded us, I was scared. But swara, what she said literally shocked me,”oh hello, we are commisioner’s daughters ok! Don’t u dare mess with us, otherwise I’ll put u all in jail for a maximum 10 yrs. And my father will u beat u black and blue”. I was controlling my laughter and looked at the goons, my smile faded away because they seemed really dangerous and they immediately caught our hands, I was scared. They took their gun and shot at air. Hearing the sound, the people got scared and started running but I and swara was not able to run as they were tightly holding us. Soon the market seemed empty and the goons were trying to misbehave with my swara. She was crying and pleading them, while I was also shouting but there was no one for us. Swara shouted cryingly,”leave me please”. One of the goons asked, ”why, are u not liking us or u have a bf or u r married?” “I’m married”. Swara said cryingly . I was helplessly looking at my sister and thinking for a solution, when the goon suddenly said, ”well , we won’t touch a married girl, but we need a proof”. Now that sounded really fishy, how will a goon will leave a girl if he comes to know that she is married. There was something wrong, I thought swara will understand but she said,”I will call my husband”. I was shocked, but then I understand that she was not in a state to think as they were dangerously close to her and she was crying very badly. The goons who were holding me closed my mouth as I was continuously shouting. Swara called sanskar and kept the phone in speaker and begged him to say that she was his wife. But sanskar did’nt listen to her, and he cutted the call saying that she was not his wife. The goons again tried to misbehave with her, but this time somehow swara overpowered them and pushed them and she also slipped and fall on the road and within a fraction of second, a truck came and hit swara. My legs got sticked to the place, I was not even able to move Seeing my angel swara lying in the pool of blood. The police came and arrested the goons, maybe the people who ran from here called them. But I don’t care about that right now, I just wanted to go to my swara and shout at her to wake up and not to scare me but my legs were not ready to move and no words were coming from my mouth. I felt my vision going blur because of the tears and soon the darkness consumed me.

I slowly and lightly opened my eyes and found myself in a new environment. I remembered the market incident and I immediately shouted ‘SWARA’. I realised that I was in a hospital and was madly asking the doctors and sisters about swara. They told that she was in the next room. I immediately rushed there and when I reached there, I was shocked seeing my swara lying lifelessly on the bed with a pale face. The doctor came near me and said that there were three options for swara right now. He said me those options, I just looked blankly at the doctor and he walked from the room. I looked at my sister whose head was bandaged and lots of wire connected from her hand to the system. I went near her and bursted out intears,”swara, do u remember even I met an accident once, that time u said to me that u r incomplete with me and pleaded to me to wake up, I listened to u na, now please u also wake up, please.” But she was not listening me, I cried more. A nurse came and told me to leave from the room. I came out and sat with a thud on one of the chairs present there. Few nurses came and told me that even I needed treatment right now, but I said that I wanted to be alone, maybe they understood me, they silently gave me and swara’s belongings and went from there leaving me alone. I covered my face with my palms and was weeping silently, when I suddenly felt a vibration sound. I realised that it was a message from my phone. I took my phone and shocked to see that it contained the video of whatever happened in the market. My blood boiled remembering the incident, I don’t know whether they would have left swara if sanskar would have said that she was his wife. But right now, I needed his answer. Can’t he listen to her cries. I remembered how swara used to cry and miss sanskar. I decided two things now, one I will get answers from sanskar and second I will definitely unite them. I called maa and told her about the accident, after sometime she came there cryingly. I consoled her and told that I will be back. I went to mm angrily and stopped at the entrance. Suddenly all my anger vanished and tears were continuously flowing from my eyes.

I remembered my grahpravesh, my marriage and my lovely moments with my laksh. I could see laksh everywhere. He was smiling at me and opened his arms for me. I ran to hug him. But he was vanished, I cried realising that laksh is not there. I broke down completely and shouted laksh. I don’t know why my loved ones were leaving me. First laksh and now swara. SWARA, I realised for what I came here and wiped my tears. I made a vow to myself that I would return this home only with laksh, but today I was breaking it for my sister. “I’m sorry Laksh”, I whispered and went inside the house. It seemed quite and I shouted ‘SANSKAR MAHESHWARI’ angrily. He came, I could’nt control my anger and in a fit of rage, I slapped him and showed him the video. He broke down and confessed that HE LOVES SWARA AND CAN’T LIVE WITHOUT HER. I could see that he was really guilty. I got my answers that he still love her and he did’nt do anything intentionally. This swara and sanskar is really mad, oneside I’m craving for my love but these both are not even understanding the value of love. But I know how to unite them. I said,”sanskar, doctor said that there are three options for swara right now, these three options will change her life”. Sanskar looked at me blankly, I continued,”this three options are not just going to change swara’s life. Even your life will be changed with this THREE OPTIONS.

Udaan – A New Story – Part 1

Udaan – A New Story
“I love him Imli, but no I can’t do this.”
“Till when di? Till when will you keep on thinking for others. This village and its people are hopeless, you can’t help someone who themselves are idiots. They want to be slaves let them be, you don’t ruin your life for them.”
“But Imli what abut Maa and Papa… “
“Don’t worry I have sent them away from here and no one knows where they are. They’ll be safe di.”
Chakor hugs Imli, “I hope what we are doing isn’t wrong.”
“Love can never be wrong didi.” She whispers into her ear as a tear trips down her cheek. They separate, “It’s time for your flight di, this time it’s your Love that will take a new flight.”
Chakor nods smiling through her tears, “You’re the bestest sister ever, and I know your love will heal his every wound.”
As chakor leaves for the airport, “I know I’m not doing right di but it’s for you. You’ve always done everything for this village and our family, now it’s my turn your little sisters turn to show that Suraj Rajvanshi what slaves can do when it comes to their family.”

So guys this is a new story, Hope you guys like it. The pairings are by now clear I guess. This story will show some romance and love that the real one missed but the fight and Udaan too at the same time. One more thing it’s totally different from the ongoing track.

Coment if you want this to continue Thanks for reading 🙂





sanskar and swara’s family are business partners and work together and swara is the manager of the company and sanskar is the main businessman of the company and reason for their company’s no.1 position…………..their love story with many shocks………..











Iss Ishq Ko Nibhana (Episode 6)

Hello guys how are you all. So I am sorry that I will not post my ff from Sunday because my exams are starting. And I promise that I will post on Thursday and Friday. Hope so you all will understand me. I want to tell again that this ff is not related to any drama nor its character’s. Hope so you all are loving this ff. now let’s start with the episode guys.

The episode starts at Raizaada House
Vikram calls sanjana. Sanjana picks call
Vikram: what is your decision?
Sanjana: I am ready to marry you Vikram.
Vikram (happily): I knew it your answer will be yes.
Sanjana: But you will not harm my family.
Vikram: how can I will harm your family? You know your family will be mine when you will marry me. So come to temple in bridal dress which I gave you sanjana.
Sanjana angrily throws mobile on bed and cries badly. Her Dadi and father comes sees sanjana crying.
Dadi: Don’t cry ever thing will me fine sanjana.
Sanjana: No Dadi nothing will get fine now.
Arun: Don’t cry sanjana you have time even now you can say no to marriage.
Sanjana: I don’t have another option papa.
Arun gets thinking

Scene @ Malhotra House
Nandani is talking with lady (the same lady which she met in his house backside)
Nandani: Nisha is convincing Arjun to marry that Arun’s daughter.
Lady: That is good news.
Nandani: How can you say like this? He is not ready to marry.
Lady: Let Nisha convince Arjun to marry because he will marry then I can make an entry in your house.
Nandani: WOW! What an idea. Why this idea didn’t came in my mind.
Lady: Hahaha now go and join hand with Nisha to convince
Nandani: yes I will do this know
They both laughs
Scene shifted to Arjun’s room
He was finding his file. Then Nisha comes. Arjun sees Nisha
Arjun: why you came here.
Nisha: You have to marry that girl bhai.
Arjun (gets angry): I said that I don’t want to discuss this topic. How many times should I say that my opinion will not change?
Nisha: You have to change it bhai.
Then Nandani comes in Arjun room
Nandani: Nisha is right Arjun you have to marry that girl.
Arjun (gets shock): Mom how you can say this.
Nandani (fake tears): your father promised and you cannot fulfill this.
Nisha: Mom is right bhai. If this news come in media then what you will do bhai.
Arjun: what do you mean?
Nandani: We mean that if this news come in media then our family reputation will get bad in front of people.
Nisha: Bhai mom is right and they will say that Malhotra family elder son didn’t fulfill his own father’s promise.
Arjun gets thinking. Nandani and Nisha knew that Arjun can do anything for their family reputation.
Nisha: So what is your decision bhai?
Arjun: My decision is that………….. Nandani interrupts and says
Nandani: I knew that you can do anything for your family Arjun. I will go right now to make preparations for our new bride.
Nandani smirks and goes from there. Nisha gets happy and hugs Arjun.
Nisha: I am so happy bhai that you got ready to marry. And where is Rohit bhai. You should say this good news to Rohit bhai.
Arjun: okay I will call Rohit right now.

Scene in Car
Rohit looks at Nisha
Rohit: Tell me that name of person whom you were escaping Ishana.
Ishana (looks at car window): Actually Rohit I was not escaping from anyone.
Rohit: Don’t tell lie. I am your friend right you can tell me Ishana
Ishana: You now Rohit at night when you dropped me in my house. My…………..
Rohit’s mobile rings.
Rohit: Wait Ishana let me talk with my bhai right know then I will talk to you.
He talks to Arjun.
Arjun: Where are you Rohit?
Rohit (looks at Ishana): Actually bhai I have some important work and I am outside right know.
Arjun: I want to say that I am marrying that girl so you should come house right now and then we will go to that girl’s house.
Rohit (gets happy): what? Seriously bhai are you sure. Okay I am coming right now.
Rohit looks at Ishana and says
Rohit: Sorry Ishana I have to go right now we can meet at night and talk okay
Ishana: It’s okay Rohit. But where we will meet?
Rohit: In that café where we met.
Ishana: okay bye
Ishana opens door of car.
Rohit: Ishana wait.
Ishana: What happen Rohit?
Rohit: why you were standing at bus stand.
Ishana: Actually I had to go for my job
Rohit: where
Ishana: I am going to bakery
Rohit: okay come I will drop you then I will go home.
Ishana: No its okay your family must be waiting for you I will go myself.

Rohit: okay wait I will call my driver to drop you right now.
He calls driver and says to drop Ishana at bakery.
Ishana: You can go right now Rohit I will wait for your driver.
Rohit: He is near here. I will go when he will come.
Ishana: What should I say know? I knew that you will not listen to me
Rohit (smiles): okay sit in car if again men’s will come they will think that I am fighting with my wife again.
Ishana laughs and sits in car. Then they waits for driver. Mean while driver comes and they gets off the car. Ishana sits in car.
Rohit (to driver): Don’t tell this to anyone that I called you and told to drop this madam.
Driver: Okay sahib
Rohit: Drop her safe in bakery okay. Nothing should happen to her.
Driver goes and drives car from there.
Scene at Raizaada house
Sanjana gets ready in bridal dress. She wears jewelry and looks in mirror. Before they go to temple
Arjun along with Nandani, Nisha and Rohit enters in Sanjana’s house. Arun looks at them and gets happy. He goes near them and thanks that they came to fulfill their promise.
Nandani: No need to thank bhai sahib.
Nisha: Where is my Bhabhi uncle?
Arun: She is getting ready.
Nisha: okay I will go to my Bhabhi then.
Nisha goes from there to Sanjana’s room.
Rohit talks with Arun and Nandani with Dadi. While Arjun was talking on mobile with someone about his office work.
Nisha enters in Sanjana’s room and Sanjana looks at Nisha. She goes to Nisha and hugs her and cries.
Nisha: Don’t cry sanjana everything got fine you know.
Sanjana: What do you mean Nisha?
Nisha narrates the entire story to sanjana that how she convinced Arjun to marry her.
Sanjana: It means that your brother is very concerned about family reputation.
Nisha: Yeah he can do anything for our family. See how much my brother loves our families. Don’t worry he will also love you.
Sanjana gets shy and Nisha notices she teases sanjana that my brother is very steady and angry person.
Sanjana: I know how to handle these types of persons Nisha.
Dadi comes and says that come pundit is calling. Time of marriage is running
They take sanjana to hall

Arjun looks at sanjana. Nisha points finger to Arjun and says that this is your future husband. She looks at Arjun. He ignores Sanjana and goes to sit in mandap. Dadi and Nisha makes sanjana sit with Arjun.
Then the pundit starts the rituals.
After while they got married. Dadi tells them to take blessings of elders.
They both goes to take blessing and bends sanjana looks at Arjun. Then suddenly Vikram comes. He sees sanjana with Arjun and mangalsutar in her neck and sindoor on her forehead.
Sanjana looks at Vikram and gets scared. She holds Arjun shoulder and steps back.
Arjun looks at sanjana scared.

Vikram points gun at sanjana …………Then he shoots everyone gets shock…………… Ishana goes to meet Rohit at café. And sees with someone. IshRo Fights with each other.

Will Vikram shot sanjana or someone else………….Did Ishana thought wrong about Rohit……….Why did they fought with each other.

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Just For You (Ar-dhika)SS, Chapter 3

After ending all the rituals and signing registry paper in front of marriage register, they are brought together to dine. Radhika was pretty hungry as she has not eaten anything from morning. Radhika grabbed the plate and started eating but she noticed Arjun beside her. He is not eating properly rather say he is only tasting items. Radhika looked at his tired face and murmured “You are not eating anything?” He shook his head gesturing that he is not hungry and replied “You Eat” in his deep, husky voice. Radhika felt pity on him. He is looking too much exhausted and he need rest. After completing eating, Radhika went towards her mother. “Mom please, I am too much tired and sleepy. Please skip the “Basor” part. Her mother smiled at her. “We already skipped it dear. Neil requested us, Arjun also not feeling well.” Radhika came in her room and removed all the jewelleries, changed the saree and wear a salwar. She was so tired that she drifted off to sleep as soon as she hit the bed.

Arjun also changed his wedding attire and now wearing a white cotton pajama Punjabi. Tonight he is going to stay in Radhika’s house. Other relatives already left, only Neil accompanying him and now he is sleeping peacefully. Arjun went towards attached bathroom and splashed cold water on his face. He is having tremendous headache and feel like throwing up. He lie down on the bed beside Neil, looking at the rounding fan on the ceiling and closed his eyes.

Arjun jerked out from his sleep and sat up. He looked at the surroundings and then his wrist watch. He can only able to sleep for an hour that too because of exhaustion. Now, what to do. He sighed and sat comfortably spreading his legs on bed and the pillow supported on his back. He took out his cell phone, opened kindle reader app and started reading a book.

Next morning, Radhika woke up hearing knock on her door. She hurriedly got up and opened the door. She saw her mother. “Radhu it’s already 10:30. Take shower and get ready.” Radhika nodded her head. She closed the door and went to take shower. She closed the bathroom door and saw her reflection in the mirror. The only new thing is the red vermillion on her forehead. She closed her eyes and the flashes of last night Arjun filling her ‘mang’ with ‘sindur’ came in front of her eyes. She is now, no more single. She is Mrs Radhika Arjun Chatterjee.
Finally, the ‘bidai ‘ time approached, both are again changed back in their wedding attire. Radhika is trying her level best not to cry. She has mentally prepared herself for this moment from the day her marriage got fixed with Arjun. Now, she has to leave her mom, dad and relatives and has to run her own household. Is she actually prepared? How she able to cope up without the pampering of her mom and dad? Her eyes started filling with tears. Finally she can’t hold back anymore. She started crying hugging her parents. Finally, she sits in the car, but she is still crying. The car started, but she keep looking at her parents from the window and waved. She started her journey with a stranger, no, no, with her husband, her soulmate.

As soon as, the car reached it’s destination, Arjun almost jumped out from the car and started walking, but he felt a pull and looked back, the loose ends of their clothes are tied together. He stops there, Radhika got down from the car managing her saree. On the entrance, Aparna performed all the ‘Griha Pravesh’ rituals and welcomed the elder daughter in law of their family. But Neil and other cousin blocked the door and demanded money. Arjun handed over all the money from his wallet. They all let them in and congratulated Radhika for getting a rich and ‘dildaar’ husband. But as soon as they entered, Arjun quickly untie his piece of cloth from her saree and rushed inside. Radhika stood their shocked. Don’t they have other rituals to do together? But Aparna hold her shoulder and took her in a room. Their Radhika met with other relatives of her In Laws family and took their blessings. Soon, she was wraped with more heavy jewelleries.

Tonight is ‘Kal Ratri’. So, Radhika slept with Aparna in her room. They bonded well. She also started calling her Choti Maa. She also bonded well with dadi. She was spellbound by dadi’s personality and bowled over to see their love, affection and protectiveness for Arjun. But, the whole day she not even get a glance of her husband.

Next Day, Reception, from morning, Radhika was surrounded by all his cousins. They are all cheering her up. Neil also coming between and cracking up jokes. It is Radhika’s nature to get mingled with everyone. But her eyes searched for Arjun. “Where is he?” She can’t even ask any of them , they will kill her by teasing. In Afternoon, Radhika sat in the dinning table. Now, its time for “Bhaat Kapor” rituals, here husband took the responsibility of wife’s need and requirements. Arjun came with Neil, Radhika stole glance of his. Now, he is looking fresh. He is wearing a short white Kurta with blue jeans. His hair still wet. Aparna gave the thali with a saree and a plate full of food to Arjun and indicated him to give it to Radhika. Arjun gave the thali to Radhika, while receiving both their finger touched. Arjun flinched but a small blush appeared on Radhika’s face which she hide by looking down. But Neil started pestering that he have to say. Finally giving up, Arjun spoke in a low tone. “I take the responsibility.”

Reception function went nicely. Radhika sat in decorated chair accompanied by his cousins. Guests came and gave gifts and their blessings. She saw her husband only at the time of photo session. He was wearing a maroon designer kurta Punjabi with white pajama.
Aparna carefully fixed the pleats of Radhika’s saree and a cousin sister of Arjun helping her in wearing flower ornaments. Tonight is her “Phool Sojya”, the first night with her husband. She is feeling nervous. No matter how good he is, and how much she is in love with him, she can’t ignore the fact that he is a stranger and she is definitely not ready to consummated her marriage now. But still, her heart raced, facing him without the presence of anyone. She feels goose bumps.

Finally, she is in His room and sitting alone in His flower decorated bed. Suddenly she heard a noise and next moment she saw stumbling Arjun in room and also she heard the closing sound of the door latch from outside. She gulped hard and clutched her saree. Arjun was staring at the closed door. He mentally cursed Neil. He bytes his lips and took deep breath to calm himself. He looked at his room, it decorated beautifully with flowers and scented candles. In the soft light, his gaze fall on the girl sitting nervously in his bed wearing a Red Benarasi saree and wrapping in flowers. He dreamt exactly the same with Tania. Her laughter filled his ears. Arjun started feeling extremely uncomfortable. Suddenly he hallucinated a loud crash noise and blood filled dead body of Tania in hospital morgue. Arjun felt tremendous pain hit his head. He body started trembling and sweating. He rushed towards the drawer , pulled it and frantically started searching for his medicine. “Dam, where are my medicines?” Tania’s mother angry voice boomed in his ears.”You bl**dy Killer”. He tightly closed his ears with his shivering hands. Her accusing look haunted him. Arjun rushed towards the door and started banging it.
Radhika was noticing him from the moment he had entered in room. First, she felt a soft breeze, but soon the scene changed. Seeing her husband in this way on their first night, Radhika was flabbergasted.

The door clicked opened from outside. Radhika saw Neil there. She also noticed dadi, choti maa and chote papa. “Where is my medicine Neil?? How dare you to touch my medicines?? Give it back to me.” Radhika heard her husband’s angry tone. He also hold Neil’s collar. Dadi gestured Neil to give his medicine and left the place bowing her head down. Chote Papa also left, but Choti maa stood there. Radhika noticed tears in her eyes. As soon as, Neil came back with medicine, Arjun snatched it from his hand and started searching for water. Neil handed over a water bottle to Arjun. He filled his mouth with water, tried to gulped down, but he coughed and spitted out the water. He was breathing heavily. Neil patted his back. Finally, Choti Maa came and patted his back and head with lots of care and made him drink the water slowly and put medicine in his mouth.

After sometime, Arjun finally calm down slowly and again came inside the room. He was in some trance. He fall on the side of bed and closed his eyes. Choti maa also came inside. Neil stood on the door with a blank look of his face. Both come back in senses, hearing Radhika’s voice, “ Choti Maa you go and take rest. I will take care of him.” Aparna left the room in hurry, not able to meet with Radhika’s eyes. She also drag Neil with her. Radhika closed the door and looked towards her husband who is sleeping like dead. She opened the windows and looked at the full moon in the sky. She knew everything about him, she and his family both failed to gauge his mental situation. She thought that many people have some tragic past, but they moved on. But what she saw tonight, she is afraid, not for herself, but for HIM. She felt his pain and a droplets of tears escaped from her eyes. She came near her husband and cautiously put her hand in his forehead. No, he did not feel anything, effect of medicine. She can feel his sweats on her palm. She remembered when in childhood, she played marriage, marriage with her friends, her mom used to say, It’s a big responsibility dear. She herself was very surprised to feel that her mind and heart accepted him in this depressed and broken state. She will heal him from his pain with the right of a wife.

Thats all for Today. No Proof Reading. Forgive me for mistakes.No rooten tomatoes please. Waiting for reviews. Happy Kali Puja and Diwali to all.
Some Notes,
Basor- On the night of the wedding, after the guests have left, the couple and some young members of the extended family occupy a room and have fun. They chat non-stop, dance and sing. It is basically a time of merriment and joy. They also play different games. It is a process through which the couple as well as the others loosen up in the presence of one another.

Kalratri- This is the first night that the bride spends at the home of her in-laws. The bride and the groom sleep in separate rooms on that night out of a belief borrowed from a fable or folklore that if the couple sleeps together on the first night, their conjugal life wouldn’t be harmonious.

For Any other query, please ask me.Thanks Again.

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Swasan-Love Beyond Ages… Chapter 17…

Guys not have any idea suppose if it is bored then pls forgive me… I’m sorry… 🙁 🙁

Link to Previous Chap: Chapter 16

Chapter 17:

Swa: kaki in my whole life first time I awoke too earlier… it’s all bz of him…  once everything get fine… I’ll take revenge from him… she made face… kaki laughs… kaki: U can tk revenge later now go and do ur work…

Swa: if suppose he found… kaki: think positive… kaki signs all the best… Swara nods and leaves….

Swara slowly peeps into sanky room… She heard shower sound… swara sighs then she entered his room… his shirt was in bed… swara simply cut button in his shirt… then she silently comes out and stand outside of his room…

After few minutes sanskar comes out only with towel wrapped in his waist… swara closed her eyes using her palms… Swa (to herself): Swara baby he is ur hubby only… it’s not wrong… when she takeoff her hand,  he is all dressed up and searching shirt in his wardrobe… she sigh with disappointment…

She pretend to be casually entering his room… swa: handsome still you didn’t ready… oh God did ur shirt button is broken… what u going to do now… already we’re late… don’t wry will stitch it… turn this side… she said in single breath… Sanskar turns towards her… looks her surprised and confused…

Sans: swara how u knw my shirt button is broken… swa smiles sheepishly (to herself) u r idiot swara… (to sanskar) oh 6th sense She point broken button in bed… Sans smiles: oh ok… he again starts to search shirt in his wardrobe… Swa: sanskar I said I’ll stitch ur shirt… what u r dng eh..? 

Sans: it’s ok swara, ll change some other shirt… Swa: arre I’m saying na, if u tk another shirt thn u need to press it… already we’re late… Sans: but u dnt knw stitching na… Swa: I watched in so many serials… dnt wry… she doesn’t give him any option, so he agrees…

She wet the tip of thread and pressed her thin layer of lips between her teeth and focused her eye in threading a needle… with much of difficulties she insert thread into needle… he couldn’t help himself from admiring her action… swara with a wide a grin: hogya…

Swara steps close to sanskar…. her closeness affected him too much… Sanskar feels hesitate and look aside… she slipped her fingers inside of his shirt to hold the button… he felt electric wave… He is not at all standing straight and sweating profusely…

Swa: handsome Stand straight na, otherwise it’ll hurt… he stiffened lil… swara is enjoying his tension… Swa(innocently): Sanskar why you’re sweating… 

Sans: hmm… wo… um.. ac temperature is low na so only… he stammers… Swara chuckles… swa: U r the one who sweating in low temperature… Sans: swara stitch it or leave me…

Swara not even know how to keep knot in thread… she shows her tooth to sanskar…button continuously falls from her hand… Swa (to herself): god what should I do now…  Sans: swara leave it, I’ll change some other shirt… u r taking so much time… he moves… swara make face…

Swa: you’re right I don’t know anything… I’m good for nothing…  she said with fake tears and sits aside… he feels bad to see her like that… 
Sans: who said..? u are good for nothing… u r the best in the bestest…

Swa: no you’re lying see I can’t even sew this button… sans: you know Which is very difficult in stitching..? Swara looks him… Sans: Inserting thread in needles, see na u did it perfectly…

Swa: but I didn’t stitch ur button… she pouts… he forwards needle to her and signs to stitch… swa: I don’t knw to stitch… she bows… he smiles and place button in his shirt using her hand… and starts to stitch holding her other hand…

Swara (to herself): u can’t see me upset for a second thn y u r hurting me by the word attraction…She stares him lovingly without blinking her eyes and cursed her eye lids whenever it hide her handsome sight…

Sans: hogaya see we did it, perfectly… by making final knot…  swa: haan sanskar when we did together thn everything will be perfect, hain na… she winks… Without  giving heeds to her words… Sans: hm.. now we need to cut this thread… wr is scissor… 

Swa:  no need of scissor, when I’m here… she leans towards him and cut the thread using her teeth… her lips touches him, nope utmost she kissed his bare chest… Which made him numb, he holds his breath… as soon swara cuts thread,  he hastily moves from there without looking her… swara smiled at her effect on her handsome…
Suj: I thought u love her… by caressing arjun hair… arj: Mom we were, are always friends… Suj: thn why you’re upset now…

arj: mom he hurts her… he is not ready to accept her love… Suj: maybe he needs some time… arj: no mom he just need treatment arjun treatment… he smiles…


Swara and her friends are enjoying together by teasing and chatting with each other in swasan home… kaki adores there friendship…

Arj: hey wr is ur old man… Swa: who..? Arj: huh, ur husband the great Sanskar Maheshwari…

Swara gives him death glare, but he is not at all mind her and continues to tease swara by saying sanskar is old man…

Swa: not again then ll kill you, he is not old… Arj: haan but he is older than me na… he chuckles… Swara anger reached peeks…

Arj: Guys u all knw how he made his face when I hug ammu… the reaction on his face chanceless… lol… his face bcm just like boiled potato… he he he… after he complete his sentence cushion hits his chest hard… Arj: ouch…

Swa: don’t dare… arj: I’m… swa: then ready to die… she throws all things on him… he runs all over the room and falls on sofa… she take flower vase and tries to hit him… arj rolled his eyes…

Arj: ahhh… leave me please… swa: U dnt listen me na… Arj: meri maa I’m sorry…   arjun holds her hand… swa: Sorry not accepted…

Arj: if you killed me then life time u sentenced to be jailed… swa: U forget one thing my handsome is advocate…

Arj: huh… if I die then I’ll bcm ghost and disturb, no no will watch live show of u and urs handsome romance… swara blushes and keeps vase aside…

Arj: he he he… look na guys husband is boiled potato, now wife bcm Red tomato… Karthi: wah wah… vegetable family… kav: then what about thr kids…

Raj: haan baby corns… Deepi: for God sake pls stop ur these vegetable jokes…huh… She frowns…

All hear some weird sound and turns direction towards the sound… there one jeevan is eating samosa without care about anything… her stomach is growling… Roshi(with mouth full of samosa):  I think I’m hungry… she place her hand on her stomach… all together: bhukad… all laughs…

Kaki calls them for lunch… Calling bell rang… swara: kaki I think sanskar came… she runs and happily opens the door… after seeing arjun sanskar smiles fade…

** Sans: I knw u are still lil upset with her marriage truth…but pls… arj: no bro why should I..? You knw now oly my love and respect towards ammu increased… you’re right she is not only my frnd more than that… I realised her importance in my life… he hugs sanky…sanskar just stand like statue by hearing this…**

Arjun smirks looking at sanskar… sanskar plastered a fake smile and welcome her friends… All seat for lunch… swara goes to sit with sanskar… arjun pulls her by ponytail…

Swa: ahhh… aju leave me… arj: sit here… swa: no will sit with sanskar only… Sanskar had a huge smile on his face…

Arj: huh…ok… before she seat karthi and raj sits either side of sanky… they not ready to move from there… So without any option she sits with arjun… sanskar looks her like lost puppy… arjun and kaki signs each other…. 

Kaki clears her thought: Sanskar beta don’t they look together…  Sans: whom..? She points swaraj… Sanskar choked his food…He is already fuming with thr closeness… now this kaki… huh… 

Sans (irritatingly): kaki I think u need to do eye check-up… huh, look at them they both look alike twins…  he frowns and looks at swarj… 

arjun is flirting with swara and she is laughing for his silly jokes… arjun take a piece of aloo and feeds her…  sanskar burns with jealous… he feels something breaking inside of him…

Raj: swara nxt wk arjun bday… swa: really… arjun nods…  Swa: aju it means you’re 3 months younger than me… Sanskar face glow hearing this…

Arj: so what u knw Sachin also younger than anjali… karthi: haan… haan… In vallavan (Tamil movie) simbu is younger than nayanthara… Sans (to himself): why these idiots are saying this now… what they all mean by this… he fumes…

Raj: even my mom is younger than my dad… (arjun glares him..) wo I mean haan… In Premam (Malayala movie) George is younger than Malar teacher…

Sans(happily): but she is not pair … Swa: haan I heard in that movie climax he gt married to his frnd sis… kav: seriously that movie is so irritating first he love a girl who is 3yr older than him but finally he marry a girl 8yr younger than him…  

Kaki: It’s not like that… every story has some moral beta… kav: then tell me the moral of that movie… Kaki: hmm as far I knw it has 2 morals, one is “we cant always marry the person we love but we can love the person we marry” Raj: then what about 2nd one…

Kaki(looking at sanky): when we love someone truly then there age doesn’t matter to us… whether the person is 3yr or 30 yr older than us… love is always love…

Swara Without moving her gaze from sanskar… swa: ha kaki love is always love… age is only just number… but some fails to understand that… even if they understand they won’t accept it… Sanskar doesn’t say anything he just understand kaki saying all this words to  him…

Aarj: uff.. ok ok enough of this talk… ammu if u think I’m younger than u thn I’m sorry u knw after my schooling I discontinued my studies for 2yrs.. so I’m 2yrs elder than u…

Swa: u r elder or younger I dnt care bz we all share the bonding called friendship… 😋 She side hugs him… sanskar mutters in low voice ‘friendship’ and made face…
After spending sometime, all bid bye to Swasan and kaki…  Arj: oh shit… swa: what happen aju… arj: I forget this… he takes bunch of roses from his bag and forwards to swara…

Sans: bro she loves only Lilly… Swa: handsome I love Lilly it doesn’t mean I hate roses… (looks at arj) aww thank you so much aju… you knw its first time someone giving flowers to me… she smiles widely… sanskar makes face…

Deep: oh god bhai u nvr gv flowers to shona… so unromantic…Swa: Huh I knw how romantic my hubby is… U dnt need to say… (by holding sanskar hand) babiee u dnt tk this idiot words… sanskar eyes widened with lil shock, she never used this word before…but he smiles inwardly… deepi: ok ok madam I won’t say anything I’m sorry.. now smile… Swa: that’s better…


Swara replaces flowers in vase…  Sans: swara don’t change flowers… swa: why handsome its look good na… sans: yeah, but… swa: but… sanskar coughs to think some reason… (how could he say he is jealous) swara looks for his answer… sans: wo… wo… haan… I allergic to rose fragrance…

Swa: what but I never knew about this before… san: so what now u knew it na… see just now bz of this rose how I coughed badly… he coughs… swa: oh its bz of this only… Sans: yeah… swa: u dnt wry… sans smiles… swa: I’ll keep this in my room safely… sans: what..?

Swa: haan… Its better na… by saying this she takes flowers with her… Sans: u r stupid sanskar now she is keeping those  roses in her room … he fumes… but soon his face lightened like 1000 watts bulb with scenario…  There Swara is giving those roses to kaki…

Swa: kaki when u return ur home u tk this flowers with you… dnt keep this near handsome… he is allergic to rose… kaki(surprisingly):from when he is allergetic to rose…

‘When I hug ammu his face bcm lyk boiled potato’, she remembers arjun word… Swa(to kaki): after I received these flowers from aju… she slowly whispers, both giggles…


☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆WISH YOU ALL HAPPY DIWALI FRIENDS 🎆🎇 😀 😀 ☺☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆